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'This Is Against the Law and DeJoy Must Be Fired': Postmaster General Accused of Criminal Violation of Campaign Finance Laws

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/06/against-law-and-dejoy-must-be-fired-postmaster-general-accused-criminal-violation


I’m sure that a few years after the campaign is lost to Trump, or after his refusal to stand down, if there is any trial at all, and once all the evidence has been withheld, and with no media coverage on the other 75 trillion acts of treason taking place at the same time, that the still acting president Trump will just in the space of a second pardon him or commute his sentence in the space of a second.


Get on board the pardon train, Louis DeJoy. But hurry, there’s only so much room.


The only people who get fired (or worse) in our vanishing democracy are those that tell the truth.


The lying and cheating just doesn’t end with these people.


Is it the same patriot who hired him, that would be the one to fire the other patriot?

That is extremely plausible.

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Let’s not be too shocked here folks, this sort of thing has been going on in corporate America for decades. The problem is now that in the post citizens united, post McCutcheon world, this practice is pretty much legal. That why no state election commission or the FEC are going to chase down anyone involved in this. They know it would be a waste of time and money as the federal appellate courts and the SCOTUS will defend it.
Much ado about nothing I’m afraid.


And not only will King T pardon DeJoy, King T will pin a Medal of Honor on DeJoy’s chest. If its good enough for Rush Limpba, its good enough for DeJoy.


Yep, we do have a “New Breed” of arrivistes, as tacky as the older version but more deadly and conniving. More and more reasons surface to rid ourselves of this entire administration.


More in-bred than “New Breed”.


So sadly true.

So De Joy the crook wants to buy our beloved federal postal service for a song and dance from rotten to the core crooked Trump. What’s a couple of millions when you could potentially get tens of billions or more in return.


Not to worry. AG Barr will get right on the case.


Good point.

Told the Truth. Julian Assange faces a lifetime in prison.
Told lies. Elliot Abrams. Pardoned and now working in Government again.

One can create a list that is many pages long giving other examples of such.


We ought to take care of these types with people justice methods


Just watched the documentary “Trumping Democracy”, 2017 release. Now I understand how the Trump campaign and the richest billionaires on earth stole the 2016 election with micro-targeted dark secret personal propaganda (that vanished from the web within hours of release to the targeted “persuadables”).
These people have destroyed this republic. There is no democracy in the dark. The Democrats had nothing to do with it. The GOP/fascists have more billionaires and they can afford the best data analysis and most effective targeted propaganda. Robert Mercer/James Simons are the inception of Trump’s win, they run the richest private equity fund on the planet.
You are up against the best funded, highest concentration of data intelligence, most venal cabal of jackals the world has ever known.


Fired…and spending some time in prison for his misdeeds. He should be fired now but we can wait for the prosecution and jail time after inauguration day 2021. Might be a good sign if Biden is going to do anything at all to change things.


Told the truth: Edward Snowden, living in exile in Russia to escape prosecution by the US.
Lied us into war in Iraq: GW Bush dancing with Ellen and arm around Michelle Obama, Colin Powell touted for supporting Biden, Dick Cheney living comfortably while foisting his ignorant daughter on us.

Told the truth: Chelsea Manning tortured and imprisoned.
Told lies about the water in Flint: Governor Rick Snyder, touted for endorsing Joe Biden.


Yes yes yes, wicked ad agencies, Goebel psychology and smooth believable lies to target white supremacists and the gullible evangelical christians with loads of money