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'This Is Against the Law and DeJoy Must Be Fired': Postmaster General Accused of Criminal Violation of Campaign Finance Laws

I consider your answer to be simplistic to the point of ridiculous.

one of my perennial critiques of the perfidy displayed by the Democrats is that they have REFUSED to protect the votes of the American people for many decades–the history shows that since passing the VRA they did nothing to protect that vote–even failed to defend the VRA in court–so when you see the sabotage of the Republicans-- look around you and see the inaction of the Democrats that led directly to this point in time

Yes, it is worth remembering and learning from the past, making sure you have accurate information, holding the purveyors of perfidy to account where and how you are able and correcting the destructiveness as best you can. Then move forward.

When is Congress going to shape up & get rid of Trump & his crooks? Or are they all crooks?

When exactly did loosing a job become an acceptable punishment for violating the law of the land?

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Well it’s a start.

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That is debatable, but also a moot point when we are not even doing that.

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When i lived in Guatemala in the 1990s, people spoke openly about “la impunidad,” impunity, the fact that government and military got away with everything, blatant public crimes and no consequences. We live the worst of that now in the USA.

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