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'This Is a War Crime': Video of IDF Bulldozer Dragging Body of Palestinian Man in Gaza Sparks Outrage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/24/war-crime-video-idf-bulldozer-dragging-body-palestinian-man-gaza-sparks-outrage


This is what establishment Democrats and Republicans support.

How many years of your life have you supported this too?

Time to stop denying.


At least this is getting some media coverage. It was on Al Jazeera and BBC yesterday, with the full video. Not sure if anyone else covered it, I needed a break from MSNBC and Friends… so I didn’t check there.


The govt. of Israel is violent, murderous, evil (and led by evil men and women), and most definately in the fucking way of any progress attempted by humans to become more just and sensible to others. What a grotesque situation Israel has, and is perpetuating. Israel, with USA backing is responsible for this evil, not Palestinians.


Now we have to recalibrate the bad optics spectrum, again. What next, lampshades?


The number of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the zionist entity known as Israel have been very many. A racist state built on supremacist belief and contempt for the Palestinian people, culture, world opinion, UN resolutions,a nd International Law!

The murder of the Palestinian man was very likely a racist murder without good cause or need, as countless others have been.

" Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl" - Iman Darweesh Al Hams, 13 years old, executed by depraved racist!


Unfortunately in the world we live in, bomb vests are often worn by paramilitary personnel, to kill enemy personnel, should they be captured, or exploded remotely should they be killed if the enemy comes near the body. This tactic has been used in conflicts all over the ME and soldiers must take precautions against it. In WWII it was common for retreating Germans and Japanese to booby-trap the bodies of the dead, including their own soldiers. War is indeed hell.

A central tenet of Judaism is the sanctification of Life. Does this act do that?


Let’s all take a page from Eleanor Roosevelt and bring it to an end. Kushner’s “peace” plan will not do that. A good start is to elect Bernie Sanders.


This was a war crime! Too bad no one will ever be held accountable, reminds me of Rachel Corrie’s war criminals ( the Israel Government) never being held accountable.


Israel. Punking the world since 1948, a long and proud Israeli pastime, the slow genocide of the Palestinians.

Yeah, we did that. What are you gonna do about it, PUNK ?


Yeah? That’s what I thought.


You could write your congressman/woman or senator and ask them to give up their duel American/Zionist citizenship …


Only within the tribe.



I didn’t even see it on bbc or aljaz.

Like almost every civil war (because that’s what this is) it will not be over until one side or the other is beaten into total submission. The supporters of Side ‘A’ excuse their excesses because of the atrocities committed by Side ‘B’; the supporters of Side ‘B’ excuse their excesses because of the atrocities of Side ‘A’.

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It was on last night. Haven’t looked to see if they are still running it.

BBC has probably already hidden it away. They are quick to jump when under Israeli scrutiny/threat. I just turned on AJ and they talked a bit about it, and the attacks from Israel into Gaza. But I tuned in at the end of the “Headlines” portion. We’ll see if they continue on.


It isn’t a civil war. It is one group with all of the weapons, money, power, grinding the other into the ground so they can steal their land and ethnically cleanse the land.

It is genocide against the indigenous people, just like in “our” US history.


Yes. False equivalence is the first refuge of a fascist.


Civil wars are not always between evenly matched forces; to be fair, while the Israelis certainly have more weapons, yesterday’s rocket barrage from Gaza was not launched by the pacifist branch of the Islamic Jihad. Civil Wars are fought internally for control of a nation state, which pretty much defines this conflict. External support may go to different sides, but the conflict is still primarily internal with neighbor against neighbor.

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