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'This Is All Anti-Democratic Trash': Trump Spews More Election Lies From White House as Counting of Votes Continues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/all-anti-democratic-trash-trump-spews-more-election-lies-white-house-counting-votes


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Even though many people, as the article notes, have done an excellent job of pointing out the many outrageous falsehoods which Trump has uttered, this will probably not sway Trump’s loyal fan base who will continue to insist that only their leader knows what the truth is. And if approximately 40% of the country has this unquestioning faith in Trump that then means that an astounding eighty to one hundred million people in the United States have been apparently brainwashed by their president. Seeing this makes one wonder if there is any hope in a country where so many people think that a demagogue like Trump can do no wrong and will somehow lead them back to the Promised Land.


There is a rumor from the Washington Post that 150,000 ballots are not delivered by our Post Offices. Approx. 12,000 of these are in the remaining too close to call states.

Hopefully, this story is not true. There is absolutely no excuse for first class mail (ballots) not arriving within 3 days. It appears to me that the post office may have overloaded a few regional sorting centers after removing auto machinery.

Then sent workers to 8 hours per day when they faced a 13 hour work load. If Joe wins, he can offer Trump exile.


… I love that picture with that Exit sign superimposed over Trump at the podium. I can visualize one of these staff reporters glancing up at the exit sign while their mind is wandering, and suddenly getting a shot of inspiration. I can envision this reporter standing on a chair, in that briefing room -while Trump is rambling on- and stretching, and twisting their arm to get that perfect juxtaposition -all the while, that dude in the corner, with the red tie, wondering to himself; “What the f**k is he (or she) doing up there?!”

… Hehehe… Now ‘that’ is Art!


Consider this “most dishonest speech” ever as a preview to what we will serially experience if Trump gets a second term. With his power elevated, there will be far more henchmen and women willing to accept appointments in the administration and defend their fuhrer.


They should have used the Filthy Frank meme. You know that begins with: It’s time to stop!

I’ve come to the conclusion that a good many of orangeogre’s “supporters” would have to admit that they are wrong and that goes against most everyones self image (especially those who worship fame/ie celebrities)
It is much easier to live in an alternate reality than deal with the realness of a world that is slowly being destroyed.


Even if he doesn’t win, he’s still got until Jan. 20th , he can do a lot of damage in that time.


Trump wants to stop the counts in States where he is ahead, yet continue to count votes where he is behind.

I mean come on.


Feels weirdly inevitable to me today.

Had a flash bulb memory of sitting with my (late) father back in about 1985, and we were talking about how things change over time. He was born in 1933, and while just a kid in WWII I asked if he had any insight as to how the Germans let Hitler and the Nazi’s happen. What I distinctly remember him telling me was it didn’t come out of a vacuum, that much was certain. Pretty sure he invoked that metaphor of the frog in the cooking pot, too.

It’s like that. When I was young, the 7-11 in one of the suburbs of Seattle stayed open until 11 at night! Man, have you ever seen such a thing? Lol. Some decades later Denny’s announces they’re removing the locks from their doors since they never close. We don’t really notice how much things change as they seem to just kind of stay the same.

This nation has been sliding rightward since Nixon. Of this I’m sure, as I’d just entered my teens when he stepped down. Probably it’s been happening since FDR. There was a period in the '60’s where a healthy (though arguably naive) injection of progressive influences actually took root, but there’s been the slow chipping away of things that the New Deal gave us for a long, long time.

Once you get so far, next thing you know kids are being taken from parents and kept in cages, while maybe their mothers are getting forced sterilization courtesy of ICE 3rd party contractors, and Cameroonians are being beaten until they sign their own deportation papers.

The wannabee dictator’s only hope left really is some kind of Night of the Long Knives. Sure am glad this isn’t Germany 1934, and I think I understand that question I asked my dad.


Maybe the dope has finally come undone!

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I try and frequent both left wing and right wing news sites when I try and get a feel as to what goes on. I do not necessarily believe what those sites are saying as factual yet one can gain a lot of insight as to what really goes on by reading the misinformation.

Just as much of the mainstream media were claiming an impending “blue wave” of support, those right wing sources were claiming polls showed that Trump would win a massive majority and absolutely crush Biden as people from nearly every demographic were moving to Trump.

Now I do not think these sources got it wrong . I think most of them knew it would be a tight race yet reported otherwise.

They reported otherwise for a reason and it was one intended to sow division and confusion.

Should Trump lose his supporters will be convinced forever that he was cheated by the left.
Should Biden lose his supporters will be convinced forever that he was cheated by the right.

This will only further polarize the United States of America and as the left sees the “right” as the enemy and the right sees the “left” as the enemy , the 1 percent will garner ever more wealth and power.


“They report to sow division and confusion” is secondary to the highest priority of news sites (except for CD) which is to keep their audience numbers high thereby keeping ad revenue high.

Right wing sites therefore tell their right wing audience what they want to hear, centrist sites tell their audiences what they want to hear, and left wing sites tell their audiences what they want to hear.

A glowing example was that despite the results of the August 2020 Washington State primary overwhelmingly pointing toward tight races in November, several of my center/left neighbors were 100% sure there was going to be a blue tsunami.


That early call for Arizona looks a bit reckless now.

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I can’t think of a time when trump was speaking in public and didn’t tell at least one falsehood.
And he can’t appoint any worse people to the swamp. He has gathered the worst of the worst, including Ruddy.


Speaking of lies, here’s another one:


The only way this is true is if my prediction of Trump looting the WH, and leaving in the middle of the night before Jan.21, for a non-extradition country to avoid NY state charges.
I still believe this is a possibility.


The amount of damage he is willing to do may have some bearing on how hard the world will come down on civilian trump. Payback is a bitch.


Yes, I have this picture in mind of trump having the nuclear codes briefcase with no codes, just silverware.


How many people believe Russia mounted a big effort in interfere in the 2016 elections on the Republican side? Republicans don’t own exclusive rights to being brainwashed. It’s really the only way to avoid talking policies.

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