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'This Is All His Fault': Warnings That Lame-Duck Trump Aiming to Launch a War as He Blames Iran for Rocket Attack

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/all-his-fault-warnings-lame-duck-trump-aiming-launch-war-he-blames-iran-rocket


Maybe they are correct:


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“Unhinged”? Rather say criminally insane and treasonous in the extreme; a threat to the entire world and planet! The actions of the Cretin In Chief in his final odious days in power are Crimes Against Humanity, the planet, people, and public health, different only in details from the list of insane dictators past and present, pathological liars, warmongers and racist killers/destroyers… The influence of the racist expansionist Israeli regime on trump & co is large, and lies behind the attempt to involve the US and potentially wider world in a devastating manufactured war - an agenda both men, and those behind them, have been trying to effect for a very long time; in Israel’s case for many decades to cement their racism, theft of territory by force, and to destroy any adversary or nation that stands against their extremist and supremacist malignancy!

Failing to bring those that commit such crimes against humanity by both US political parties, world bodies, and foreign government leaders has allowed and fed the ability for such as trump and netanyahu, et al, to kill, displace, pollute and destroy with impunity!
When the world doesn’t stand together to oppose with all vigor such actions that affect all humanity and health of Mother Earth, they ALL are complicit and thus guilty!
ENOUGH!, BDS! Bring the guilty to account!


It seems more and more that we are approaching, as Barry McGuire sang back in 1965, the Eve of Destruction. And as Pete Seeger wondered in one of his songs, when will we ever learn?


This psychopath wants to set the entire world ablaze as he lashes out, just like the demented child which rages within him, and has always wanted to do. And I still wonder-is there any one person, anyone of stature or authority, or strength of any kind, who can literally stop him from doing this? Sadly, the answer seems to be “no”. So we all are at the mercy of this deranged tyrant.


I ask, does this make any sense for Iran to have done? We are just a month away from a change in administration that has signaled the US may re-up to the Iran Nuclear agreement that Trump pulled us out of and the Iranians hope that in so doing, sanctions will be dropped that are crippling their country. At the same time they know we have a desperate current president clutching at anything to hang on to power. This smells more like a US or Israeli false flag move to precipitate military action against Iran. Smells just like the false flag fraud of Assad gassing the town in Syria that he was on the verge of winning over and a war he was winning, which has been proven to be a lie.


At minimum, let’s push our Reps/Senators to STOP this insanity –
and any insane idea that Trump could order an attack on any other nation
as we await a new president –

There should be a HOLD on any such plans of Trump/Netanyahu –


The whole idea of a lame duck presidency of congress is madness. No other nation that I’m aware of does this. You lose the vote, your powers ought to be stripped immediately.


Another interesting foreign conflict situation that we have heard little about recently: Venezuela. Yesterday I saw a segment on The Gray Zone, where Max Blumenthal, reporting from Venezuela, said that back in January, Juan Guido lost his seat as leader of the Parliament. His previous holding of that position was the basis for the US lie that he was the rightful president of Venezuela and used as justification for the US, and it’s cuck white vassal countries, to recognize him as such. Now after losing that position in his country and after a couple of failed coup attempts, his appointment as the puppet of the US to be leader of Ven has completely collapsed and the failure is even acknowledged by some in the US government. Now, while still employing economic war crimes causing death and suffering in Ven, the US must come up with another scheme to undermine Maduro. And in a point of irony too pathetic to be anything but laughable, the US government is decrying the Venezuelan election win of Maduro this month as undemocratic, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME THE PRESIDENT OF THE US IS SCREAMING THAT THE ELECTIONS IN THE US ARE CORRUPT. Can any country top that hypocrisy in assholism?


And meanwhile, the unhinged, incoming right-wing warmonger apparently wants war with Russia.

There is no peace to be had, from either wing of the War Party.



Even though I was very young then I still remember that song and I would add that until 01/20/21 we are absolutely on the eve of destruction because we now have an insane POTUS with his hands on the nuclear codes…HANG ON FOLKS, IT LOOKS UGLY TO ME!


Thanks for the link, exactly!

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The real axis of evil – the U.S, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

And where are the “Right to Lifers”? as trump goes on an execution killing spree? The silence of the lambs.

Or how about the “keep Christ in Christmas” folk who support policies that impoverish the people and degrade the Earth we all share. Maybe they perceive the pardoning of his criminal cronies as Christ like??


Trump is just continuing his parade of lies in the service of the war mongers and their arms dealers


Didn’t you get the memo? Right to life™ begins at conception and ends at birth. After that it is “Survival of the Richest”.



Next up, Iraqi’s bombs into our Embassy after Trump pardon the killers of Iraqi’s civilians. Disgusting/evil/liar who represents we the people of America.


To bolster your post have a listen, or read the lyrics to the Kinks “Apeman.”


I took Shrub too seriously and he drove to something resembling a nut case for a while.
Trump and Pompous now just make me snicker at their existence.
I won’t let them anger me any longer.

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We may learn when a newly formed political party that speaks the truth and is able to reach 100% of the people, shows how the two Corporate Warmongering Political Parties have been lying to our faces and providing representation only to the MIC and the wealthy.


Right on. One small correction: Maduro didn’t win this month’s election
as it was for the National Assembly, not the presidency. But his party
did win, decisively, as parties bankrolled and directed in Washington
were under orders to boycott the election.

Dozens of opposition parties tired of Uncle Sam making them suffer
contested the vote, but were too fragmented to do well. Nonetheless,
the vote succeeded in further isolating the puppet of the U.S., Canada
and other right-wing countries

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