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'This Is Appalling': Horror as Trump Launches Unhinged Attacks on Omar and Somali Refugees at Minnesota Rally

Unfortunately Our courageous and thoughtless leader gives little to no thought to what the end result of his speechifying will be. I have never in my life heard such self aggrandising drivel from any public speaker since I listened to the rhetoric spewed by a clan grand dragon.

Don’t know how this will run out but the clinton admin let this happen and the change we could believe in was buried under a weak and confused man.

Hi MonkesTale:
I really wanted tp learn more about the Clinton Foundation, as I have read that those employed there make excellent salaries----but what they did or said they would do—is not clear at all. I also found it awful that as SOS, that Hillary would stand in the hall to speak to governments although she was told was not a secure area—others could listen in.
Arrogance in any candidate is awful----and I suppose that many who voted for her wanted the FIRST women president to be installed—but I think she would still work for the corporations. I also found it quite odd that the FBI Comey person didn’t bother to see all those Hillary emails on her home computer and on her assistant’s husband’s computer-------so forever more there will be questions about what was erased----kind of like RoseMary Woods who erased things on the Nixon tapes---- For Comey never bothering to view them seems like supporting the Hillary candidate in a very obvious way.
As with Obama , Hillary seemed more inclined to deal with corporate heads and truly not care about the people. I did watch Trump and Hillary duke it out word wise- in their debates —but she seemed to relish feeling superior and really did not seem clear as to what she would do as president. And too, when the DNC seems to have pre-chosen her before the Calif primary was even over, and many people including me, who had voted for a lot of things —found themselves not listed as voters,. When people have to fill out that paperwork to vote when they had always voted— that seemed very odd. And too the Bernie people seemed to be ignored by the DNC—almost like stripping their power or changing the rules on the delegates---------so it’s not only Hillary Clinton that does seem to create her own rules, but so does the DNC-----and when that happens, a lot of people don’t think that the America they knew–exists any more. I also find it horrifying that the DNC is trying to get Hillary in the race------but she did not run and all the other DNC candidates would be right to be so angry that they could leave the Dem party----------although, like many, I would rather not have the DNC handling anything. I think that both the GOP and the DEM party are sucking all the Oxygen out of voting----I don’t trust either to be fair to the PEOPLE!. ; (

people are unable to separate truth from fiction because they are constantly lied to about the
content of each. Further, people who do actually tell unpopular truths are slandered with various
labels. And too, there is corporate control of what actually makes it out to public view. It is
amazing that anyone can still think. Unfortunately, the general public never gets to hear from

the Dems are trying to do an impeachment completely out of the public eye. If the issue was
voted on, like all previous trials, it would enjoin legal rights for discovery and cross-examination
that any trial would. If the Dems have nothing to hide, why are they hiding?

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that they are trying to keep all of this out of sight because they did something without asking their Corporate Masters first, and they are afraid their bribes Campaign Contributions will cease, to teach them a lesson.
*Please note; Those who are trying to pump out the cesspool and find clean earth to fill it with are not being quiet at all. We the Concerned are trying our best to awaken We the People and get them to take action. We, too, are a part of We the People and we want our nation back!