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'This Is an Emergency. We Need the Democrats to Act Like It': Outrage as DNC Announces It Will Not Host 2020 Debate on Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/emergency-we-need-democrats-act-it-outrage-dnc-announces-it-will-not-host-2020


“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
–Lord Acton

And people wonder why I have never registered for any political party.


Bud or Bud Light? Those are the only responsible choices.


It’s bad enough that they wont host a debate on the climate crisis but excluding candidates who debate it elsewhere from their debates?!?!?!

Let’s hope this spells the end for the Democratic Party. They’re beyond redemption.


DNC reasoning: a climate debate would expose their favoured candidate’s biggest weaknesses…Therefore, there will not be a climate debate.


Paraphrased: ‘DNC will punish candidates that talk about climate change’.

The line to save humanity is drawn for real candidates (not the ones filling in space for the DNC). Kick this sand in their face or I’m outta here.


Let’s face it. The DNC knows that it absolutely must have the votes of the blue collar labor force if they have any hope at all of maintaining control of the House and regaining control of the Senate. Any aspect of the “Green New Deal” is absolute poison to that voting bloc, with the outright promise of destroying their industries and jobs and forcing them to retrain (read “start over”) with some mythical and unidentified new “green” job. The DNC wants to stay as far away from those kinds of issues as possible on a public stage. That’s the same reason, by the way, that not a single Democrat in the Senate voted to bring the Green New Deal proposal to the floor of the Senate for debate. It is a sop for their radical base, but they don’t want it hanging around their collective necks come general election time.


Exactly. The DNC desperately want Biden, Harris, or Booker (with a slight tip of the cap to Buttigieg) or any combination of the four. They represent the stay the course, Third Way. They cannot imagine a Democratic Party that isn’t funded by, and beholden to, their own big money billionaire donors (Saban, Schwartz). Why you ask? Because it’s easy, and Perez and his crowd are lazy. It’s far more simple to try and make a few billionaires happy than it is a whole electorate.
Think about it. The modern Democratic Party is quite literally organized the same way the GOP is. The Clintons and their puppets Perez, Shultz and Bustos, have and will continue to marginalize progressive populists at every turn. And they will do so again in 2020.
It’s so simple. All the democrats have to do to win every branch in 2020 is to embrace their populists. I’m not however, holding my breathe.


Notwithstanding my comment above, I understand the politics of climate change and why nothing changes. In turn, I mostly agree with you except: We are no longer ‘their radical base’. The radicals are the ones willingly leading mankind to destruction financed by the destructors.


This should lay down a red line for all candidates, especially the 2020 democrat candidates: schedule a climate debate and attend it— or not. That should tell the people who is still a possible progressive. period. If the DNC and remaining sellouts persist then the remaining progressives should have the leverage and good timing to bolt and form another party.
Most if not all of us who read this website know that the DNC is the enemy: they are the neoliberal (neocon/banksters who say nice things about gays, women and nonwhites) group who hopes to get Biden as their figurehead but will settle for a Booker, Harris, Buttegig, etc. The difference between now and 2016 is that we have seen their playbook and they are repeating it and calling plays that will get what they believe is the same outcome.
Another suggestion for Common Dreams: how about an article that exposes the “loyalty oath” which locks in support for whoever “wins” the nomination?


It’s naive to expect capitalists to be fully human when their motivation is profit and they will enslave and poison humans to get it.

Join the Green party and concentrate on winning.


It becomes clearer by the day that the duopoly is a criminal enterprise. Our youth deserve to have a future and not simply looked upon as fodder for the war industry.

Hats off to the youth!


Many people think the “Democratic party” is a “leadership” for political ideas and action; a clearing house or umbrella leadership to represent we the people, the democratic/independent/progressive “base” - it is not quite clearly, it is now a narrow club dominated by a connected few at the top, representing the status quo, big-money interests, business as usual, the war machine, and the vulture capitalist course. The Clintons, Obama, Cuomo, Booker, Debbie W-S, Schumer, Pelosi et al all serve this entrenched manipulation - wider representation be damned!

“Progressive” issues are anathema to that DNC/DCCC/DLC corrupt corporate model of politics that metastasized since at least Bill Clinton - it does NOT represent the people, “progressive” issues, real justice, or any new direction - it is moribund and will not change

The “leaders” of this corrupt “party” restrict power, ideas, representation, and any notions of independence apart from the entrenched “leaders” to serve their powerful clients just as R’Cons do - the new politics of “primary” manipulation and frauds, deceit, fabrication and control of all political processes, and media, that should - must - belong to a wider vision/dedication.

The writing is on the DNC wall and the narrative for 2020 is being cut in stone - submit a “safe” candidate to “beat trump” (critically needed) and squelch any “progressive” upstarts from even thinking they belong or have a place in the totally manipulated corporate “Democratic” party fraud!


The dims are going to lose this election before they even nominate a candidate. They literally avoid issues that they fear are controversial and anti-wall street. Clueless, I guess, but probably as some suggest , on this site, the DNC is the gatekeeper for wealthy contributors (bribes) and the rest of us poor liberal souls.


The Inauthentic Opposition Party strikes again! They don’t provide any opposition to climate change or GOP BS.


Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

  • Frederick Douglass

They have no intention of upsetting their fossil fuel income or MIC puppet masters

The Democratic Party organization is useless - unless your goal is to have a second corporate right wing party

Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue Vote for anyone you want. Its a free country


I read this on another site and read basically the same comments. My comments is…the dem’s won’t do this, the dem’s won’t do that, mitch won’t protect the vote, we live in a 3rd world country and the planet is on fire…say good night america.


Not just their favored candidate’s biggest weaknesses it would make their donors and puppet masters damned mad


The DNC is the last hope our nation has and they are proving themselves to be in cahoots with the monster that wants to destroy us.


This is another ridiculous decision by the DNC.

How about the Dem candidates ALL boycott the DNC “debates?” Well that won’t happen because Joe Biden and a several others won’t join the boycott.

Alternatively, is the DNC going to deny Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren participation in future debates if they join a climate change debate organized by another group? That would mean an automatic election loss. Challenge the DNC.