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'This Is Atrocious': Congress Crams Language to Criminalize Online Streaming, Meme-Sharing Into 5,500-Page Omnibus Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/21/atrocious-congress-crams-language-criminalize-online-streaming-meme-sharing-5500

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Look, I appreciate the work you folks do, and agree with most of it.

But when you write articles like this that do nothing but imply that this change might be bad, but say nothing about what the bill actually says or why exactly you interpret that as problematic, then that is just poor journalism.

It sickens me watching Fox and the freak show to the Right of them do this kind of fact-free innuendo journalism. It almost feels worse when you do it, because you are not just paid shills and you should know better.

If the Left can’t do a better job, than aren’t we acting as destructively toward informed discourse as they?

Please do better—we need you!

Thanks for listening.


Kenny Stencil is usually pretty good about being objective in his articles, Thank you Kenny it is much appreciated by this reader. I agree, though that there is a high level of subjective reporting from the left and it is a disservice to really understanding an issue or why/how it might be changed.

If you use the links in the article you get a much broader perspective, he linked (explained) to the complete over 3000 page omnibus bill in the article.


Mass Criminalization seems to me perhaps to be a way to disqualify lots of people from benefits they would otherwise be qualified for in the job-free future just like in the past I think they saved a lot of money disqualifying people from getting student aid for a drug arrest. It also may have help insure they would spend more time in prison.

Also Comparative Advantage is a core concept of globalization.

Why pay nine or ten dollars an hour to guards imprisoning poor prisoners in the US when for the cost of an air flight you can probably imprison ten miscreants in Guyana for the price of one in the US.


How else could they lock so many people up, in terms of numbers.

Criminals could be generating profits instead of competing with the law abiding constituents for jobs,

they could be disenfranchised from voting, making gravel out of rocks, making hand sanitizer, and participating in voluntary medical experiments for corporations.

Slavery (the 13th amendment to the Constitution) is a way to generate hefty profits for corporations and disenfranchise the poor.

“Make America profitable again”.

In India during the Bengal and other famines, people committed small crimes so the British would lock them up, and that saved tens of thousands from starving to death in their huge famines that killed tens of millions of people.

This is why we should have eliminated slavery.


Ultimately the rider as an idea should be completely eliminated. All legislation should be stand alone only. If nobody agrees to sign a bill because it doesn’t do anything for them or their district specifically, they should be eliminated from federal office. Its time to introduce the principal of principal to American politics.


They should do a study on that!

Here is where I read that, I think.
In an excerpt from this book. (Still have not bought it)


The slime oozes when the people snoozes


The nazification of copyright laws has been going on for 20 years now. Copyright laws, for the most part were simple,. If you had something you had to treat it “like a book.” If you lent it to someone you had to give up your access until they returned it - like a book.
But over the past two decades, corporations have increasingly written the laws which were then passed by a government they bought. So now, the corporate hoodlums want you thrown in jail for violating THEIR TERMS, which THEY have had encoded into law. Disgusting.


They are probably doing this so they can exhort countries to lock up people who stream content. How would it look if we demanded other countries lock their lawbreakers for streaming US movies or posting Memes of US tv shows or movies and didnt punish the offenders severely ourselves. Its just like with coronavirus drugs, how could we demand whatever price we do for lifesaving drugs of other countries if we did not charge our own people at least as much if not more.


Simple. Don’t pass the law.


This is what I posted elsewhere in this thread.

“How would it look if we demanded other countries lock their lawbreakers for streaming US movies or posting Memes of US tv shows or movies and didn’t punish our own offenders severely ourselves?”

Itsthe same situation as with healthcare, basically.

How can we prevent the cancer of cheap generic drugs, if we allow the sales of cheap lifesaving drugs here for less than they are worth. If a drug kills the sniffles, sure, charge $10 for it, but if it saves a life, charge $50000 for it.

This is where we’re going. Otherwise,. people get 20th century deals in the 21st century, which wouldn’t do.

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Textbooks used to be physical books, now they are digital and locked down tightly so they cant be traded or shared.

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Patriot Act 2.0. And handled the same way. Wait for a disaster, then sneak in a whole bunch of authoritarian shit knowing it will all get passed.


Russia is paying them to undermine US intelligence. It will be easier for Russia to take over the world when North Americans are not allowed to talk or think.

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NMOE (No Mention Of Empire) so no reason to read. Just move along folks, nothing here to see.

Or, hey, you could:


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Logrolling is as old as legislatures are. And of all the infamous logrolls and riders as have been made over the years, this one hardly constitutes a blip on the radar.

One of the worst ones in recent years involved tucking the OSI law into an omnibus bill that would eventually kill between 5k and 15k veterans in less than 4 years. A bit more serious than a ticket for a frigging meme.

When you’re on the losing end of the trading of favors, you hate the practice. But sometimes it can save the day as well, and has often been used to mitigate harmful effects of previous legislation.

The problem isn’t logrolling anyway. That will happen in any large policymaking body trying to achieve a majority. In my work, it’s a weekly discussion. The problem is legislation not emerging from legislative staffs and coming almost exclusively from professional lobbyists.As a result, no one who votes for these things has any idea of what’s all in any given law.


America is a melting pot. When you bring it to a boil all the scum rises to the top.