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'This Is Abominable': Trump's DHS Using Info Coaxed From 'Scared, Jailed' Children to Locate, Arrest, and Deport Families

'This Is Abominable': Trump's DHS Using Info Coaxed From 'Scared, Jailed' Children to Locate, Arrest, and Deport Families

Julia Conley, staff writer

In order to entrap families once they come forward to claim minors who have been detained after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, the Trump administration is using information coaxed out of the traumatized children who have been forced to enter government custody, according to more than 100 national groups that denounced the practice on Wednesday.

“Abominable.” “Unprecedented.” “Probably (but never definitively) illegal.”
On and on it goes, and Congress does nothing. Both parties placing career/influence over country.
Got it.


Now would be a good time to rise or we all will one day begin to love our servitude…


When will the international community step forward and hold this monster accountable?


Can the dead rise?

The average American has to be one of the most politically stupid and brainwashed of any people of any country in the world! Rise up? THE ONLY WAY THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN IS: if the average American citizen ever woke up and realized what the U.S. Government has been doing in their names. Dumb down, sheeple will never rise up! If the deaths of thousands of servicemen and women not to mention who knows how many, millions of innocent men, women and children in foreign countries, like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan for lies…I rest my case.


For the functionaries who are in the trenches committing these atrocities, let’s remember that the “just following orders” defense was debunked during the Nuremberg trials. They should be punished for their crimes.


This is beyond dystopian.

Sick to prey upon the innocent kids detained away from the safety of their parents.

And —

Just another ratchet-tooth closer to kids willingly ratting out their parents to the Amerikan thought police for the good of the Homeland.


not surprising as the folks working in and running these programs are well experienced ex-US mercenaries who have operated in middle east Forever War industry and war for profit industry, willing and eager to break US and International laws to get paid!
these folks are ex-US mercenaries, all of whom have serious mental health issues and are willing to do whatever they are ordered to do and profit from the suffering of others who they deem and see as being less than human.
no draft means that every volunteer is in fact a mercenary for hire motivated by what they can earn and or steal from the system and will not refuse orders to kill or abuse children and will do harm to or kill all that stand between them and the money and benefits they signed up for.
THE CHICKEN HAVE RETURNED HOME TO ROOST IN OUR COMMUNITIES and they are following their military training which is to kill and abuse civilians without any pausing to think about the morality of their actions.
My dad was a WWII vet, he and his peers would have never engaged in these types of abusive behaviors!


That maybe answers my question> Are the National Guard and Reserves still deployed?

HI FascistFokker: you need to update as WW 2 ended a long time ago, but Netanyahu and Israel have been arresting kids and putting them into jail for a long time time. I think Trump just copied Netanyahu and Israel. Or, maybe it was Jared’s idea. : (

Not The Oregon National Guard. Gov. Kate Brown Oregon made it clear to Trump Oregon’s National Guard was not going to the border. No other gov. stood up to Trump like Gov. Kate Brown Oregon.


Actually I was wondering about any troops still deployed to the middle east.

It is a dreadful time in history that a government that is supposed to be a light in the world commits atrocities against children. That is no exaggeration when you see the pain that results from traumatizing children in this way.
These actions cause permanent changes in the child’s brain. These changes manifest in behavior that is out of control. Or complete emotional shutdown. These children can no longer trust. They are damaged goods. Our government is overflowing with soulless not quite human beings. Gestapo - I mean cold as ICE anyone?


I see my usual spot as resident cynic is already taken. Mind if I join the club?

Thanks, Am I up tomorrow or next month? Ha. Sure is enough to chew on.

Tactics used by the Spanish Inquisition to rid the United States of Hispanics? I believe that is called “irony”.