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'This Is a War Crime': Video of IDF Bulldozer Dragging Body of Palestinian Man in Gaza Sparks Outrage

Right wing Israeli Zionists and the US neocons evangelicals behave like barbarians, they are taking the bible literally by their belief in the Armageddon, the Resurrection of the dead, etc… hocus pocus bull, stated in the bible. The Natanyahu party knows the biblical bull shit is just that but uses it as effective tool for land grab and brutal treatment of the occupied Palestinians.


They aren’t really neighbors though. It would be like someone breaking into your house, claiming the best rooms for themselves, then demanding that you leave other rooms, taking more and more, and eventually give them all of it because they are bigger and stronger.

This is colonization. Not civil war.


I don’t blindly support Israel but neither do I think the Palestinians (who have certainly committed ‘war crimes’ of their own) are completely innocent. In a war, no soldier is innocent. To think that if the Palestinians somehow gained power in Israel, there would be no reprisals is ludicrous. Wars are fought until one side is defeated. To think either side will surrender if they think there is a chance of winning, is to ignore history. OBTW, I always try to respectful of opinions even if I disagree with them. If I do disagree, I try to state why and give facts to back up my opinions. If all you are looking for is an echo chamber that just criticizes every opinion you disagree with, you have missed the whole point of free speech.

Please be careful to blame the Israel government only.

Do not ( by careless) allow the jewish religion come into this discussion.

Because the rise of anti-semitism can cause repercussions in USA elections.

The idiot in the rented wheel loader, not a bulldozer, may have been under orders. I do not think the victims body was booby trapped.

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The Palestinians are fighting for their freedom… for their homes family and land.

They have for the most part, homemade weapons, knives, and scissors. The last big “uprising” was dubbed the “Knife Intifada” or “The Scissors Intifada” where mostly women and children fought with household items because that is all they have.

They didn’t cause much damage, and most were killed walking toward soldiers before they even had a chance to fight. There are videos of what were basically suicide by soldier as one would approach 7 to 10 soldiers with a pair of scissors in hand. They were so despondent they wanted to die rather than live the life Israel was forcing on them.


VERY true!

Many Jewish organizations are fighting against the occupation too. JVP being the one I am a part of, though I am not Jewish.


It is on AJ right now… combined with what has happened since.

Gimme a break. The man was planting a bomb, you don’t care about that. He got killed, would have happened anywhere. But it is a war crime that they pulled his dead body out that way? Palestinians and Gazans pull their own people dead in the street after killing them if they are suspected of collaborating with Israel. But that you don’t mind. This is what we call anti-Semitism. It doesn’t pass the smell test.
Were they going to walk out with the body? oh, maybe leave it to rot? maybe there was no room in the tank for an extra body? Common Dreams has just gone down several notches in my esteem. And I am not gung ho pro-Israel. I am however, gung ho anti Semitism, anti gung-ho black and white thinking, and gung ho anti bias and poor thinking, anti stirring up hatred…

Only for those of limited understanding.

You make some good points.


Gaza is considered the worlds largest open air prison. He was IN Gaza, Palestinian side. Israel CLAIMS he was planting a bomb near the fence. There is no proof of that.

Israel sits in protected areas and fires upon peaceful protesters, even medics and wheelchair bound.

All of them planting bombs too?


Can’t call it that because we have one nation that has reduced the land of the indigenous peoples (Palestinians) to corralled Bantustans. I support a one state/nation for both people with equal rights and dignities. And you?


You left out journalists from that list.

Found the article on aj.


What, then, are we to make of the recent declaration that Israel is explicitly a Jewish state? Isn’t that a contributor to the resurgence of anti-Semitism?


Indirectly yes. It is the same as has been done for years. Conflate religion, ethnicity, and stolen land, so anything you say can be called “anti-Semitic”. So resurgence is also based on new definitions of what anti-Semitism is. Some countries in Europe (and soon the US it seems) have accepted the definition to be any criticism of the state of Israel.

Blurring the lines to hide between them…

I wish I could share my subscription to Haaretz (an Israeli newspaper) as many of its writers agree with what most of us are saying. Haaretz is “Israel’s” oldest newspaper going back to 1918, long before the state was founded.


No, I don’t think so. @Senior_Citizen is a reasonable person who is open to discussion on any subject. Willing to teach and learn. At least based on my experience.

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Caterpillar does not design, purchase or build armored equipment cabs.

The individual giving an illegal order suffers the punishment, not the individual soldier who acts upon the officers order, The private is not courts martialed in this case, the decider is responsible. In this case, there is no booby trap, but the driver-operator of the articulated wheel loader may have been told there was. Disarming buried personnel mines, roadside bombs is very careful work.

Caterpillar headquarters moved to a Chicago suburb a few years ago. Cat Finance is in Tennessee. Cat Mining is in Tuscon. Peoria will be rustbelt within 10 years.

Rachel Corrie lawsuits should have been placed against the individuals at the site of incident. Caterpillar played no part in the use of their mining equipment in Israel, Palestine.

Mistreating the body to tell the palistinians that they are less than human and deserve no dignity, respect.

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The declaration within a political campaign??
Gets votes for the zionist political party within Isarel.
May gain dollar contributions to AIPAC in USA.

We do not need folks murdered in their churches, schools, businesses.

Not the way we should be thbniking.

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Shame and conscience no longer exist in some places. Our republican senators proved that at the trump trial.


They did try, it was rejected by the Israeli courts. They sued for a single dollar. Symbolic, since no amount of money would bring her back.


I am including this link for those who might want to read more.

Also this:


is a play based on her diaries and emails. I start to cry every time I think of her and the interviews I have seen with her parents.