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'This Is About Attacking Journalism,' Warn Press Freedom Defenders as Trump DOJ Hits Assange With New Espionage Charges

'This Is About Attacking Journalism,' Warn Press Freedom Defenders as Trump DOJ Hits Assange With New Espionage Charges

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In an unprecedented move that journalists and press freedom defenders denounced as "the most significant and terrifying threat to the First Amendment in the 21st century," the Trump Justice Department announced Thursday that a federal grand jury charged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with 17 new counts of violating the Espionage Act.

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I am so sick and angry about the direction this country is taking! I am enraged that trump is still the so called president. I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. Writing letters, marching, making calls to my Reps…for what? Nothing is changing fast enough. If we have to wait for another 20 years before the wheels grind enough to make significant changes, it will be too late. We are headed for catastrophe, and i feel like that every day lately. This obscene administration just couldn’t wait to get their hands on Julian Assange. They’re going to make a horrible example of him–just to put fear into the hearts of journalists and future whistleblowers.


Replace disclosing classified documents with embarrassing war crime documents that had nothing to do with national defense!


Yes. This is meant to send a message loud and clear!


Talk about a slippery slope, this is a smooth steel pole covered with lube being shoved up the behind of journalists everywhere.

This is a purely political hit job on journalism and it’s ability to expose criminal governments.


Does this mean they are going to charge all of the newspapers and e-news sites around the world who published Julian Assange’s information??? This horrendous country isn’t happy with bombing families and sovereign nations into oblivion, now we’ll start executing citizens of other nations for exposing this disgusting Oligarchy’s horrific deeds.


The present group of journalists for the US mainstream media seem more committed than ever to promoting the Washington consensus regarding the world. Thus, they portray Assange as a dangerous criminal who is finally facing consequences for his crime of ‘colluding with Putin’ to undermine Hillary Clinton. This, even though the emails that were released revealed DNC anti-democratic collusion to rig the election for Clinton. This is on top of the fact that the US plans to prosecute Assange for, among other revelations, releasing the collateral murder video, not for releasing the DNC emails.

The fact is that the US Legal system is an unjust system. When he eventually does make it the the US, Assange will, without any doubt, be found guilty. He will send, most, if not all, of the rest of his life in abhorrent prison conditions that amount to psychological torture.


Hmmmm, so if someone outs state secrets-----WHY did Scooter Libby get a pardon after destroying Valerie Plame’s cover as a CIA person?

If Julian Assange has 17 new charges-----then I guess that pardon shouldn’t be worth anything for Libby. I guess they will try to send Chelsea back to prison too. The releasing of a CIA operative name and danger to any contacts---- hmmm and releasing names—HEY that Was Scooter. Libby.
I guess if Trump can’t get Bolton and Pompeo’s war going, they will try to divide the nation with another stupid ploy—that the TRUTH tellers are a danger to society-----nope, they are a danger to governmental liars in all venues.
I think this time, someone will probably just shoot all the American “dotards,” in government. When the government lies because they all do—but when its ALL the time and with so many presidents - past and present ----the future lookers darker for all people in all nations.


Good thing Bill Barr is Attorney General.

And the irony of it all, is Assange actually wanted Trump to become President. He thought his Presidency would hasten the whole thing coming crashing down. Careful what you wish for Julian.

Too many on the left celebrated Trump’s presidency but nudge nudge they didn’t support him.

To this day, Trump leftists still defend this raging fascist, but they don’t nudge nudge. What’s really pathetic is Trump plays them like a fiddle. Latest strumming of their dim wit mental strings is Trump saying that the MIC is forcing his hand on Iran.

I mean, the jerk for months during his campaign made many war mongering statements against Iran, and he promised over and over huge increases in military spending.

Trump leftists? Meh, they never see such things.

So to the inevitable calling me out for not criticizing Obama, et al…check my clucking comment record (not directed at you paularae).


So how does one report Government actions and malfeasance when everything is classified secret?


Like they do it in the movies…mail all the evidence to the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, Washington Post, Boston Globe, or maybe even Rolling Stone.

Or, all of them at once.


Assange could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of all charges against him.


"In an evolved and fully realized society, the oligarchy would see Assange as a dangerous criminal (which they do), and the average working men and women would view him as justice personified (which they don’t).

“Ignorance is bliss” is the meditative mantra of the United States of America.

Julian Assange has been arrested and is now locked away in British custody. The U.S. government wants to extradite him, regardless of the official version, for the crime of revealing our government’s crimes. Nearly every government on our third rock from the sun despises the man for bringing transparency to the process of ruling the unwashed masses. …

Nothing published on WikiLeaks has ever been proven untrue. Compare that record to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any mainstream outlet. Assange has been nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes, and nearly every respected media outlet has used source material from WikiLeaks in their reporting. Yet after all this and after seven years in captivity, the man who laid bare our criminal leaders and showed each one of us our chains is not receiving parades and accolades. He and those who helped him reveal the truth are the only ones endlessly punished.

We are all Julian Assange. As long as he’s imprisoned, we can never be free."


The man who’s never right (even a broken clock is right two times a day):


My concern is this is yet another knife in the back of America and there have been O so many. Yet the Speaker will not impeach or inquiry for impeachment. Does she not see the total picture? Or is she performing the job she was hired to do? If you aren’t afraid for America, then you live elsewhere. I am going to have a very hard time sleeping for a few nights, if ever again. Good luck everyone, much Love to all.


I suppose this act is null and void then. Medice cura te ipsum:


The Democrats will swoop in at the last minute and save Assange from prosecution, with Hillary Clinton in the lead.


Good one, I needed a good laugh today.

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No, Assange will be hired as a news anchor at FOX, leaving the GOP no choice except to drop charges.

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Screw the trump regime. Leadership to head a takeover is badly needed. We need to be careful though, there are those that could make this worse, not better.

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