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'This Is a Win': In Rebuke to US Mass Surveillance, EU Court Blocks Data Transfers by Web Corporations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/win-rebuke-us-mass-surveillance-eu-court-blocks-data-transfers-web-corporations

"It is clear that the U.S. will have to seriously change their surveillance laws, if U.S. companies want to continue to play a major role on the EU market.”
Now that is awesome!


There were times when privacy meant something else. Jefferson. Emerson. Thoreau. Twain. These brave souls who exposed themselves at the great exposure of their wit–all to our betterment.

Canada has these laws in place as well. What will happen is many Corporations will move their server farms to Canada or the EU. I work in IT and there a pile of these going up just to better protect client and user Data from surveillance.


I really doubt if they would give up this easily. Also doubt if the EU is really that serious about protecting European’s health data in particular, given their trade agenda is privatization due to their WTO agenda. After all “health insurance companies need that health data on the prospective insured to be profitable”. UGH…

The Internet companies are not unique or irreplaceable. Most of them are predatory, making money off of software others wrote as a gift to the world. They should all be broken apart as their profit seeking agenda is totally out of control.

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Didn’t the EU get the memo, the U.S. does what it wants, when it wants, and where it wants.
Apparently our government hasn’t had enough of a negative affect on the people here to cause them to rebel effectively.


Public Citizen expressed hope that the ruling will “force big tech companies to accept that privacy is a basic business requirement for transatlantic trade.”

Please support Public Citizen, a people’s rights lobby group.

Transatlantic trade, hmm, what about domestic? Facebook makes a complete mockery of the word privacy.

Dubya began privatizing for profit the gathering of information and the world has been paying a price for that imbecilic decision made with malicious intent.

Since you are in IT, do you have any clue how Brexit from the EU will affect Britain/England?

And what about the massive storage farm in Utah?

Britain has next to no privacy laws. I expect they will be in the same shape of people in the USA. That storage farm in Utah is Government for the most part. They will keep that info there and the NSA will tap the information.

A Number of Corporations have concerns that trade secrets , client databases and the like can be accessed by the US Government if kept within the USA and many of them will base server farms in an area with tighter protections for that reason. The EU is proably a safer bet then Canada as Canada in the 5 eyes. This means that while the Government of Canada has restrictions on reaping info off these servers another member of the 5 eyes can do so and then send that info on.


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This ruling is almost laughable, by he way where the hell has this court been for the last 22 years. You can move the server farms where ever you want to, as soon as that data hits the hubs in the US, all bets are off. Not to mention the USA controls the “5 Eyes”, if you think the alphabets will allow the other members to follow this court ruling, I’ve got some waterfront property in AZ. I want to sell you.

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