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This Is An Invasion of Our Country


" This is an invasion of our country" isn’t that a quote from Chief Sitting Bull?


Just to clarify… If they came into NYC for most illnesses they went into the hospital right on Ellis Island and were treated by the US government until they got well or died. I know that because in my sister’s geneological research she discovered our great great grandmother did just that. At no cost to gg granny apparently I might add.
Of course TB or any other incurable disease patient was isolated in a special ward and then sent them back on the next available ship.


HI merf, thanks for the personal history clarification------the sadness is still that families were separated even back then. : (


Yes, and to me, the final nail in the fascist coffin was done on the 22nd of this month in 1963 after JFK fired Dulles. And the CIA called JFK ruthless when he threatened to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.


“I feel a long way from the hills of San Salvadore
Where the sky is ripped open
The rain pours through a gaping wound
Pelting the women and children
Pelting the women and children
‘Come on! Come on!’
Into the arms of America.”



What we have to remember is that too many revolutions based in violence don’t turn
out the way intended – toward democracy, freedom, liberty of the people…

too often, the new boss is the same as the old boss.

Any revolution must be non-violent, but aimed at Elite-Patriarchy and that which authorizes it
and underpins it – and that is “Christianity” and male-dominated religions.

Especially those “religions” which continued to deny to their members the right to freedom of
conscience and free will in all issues, including even the most private of issues - procreation -
family planning.

The Old Testament was written to cement patriarchy and from there Elite males continued to
suppress by propaganda and later by violence the female gender which is the majority gender
on the planet when they are not being murdered. Beyond murder of females which still occurs
at astonishing rates on our planet, the secondary tool of war on women is sexual assault and
sexual violence - rape. The long history of violence by the Vatican and its armies cannot be
forgotten nor buried. Our Founders, sadly, while allegedly establishing Separation of Church &
State actually moved “Christianity” into position to continue the genocide against the native people
here and to continue to steal their land and natural resources. Genocide against the native people
here was carried out as “Christianity” carried out the Crusades, Inquisition, Burnings at the Stake
which soaked the soil of Europe in blood for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Our Founders did not hesitate to establish “Church Schools” here run by the Catholic Church & the
Mormon Church which took the children of the native people, often by force of kidnapping them …
and where in these schools these children were not permitted to be visited by their parents, and
where they were prevented even speaking in their own language. They braids were cut, their clothing
changed to Western European style. And this imprisonment was enforced by beatings, mutilations,
hangings, murders - and by sexual abuse of every kind. These old patterns of conquest continue to
be followed today as we’ve just seen against immigrants and their children at our borders, despite the
reality that this refugee crisis is being created by our own US government, its fake drug wars, it’s selling
of weapons and guns all over the world - and its real wars in multiple nations across the planet. And,
yet, the warmongering of the US continues on targeting Iran still.

Elite-Patriarchy’s two strongest tools in its toolbox of conquest are “Christianity” and Capitalism which
was invented by the Vatican when Feudalism was no longer sufficient to run their Papal States.

Capitalism is a system intended to move the wealth and natural resources of nations from the many to
the few and it has succeeded in doing just that all over the world and here.

We are controlled by systems – and those systems must be understood and fought against by all of
humanity. Those systems depend upon dividing us by gender, race, sexual orientation - spiritual beliefs.

If you fight against religious domination and the system of capitalism, you will come close to exposing
the Wizard behind the curtain.

“Not all men are honest men” – and neither are all women honest women. But there is no way that
honest males alone can stand against this system of fascism being imposed upon the world right now
without uniting with honest women.


Old saying that … "All war is a war on women and children."

In Iraq, something like 500,000 Iraqi children were endangered and dying from
exposure to depleted uranium which the US refused to clean up. Multiple birth
defects there, as well, from it.


Agreed! How many were killed in those North Iraq cities that were decimated by US bombs??Why we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE---- The US media fail to do REAL reporting on what the US military is doing-----If the people of the US actually believe in freedom how could they ever support a country like Saudi Arabia never mind suppling them with all kinds of weapons???


This is an ALERT …

to ask members to please look at this thread re JULIAN ASSANGE –

break in on 29th and no protection –

Requests to contact Embassy but would also seem that we need to be contacting many others
to protect Julian Assange.

“Please email the embassies and consulates of Ecuador, thank them for their help so far, and ask very politely that Mr. Assange be protected in travel to a safe country of his choice. I have done this and asked for his protection and transport to a country of his choice. Here is an email list for their 13 consulates in the US (I will give the “@” as “AT” to prevent this comment going into moderation a second time):

cecuwashingtonATcancilleria.gob.ec; embassyATecuador.org;
cecunewyorkATcancilleria.gob.ec; cecuchicagoATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecubostonATcancilleria.gob.ec; ecuadorconsulatebostonATcomcast.net;
cecuatlantaATcancilleria.gob.ec; ceculosangelesATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecumiamiATcancilleria.gob.ec; ecuadorianconsulateAToutlook.com;
ecuadorianconsulateAToutlook.com; cecuminnesotaATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecuhoustonATcancilleria.gob.ec; consuladoecuadortxATsbcglobal.net;
cecuconnecticutATcancilleria.gob.ec; cecuarizonaATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecunewjerseyATcancilleria.gob.ec; newjerseyATconsuladoecuadornj.com; “

Apologies – and Thank you!


Love that N.Dakota banned American Indisns from voting .


His Xwife stated. That Dump keeps a copy of Mein Camp on his bedroom nightstand. Like to see that questionin in one of the Prez, Press Conferences.


Good idea. Let’s write CNN and others to ask that,


It looks like Bolsonaro, with US help, will do his best to do away with the Amazon everything and everyone…