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This Is America


This Is America

This week saw both more achingly quotidian crimes against African-Americans - cops called for Shopping/Napping/Airbnbing While Black - and the release of the searing video "This Is America" by Daniel Glover, aka Childish Gambino. A dark, deep, haunting look at black life, death, art, oppression and history from Jim Crow to BLM, it's garnered over 55 million views and almost as many interpretations.


This video incites and promotes more murder and violence. In a world which is rife with such insanity, it is time to realize all such cultural mindlessness is never worthwhile art. It only serves the U.S. police state, CIA torturers, and pro-war mentality to promote it further.


Look at Sheldon the addled one and this SECRET and the be honest about the profile of this nation’s political and business class. There are exceptions… but they’d best take a stand for health and life, 'cause their cohorts are sending far too much straight down the drain


Not discounting the wretched history of the United States and the crimes against the black race here, but at the same time, it is beyond time to realize that the greatest number of killings of black men (and women) taking place in this county is done by black on black crime.

Someone needs to address this.