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"This Is a Tsunami... Pay Attention': With All Eyes on Election Results, Experts Horrified as Covid-19 Hits New Record

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/tsunami-pay-attention-all-eyes-election-results-experts-horrified-covid-19-hits-new

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What we’re seeing is that about half of Americans don’t care about life itself, not their own lives, and especially not the lives of others.
This explains their support of Trump, who is accelerating anthropogenic mass extinction, destroying environmental quality, and causing sickness and death of many Americans due to his deliberate “cull the herd” COVID strategy.
The Trump cult are nihilistic and violent…a bad combination.


I think your description as valid as any. I frankly fail to understand them at all.


Just asking: WHY CAN’T SOME SCIENTIST LINK THE CAUSE OF COVID-19 TO GLOBAL WARMING? That may not be true, but that is exactly the kind of thing that is needed to wake up the world to the coming apocalypse of the worlds clinate devastation.


And what is so bizarre and stunning is that Trump’s base does not seem to care about the number of COVID-19 cases which are spreading at such an alarming rate throughout a country which seems to place so little emphasis upon science and rational and logical thinking. And the irony is that it is Trump’s followers who will suffer the most from this pandemic. As the expression goes, you can lead a horse to water …


The top three priorities of not just GOP cult members, but many people with respect to Covid in the US and beyond are 1) zero tolerance of economic disruption, 2) zero tolerance of social calendar disruption, and 3) give me a pill or vaccine and stop talking about Covid.

If I have learned nothing else this year, I have learned that EVERYBODY is social distancing because they all get to create their own definition of social distancing, and EVERYBODY is isolating or quarantining because they all get to create their own definitions of isolating and quarantining.

It is truly disheartening to see how many people can’t or won’t understand the difference between 6 feet and 6 inches…with more than a few considering 6 centimeters to be their definition of social distancing.


It’s enough to make this old atheist believe in karma. This pandemic Holocaust just may be the universe’s answer to US looking the other way at concentration camps full of children.
We deserve what get now.


I DO understand them and their life philosophy. Dante(not that his works are ever read by most of this cohort) missed several levels of Hell. The Matrix described some of the self-imposed feedback loops of a insular society.
When confronted with change, or a different culture, or a different viewpoint, the first response is primitive-fight or flight. If you’re in any way different from their social norm, you’re a subject for abuse.
Michael Lind wrote a couple of books about the great mistake made by Progressives and FDR by not mixing in different cultures in the tens of thousands of insular small towns that are traditionally very conservative. And for not re-locating these conservatives from failed farms and towns into large urban centers to expose them to different life styles. The adults would have been in a world of hurt, but the kids would have learned to adapt and change things up.
Nihilistic and violent-check. Willfully ignorant-check. Looking down on “book-learning” and those who think critically-check. Waiting for the Rapture and making churches as the center of their society-check.
Bad moon rising…


Yes, despite history recording every one of our ancestors’ generations having major economic and cultural disruptions at some point in their lives, a majority of the world’s current population is so arrogant to believe that because we have had no major disruptions in our life times we should not never have ANY major disruptions.

We pay for our perfidy.


And Kentucky, under its own peaking and hospitalizations, still voted to send McConnell back to the Senate, a most vile individual if there ever was one. All those great Lincoln Project videos apparently could not affect them even as it was pointed out that McConnell is in office purely for himself.

When considering what might be the difference between ignorance and stupidity I have to conclude that stupidity insists on its ignorance.


Then simply think of it as the Law of Cause and Effect.


There is talk of a connection as most of us know here everything is connected.

With a huge % of the u.s. population embracing flat out denial of AGW and science related to covid, I believe that even if there was a proven direct causal link between covid and AGW. I believe it would not matter to trump supporters if they were told ecosystems are in free fall that will lead to extinction.


I knew you’d give me an out. Thank you:)

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I am quite sure you are right.

This ties in with Caroline’s comment, so if I may, a story and thought:

This morning at the local coffee shop - were two old time coffee buds, one former Canadian Navy, retired second career firefighter, and a Christian evangelical. He asked me - ‘it’s a conspiracy, isn’t it Mike, this Covid ?’

This is a nice guy, hardworking before retirement, donates to charity etc…

Then it hit me - to him, we are the elite. The Middle Class who believe in fairy tales like Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon, in evolution, in science per say. Not the one percent - us !

It makes sense if you look at words. Middle Class necessitates a Lower Class - and an Upper Class.

More and more obviously, to me at least - we ‘moderns’ are the elite - end of story.

Half the population thinks ‘moderns’ look down their noses at Hillary’s ‘deplorables’, in other words.

That would hurt - immensely - and may be part of the reason for their fury - their support of ‘their man’ - who literally epitomizes what I have said. To them, being a billionaire does not automatically make you a ‘modern elite’ - not if you are part of their class - anti-science non-elites, or white Christian true believers, and so on.

As an aside, I just picked up Harari’s "21 Lesson for the 21st Century’, and began reading it in line at the checkout, mask and all.

It feels like I have a lot of catching up to do - being a science guy and not realizing I was an ‘elite’.


Caroline, thanks for your reply…TRUE!


Some consider “Holocaust” a copyrighted trade mark that is not
in the public domain and must always be phrased connected to NAZI.
In some countries, one may end up in prison for ‘misuse’ or ‘denial’.

However, it is an appropriate term to describe the culling of the
aged, infirm and expendable citizens in the western part of the world.
Gas chambers and indifference have the same effect.

It is a Holocaust carried out by the new NAZI, the same as the old NAZI
Except, no one will account for it at Nuremberg.


Don’t put Kentucky down. They were allowed two choices, and they chose the one that was further to the left.

We are used to diversions. We have had at least four years of them. Including a lie per day or more.

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Your stupid proposition is exactly what true Science is NOT – linking two independent happenings in some kind of false cause-and-effect relationship – and thus further weakening the public’s trust in scientific truth.  Some idiot posted here a few days ago that the incidence of Covid-19 could be decreased by reducing pollution from automobile exhaust, I presume because he recognizes that vehicle exhaust is a bad thing.  But good intentions or not, these kinds of false messages undermine the understanding of reality, which is the goal of all honest scientists. In the long run it’s almost as bad as phony scientists taking funds from Big Tobacco to “disprove” the link between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, or other pretend scientists who are paid by Big Oil declaring that there is no link between fracking and water pollution or earthquakes.

Whether one believes in karma or not; many religions in the East, believe that covid-19 is what they call mass karma because of what is being done to devastate our planet, interesting thought.