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'This is All You': Popular Resistance Credited With Thwarting AHCA Vote


'This is All You': Popular Resistance Credited With Thwarting AHCA Vote

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Republican lawmakers on Thursday were met with a deluge of outrage and calls to stand against the American Health Care Act (ACHA) while the planned House vote was thrown into disarray as defections mounted.


Yea! I called Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) and explained that my health insurance would be taken away if this bill passed! Also, I asked that he protect Social Security even though the statement on his website indicates he doesn't know how it's funded.


For this and so much more prepare your pitchforks and get ready for total, rolling non cooperation.


Feels so good to hear that when not even the "freedom caucus" could agree on how to make it work. Not even a roomful of dark suits deciding which health services for women are "essential." (See Mother Jones citing Emily's List et al.) Total disarray. They may be trying to distract us, but I think some of them are being distracted too. Nunes escapes reporters on his idiot move yesterday by sighing, "I have a health-care meeting I have to get to." Grassley, running the Gorsuch hearing, suggests timing their 20-minute lunch break for when they have to vote on something else. If nothing else, we're making the MoCs work for a change.



Left a message on my teaparty congressman's phone. Long answering machine. He's pretty in the bag for the Ryan Budget but it's one more of many calls he's receiving.


Sprize! Not.

OTOH, I just saw a headline that the budget director (Mulvaney) was assigned to deliver an "ultimatum" that if Ryan didn't get the ducks in a row, djt would just "leave Obamacare in place." I'm not sure what kind of an ultimatum that is, but yes if you don't change it, it stays the same. This may all be much sturm und drang signifying all along that they knew the people would discover Obamacare isn't "crumbling." What a waste of everyone's energy.


I think the President knows he can't create a decent health care law and he doesn't want to own a bad own. He thus prefers that the law doesn't pass so he can then purposefully administer Obamacare poorly hoping it will create a number of bad headlines that he can blame on Obama and create an "I told you so" to stroke his ego.


It's a pretty effective threat given the expectations of the Republican base. Most reps want to go home and say that they voted against Obamacare for the final time. With or without a replacement.


I dunno, after what they've been hearing from their constituents on this one.


It is like a bunch of illiterates are getting together to write a novel. Nobody is buying the mess. :laughing:


But, he did promise voters that he would come up with a health care plan that would take care of "everyone". So, sticking with with Obamacare will, rightfully, eventually come back to bite him and, hopefully many Republicans. The guy supposedly has a 160 IQ; He should understand that, unlike Obama's followers, voters for him this past election will surely remember the promises he breaks.


It appears he has outright said he'll wreck the ACA if he doesn't get his bill (see below). I think he wants to invest only enough to call Ryan a failure and put the blame on him. Bannon has it in for Ryan anyway, reportedly.


The man is just a spoiled jerk, frankly.


To whom are you referring? Trump, Ryan, Bannon? I would guess Ryan; but, I'm curious.


Yes. (for me, anyway)


"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who as speaker was Obama's crucial lieutenant in passing the Democratic bill in the first place, couldn't resist a dig at the GOP disarray.

'You may be a great negotiator," she said of Trump. "Rookie's error for bringing this up on a day when clearly you're not ready.'"

With enemies like this, who needs friends?

The essence of the problem facing America is not, in my 75 year old judgment, Trump. It is that the major party in opposition to Trump has spokesmen like Pelosi.


I meant Trump, but I guess you could include all three.


"Spokes-men, huh? You and the founders.


I don't see how his promises matter at all. He will just restate them as meaning something completely different and wait for Fox News to spread the new lies.


Looking at their early lives, it does look like Trump's family was the most affluent. Interestingly, Wikipedia indicates that that Ryan worked jobs during both high school and college, which makes me wonder why he appears to be such a stone cold a$$hole toward working class Americans.