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'This Is a Travesty': Climate Denier Who Has Argued in Favor of Fossil Fuel Emissions Named to Leadership Role at NOAA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/travesty-climate-denier-who-has-argued-favor-fossil-fuel-emissions-named-leadership

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Good thing that special circumstances as this one won’t prevent DT from being permitted to seek a second term.

As recently as 1988, documents from Shell Oil (referenced in the L.A. Times of 9-13-20) show that some of its chemists and scientists were reporting to company management that climate change would eventually become quite pronounced. Just as did the Exxon documents from 1977.


What stuns me each and every day is that 40% of America still supporters this gangster. What is wrong with these people?


Oil industry was one of the primary motivations in the JFK coup –
though VN likely the highest –

People are still waiting to see Brown Shirts and SS in uniform coming down
the street before they will believe what’s happening.

TORTURE wasn’t enough for them – 3 1/2 years of Trump not enough for them –

W steal, quickly followed by 9/11 and war on Iraq not enough for them –

We need to stop laughing at this man and see how dangerous he truly is –


There’s no cure for those who refuse to learn.

And Lord knows, we’ve been taught many many lessons these last 4 years.

There’s no cure for just plain stupid.

It is indeed a travesty to have a climate denier in a leadership role at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, but am I the only one who didn’t know what NOAA stands for? Maybe it’s because I don’t watch TV. Anyway, it would be helpful if you would actually state what unfamiliar acronyms stand for. I had to look it up.

and the cockroaches keep multiplying …

“The meek will inherit the earth”

is as good a bit of Nazi propaganda as …

“In polite society we don’t discuss politics or religion” –

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Don’t hate him too bad, sounds like just the type of leadership Binden approves of, so don’t be surprised if this appointment carries over to the Biden administration and we’ll have to deal with him and all the other very fine Republicans Biden brings into his administration through his and Harris’ next 8-12 years during our nation’s collapse.

Politics and Religion have been responsible for more innocent people dying since time began.

Polite society?