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This Is About Human Beings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/10/31/about-human-beings-0


And Moses said " let my people go! " Peace


Hi Senior:
Sadly, the border does not have a Red Sea big enough to drown Trump, should he come after them.
Maybe we should ask Ivanka, to do a science/ psychological experiment with her 3 year old. Put him in a cage at his home for a week or so , guarded by complete strangers, who let him go hungry, and where he lacks decent food and care and have him sleep on a cement slab covered by a tin foil like sheet… After 3 days or so, see what the damaged child is like----and then she can tell us if that little boy ever recovers from being ignored but kept from all the people he knows and loves.
Ivanka wouldn’t even have to do the experiment—just ask her what she thinks of it, if her own son was treated like so many immigrant children with brown skin. : (


Anybody else get that creepy feeling after reading this, the same feeling as that other “wall” in Europe?
Lets make ours have the same fate.
I want to here this, President Sanders: “Tear down that wall!”


I generally know who touches my tomatoes before me–and I respect them as people. To them I give mi amor. I welcome them and know that they represent the true American Spirit.

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