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This Is an Insurrection Incited by Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/06/insurrection-incited-trump

“Coups can happen in different ways. We are now in the middle of one.”

We “are now in the middle” of a coup?

“In the middle” of a coup as in, ‘at the midpoint of a coup’ (that will soon be complete)’?

Naaaaaah, Isaac - right liberal Democratic Party Biden will soon be President. It is too clear.

And what will you write about then?

How the 43% of U.S. citizens - who voted for Sanders in 2016 primaries, routinely shoehorned into voting Democrat - MUST again vote for a party that fails to represent their needs, desires or material interests? ‘Or else’?

Can’t wait for your post-confirmation vote-Democrat-or-else directives, Isaac. Can’t wait.


Would be interesting if certain progressive YouTube commentators (like Krystall Ball on Rising) still find Trump‘s comments about election fraud something to make fun about and not to take seriously like they did in the aftermath of the November election …

Any serious political commentator, usually self-appointed political experts, who didn‘t see that this has been a dangerous game by Trump (and his cronies) from the beginning had to be blind and should be ashamed for having played the whole thing down.

I was and am wrong about using National Guard and / or regular army soldiers to maintain order in DC.
The NG was called up. There had been about 545 called up for individual back up of DC police at street intersections 115 on duty at a time.
The rest were called up today and deployed at the capital at about 5 PM. They lined up behind the police line that pushed the rioters away from the capital and area. About 50 were arrested after 6 PM, likley for violating the 6 PM curfew.

The TV talking panels are asking why DC police were not prepared for the physical assault into the congress property and building. The goons had some armed and maybe some left behind bombs. This was hot war. The invaders are blessed that only one died from a gunshot.

Trump bears the responsibility for todays insurrections, invasions, assaults, dangers and intimidation. Not just in DC at congress, but against all of us. His claim of victory is believed by
too many citizens, fed by his lies and FOX agitations. I suggest we have an education failure.

I read police found pipe bombs, arms, and motolov cocktails. People came prepared for more than we saw.

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Based on the Michigan state house invasion by armed macho kkk types that
resulted in the kidnapping plan of governor and attorney general.

Today, in agreement with what you present, I suspect that personal violence
against certain elected reps and senators was on the menu for some of the
invading goons who came in with backpacks.

Like Michigan, I wonder who is paying them there and at DC today.
We should have zero sympathy for any punishments doled out to
these former citizens. Insurrection can have citizenship removed
and exile results.


Well said Mr. Issac - to the point, accurate -

Various state capitols are under threat now apparently, and yes, the peaceful transfer of power is history for this election at least.

But things are now out in the open that were always there but hiding - white supremacy for one - obviously alive and well, a hundred and fifty plus years after the Civil War.

This isn’t about outsourcing - this is about hate, stupidity, ignorance and denial.


What this is, really, is the last act of Trump’s fundraising grift of his idiot supporters to squeeze as much cash out of them as possible before he leaves office, so he can live on it in exile with asylum in a country he can’t be extradited from by NY state authorities, who clearly want him on criminal charges. He will not stick around to face being arrested, he’s a cowardly little bitch, and he’s going to run like one.


What does anything you have written have to do with the present situation Mr. Isaac so cogently described?

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Your post is good, except for the last line. If you would torture, then you are no better than them. Rise above.

While I had expected a “storming of the Bastille” before yesterday’s spectacle, the events that unfolded at the capitol is a product of misinformation that the MSM has waged against Americans for generations. All of these Trump supporters actually believe that the election was “stolen”, that Biden is an agent of George Soros and that their dear leader is an anti-establishment type. Of course all of this is nonsense, but because our mainstream press cannot or will not engage in open and honest debates about democracy, fascism and everything in between, we end up with illiterate conspiracy theorists for the most part who pine for the ‘good ole days’ when Jim Crow laws were the only laws that mattered.
I still believe that we will experience a transfer of power to Joe in two weeks, not because we’re a functioning democracy, but rather in spite of the fact that we’re not a functioning democracy. The irony here is that the protesters don’t realize that a Biden presidency will be indistinguishable from a Trump presidency with the lone exception that Biden knows how to behave in public.
Americans will be no closer to getting universal healthcare, downsizing the military or ending student debt under a Biden administration that a Trump administration. But the beauty of this system, from the perspective of a wealthy investor at least, is that the disenfranchised, which includes every diehard Trump supporter, still direct their anger at the symptoms of the national cancer rather than the disease itself. No one is blaming corporate America for serving us up this endless stream of corporate friendly political sycophants who undermine the 99% at every turn. No one is pointing the finger at the MIC that gobbles up 59% of discretionary spending. No one is upset with Big Oil for lying to us about global warming while secretly funding wars to secure the final oil reserves on a dying planet. In fact very few of us are even upset that we have a two party system in which all of the participants are equally indistinguishable from each other as they fall over each other trying to appease their corporate donors.
Whether Trump is successful or not, the illusion of a democracy will still be trumpeted by our press because that is what they are paid to do. If the U.S. were an ‘enlightened nation’, the entire public, especially during a pandemic which has given us so much time to reflect on the meaning of life itself, would be having vigorous debates about what it means to live in a democracy, the reason for government and the responsibilities a government has towards its citizens. Instead we’re subjected to the usual rhetoric and of course all of it fits nicely in between a narrative of us (the democrats) versus them (the Republicans) as if these two party’s represent everything we cherish.
I have no idea on how to reverse hundreds of years of corporate brainwashing of the general public. A few critical thinkers still rise above the masses who have ‘figured it out’, but they are quickly drowned out by the raised voices of America Firster’s or loyal Democratic Party apparatchiks. In either case, we’re stuck with the same set of imbeciles for the foreseeable future.

Gitmo is an existing prison controlled by U.S. Army that is not on USA soil.
If a treason indictment gains a guilty verdict, the individual can be stripped
of their American citizenship and placed there to serve their sentence instead
of Leavenworth or Terre Haute.

Gitmo torture ??
I would have declared those captured in Pakistan and Afghan as POW’s rather than the Cheney
decree of ‘terrorist’. Takes care of any mistreatment.

Every single enabler, that is ever single republican that objected to the electoral votes needs to be removed from office for open sedition. Period.

The police who stepped aside to let the insurgents run riot through the capital must be held accountable, including charges of aiding and abetting an attempted coup.

Anyone diverting attention from the crises at hand by lying about Anitfa and other “left-wing” involvement need to be both censored and charged with instigating violence. Hate speech and disinformation are not protected forms of speech.

All republicans calling democrats “radical left wing Marxists” need to be slapped silly for slander and held accountable with existing laws.

All protests need to be free from open carry laws. Guns at demonstrations are not, and cannot be considered free speech.

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Is there anything we can do, as individuals in our communities, to identify those who are most-likely to have right-wing militant, seditionist sentiments? I think that some of our findings could interest F.B.I. If anyone has recommendations, that would be great, or I’ll just keep combing through Facebook.

All of your points are reasonable, warranted and necessary.
Regarding your second point, I do not think it is an exaggeration to level charges of sedition ( a capital offense) against all involved, including the black Capitol Police who stood idly by as invaders headed toward the House chambers.
Have they identified said officers in the videos and/or the ones who opened the crowd-control fences to allow invaders access to the Capital building?