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This is American Terrorism: White Supremacy’s Brutal, Centuries-Long Campaign of Violence


This is American Terrorism: White Supremacy’s Brutal, Centuries-Long Campaign of Violence

Lawrence Brown

The evidence is clear. The reports are in. There is no other conclusion. It’s 2015, and Black people in America are under a sustained and lethal terrorist attack.


This killer reportedly was scouting out a mall and had mentioned killing people at the College of Charleston before he went to the church and sought out Black people as his victims. By choosing the Emmanuel church, he was able to tie his rage to a “cause” that he knew was shared by many other people of his race. If he had simply killed at random, like so many other American monsters, he would not have been able to be some kind of hero in his own mind. This is characteristic of all the racist or religious murderers, from Tim McVeigh to the Tsarnaev brothers. They know that someone out there will be applauding what they have done. Hate speech leads to hate murders, and there are a lot of loud-mouthed people out there who share the guilt of this unspeakable crime.


Do not forget Thibodeaux either. This was white supremacists slaughtering blacks who had went on strike while harvesting sugar cane.

The official number was 35 killed but this was vastly understated by the authorities to help cover up the crime.

Independent sources put the number at over 300. All of those official tallies of numbers murdered and lynched are understated.


What kind of people are being hired as police officers.http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/st-louis-police-investigating-use-of-taser-on-two-downtown/article_e6cac170-3bc5-585b-9410-7e52261aa22d.html


True. Privilege protected this killer even though everybody in the world knew his name, that he had a gun, and was not afraid to use it.


My hometown of Joplin, Mo was one of the places that ran all the black families out of town in the early nineteen-hundreds. Among them was the family of Langston Hughes.