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This Is an Anti-Parliamentary Coup—and An Internationally–Organised One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/30/anti-parliamentary-coup-and-internationally-organised-one


Sane vs insane…white vs black…right vs wrong…you get the idea and as she says, it’s global. I believe it boils down to the haves and have-nots. We ought to have a ceremony of the raising of the dead and bring back Robin Hood.


As trump does in the US, so does boris johnson try in the UK.

The original brexit “leave” vote was an hysteria manipulated by johnson and other nationalist/corporatist/special/racist interests that fooled the voting public with lies and deceit.

" The ‘Leave’ campaign campaigned primarily on issues relating to sovereignty and migration, whereas the remain campaign focused on the economic impacts of leaving the EU."

The obvious answer to boris’ coup arrogance, is a NEW vote that would likely result to “remain” in the EU vote!

The manufactured “deadline” is a trick to ram-thru the highly questionable wisdom of the cluster-farce of brexit. Whatever the downside of the UK’s perceived by some self-interested parties of remaining in the EU, any real problems, absent sensationalist, jingoist, and/or racism, likely could be worked-out - as should have been the wise/rational course originally, not the manipulated fear and BS lies about the nature of the relationship!


Definately a very sorry situation, perpetrated by evil people, to do evil things. Just as an “optics viewpoint”, sorry about this, but…anyone else notice that many photos of farage, and trump focuses on their mouths looking like a Big cock just slid out of them? Yeah, pretty ugly thought, but there it is.

Firstly as I have mentioned many times, I think the EU itself is a fundamentally flawed and undemocratic entity. Its representatives in Brussels represent the interests of the Corporate State first and foremost. The concept is sound but the implementation is not and the example of Greece is the best example of that where the ECB dictated surrender terms to that nation which included cuts of Social welfare programs and the privatizing of the commons. All you need to do is look at the types of people that sit in the European Parliament and will realize the majority of them are upper crust and very wealthy.

That said a second referendum is necessary. I equate it to what almost happened in Quebec when secession almost passed in their referendum. The question asked in Quebec was very deceptive and such questions need clarity so that the people know exactly what they are voting on.

The article on Globalism versus Localism that was posted here a few days tends to explain where I am coming from on this issue.

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Yup, and Trump is gonna take inspiration from that and suspend the elections next year if he is sensing it wont go his way. Or nullify the results arguing “16 million illegals” voted or something. So far he has gotten away with it all so I really dont see why people are so naive as to think it wont happen with that one too. Remember at the end of the days laws, even our Constitution, are just words on paper. If no one is willing to act on them, then they are useless. Gotta give it to Putin though, he brought down two superpowers without firing a single shot.


I cannot argue the point SuspiraDe – I guess I naively in my mind look at, or project, a perfect picture of different peoples/cultures being honestly represented honestly to oppose corporatist domination as a “little nation” and together be a force to oppose US and multi-national corporate domination. Maybe that was the idea that was corrupted, maybe the plan all along - I defer to your understanding of the reality of the issue. I have been naive, looking at how things ought to be, not as they may be, before, and likely again. Peace.

seems to me the “coup” could just as well be applied to the pro-EU anti-Brexit forces that lost the election and in 3 years blocked all possible implementations. They have no plan other than to block the Brexit and ignore the public’s vote. Some of them are anti-Brexit because they might lose access to a lot of chap labor. Indeed the Labor Party is badly split on the issue though they all can use the current impasse to embarrass the Conservative Government without having a real plan.

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Excellent article by the great Diane Abbott. Let’s hope enough MPs come together to block this next week, then force a general election that Corbyn can win.

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One of the issues is most obviously that one might appear to be in agreement with a Trump or a Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage or le Pen when arguing for localism when this not the case at all. They have very different reasons all of which are rooted in Nationalism and what tends to be White Supremacy. They still believe in concentrating all power in the hands of a few.

I am much more into power that is distributed among the many and that is exerted at the local level. I feel that what might work for people on Toronto , may not work in Smithers BC. It just too easy for that greater population in Toronto to sacrifice the interests of the smaller population in Smithers for their own interests.

It interesting to note that there a good number of people in Scotland that want independence from the British. They suggest an independent Scotland would best be able to promote the interests of the people living there.


This is the conundrum. A choice between the neoliberal superstate or Trumpist neoliberalism. Corbyn is trying to chart a course that avoids the worst aspects of both, and keeping an anti-No Deal coalition together. It is not easy, but if Johnson’s opponents don’t wake up they will end up with Trumpism as Diane Abbott says. By the way, in a referendum she would vote remain.

You should read the Labour Party manifesto. They do have a real plan.


Corbyn faces an issue with his own party much like Sanders faces in the USA. The Corporatists inside the party are out to get him.

There was a great similarity between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton and this translates at the level of the respective Political parties as well


Absolutely. The corporatists in the Labour Party have been waging war on Corbyn and his mass base since the get go, as Sanders has faced here. If Sanders gets anywhere near power here this opposition will intensify.

Trump is such an outlier that we still don’t know how far he is willing to go radical. His alliances should be a dire concern for us. Who is our watchdog? Who will actually step up against anything like a coup?
I think when martial law is declared, and bank accounts are frozen it will be too late to act.

We need to be aware that republican’s hypocrisy might show up in spades as they denounce trump at some point. “Oh, we didn’t like him all along” crap.
They need to be held accountable along with trump. The difference being that we get to send Donny off to prison to play with the folks from the darker side of society.

Trump is NOT an “outlier”. He is the natural culmination of the designs of Empire that went into high gear after WWII. FDR was the outlier that served the elite by saving capitalism and pacifying the rebellious people and workers of the time.


London is our albatross.
Diane may take a minute to look ahead to england’s trade relations with germany and russia - if any exist after hard landing brexit.
America has gone into two world wars plus we still waste our military lives and trillions of hard earned dollars in the middle east on britz behalf.

The british empire may expire
Freedom to billions of people
Out from London’s heavy soled boot
Expect we can also keep our loot

Mugged on the American Way

Yes, soon Britain will be a vassal state subject to our very whim. They will have to bow and cow tow to our every demand. We will own them and they will be our subjects. The Brits, so very stupid, but this is to our advantage. We will force our will upon them and subject them to every humiliation upon the earth and why? Because we can. Oh, yes Britain, leave the EU with a no deal Brexit. Come into our waiting arms. We await you.

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