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'This Is Atrocious': Trump White House Proposes Covid Relief Plan With $0 Weekly Unemployment Boost

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/atrocious-trump-white-house-proposes-covid-relief-plan-0-weekly-unemployment-boost


Good to hear about an extended UIB. I was really starting to worry, since the Republican mode has been to make the new, non Trump administration, look as bad as possible in the next few months.

Carrying the burden of these self centered idiots, should never be allowed to hurt a family in America. And, there is always, perhaps because of the Senate election in Georgia, the posibility of a coming breakthrough.


Let them eat cake!
Oh, can’t afford cake? I hear rats are pretty high in protein.
But hey, look on the bright side. There’s a vaccine coming soon. The poor will of course be last to get it, but hey, once America’s dirty, huddled masses finally do get their vaccines, probably late next year, they’ll then be able to go back to their meager existences as America’s Morlocks, doing all the dirty work that makes life in our capitalist country possible.
However, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it has shown the wealthy that they no longer need nearly as many of us to help them maintain their opulent lifestyles. That is why the poor are treated even worse now.
I am reminded of what Gore Vidal once said. When asked by an interviewer why the rich looked down upon the poor he told the man that the rich have never looked down upon the poor. It was far worse than that, for the rich didn’t look upon them at all.


This must be because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are EVIL!!
(Sarcasm to all those trolls and shills from Breitbart, the Mercer Foundation, ALEC, the Heritage Foundation etc. and all the other crevices and cracks under rocks you crawl out of to shit on Democrats.)


Joe Biden spoke briefly yesterday, calling for people to wear masks, get vaccinated, and get kids back to school.
Couldn’t help but notice, no mention of a massive social and jobs program that will be needed for the nation to recover from the pandemic. But that would be bold, and the democrats don’t do bold.
Nothing will fundamentally change. I think I heard that somewhere.


Wait for his inaugural address. Then shit on him, which I’m sure you will do.
Meanwhile 6 or 7 million more Americans voted for him over Trump.
I wonder why…

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He won 51-47 over the worst most destructive president in US history. In exit polls nearly 70% of the people that voted for Joe said they did so primarily because he wasn’t Trump. Just makes you well up with confidence, doesn’t it?

Oh, and the nations workers are suffering now. Have been all year. And Joe’s response thus far as president elect? To nominate the usual suspects of Third Way shills and former lobbyists to “stabilize” the country. You notice, at no time has he called for actual change.
Nothing will fundamentally change.


If Biden deserves it, indeed we will. Pelosi could have passed a relief bill before the election helping millions but because Trump’s signature would be on the checks she decided that it is better to watch those millions be evicted and herded into the streets. This politics before people is a hateful crime and all the establishment elite must be called to account no matter which party - as if there is a difference between the two. It is criminal to take our tax dollars and give it to their wealthy corporate campaign donors while ever increasing numbers of people go begging for food and live in the streets. Stop the militarism and wars, provide health care, tackle the climate crisis and put people to work then we will sing your praises - until then, yes I and others will call out Biden’s endless hypocrisy and inaction.


But plenty of bipartisanship billions for the war machine.


All too true, and such a dangerous waste of everything at that.


Yup, couldn’t help but notice that, in the middle of a pandemic that has left millions out of work, and will leave millions more homeless and in poverty, democrats lined up and voted in lock step to over fund our vast military. The most advanced and expensive military on the planet that is now being asked to maintain a fading empire and defend a nation in decline.
10 million people will need to come up with at least $5000 in the next two months to pay back rent to their landlords. But hey, that 20 billion dollar aircraft carrier that still isn’t service ready, will sit there anchored in the Hampton Ship yards, gleaming in the sun.


And, if there was no brutal level of inequality, there would be little need for the measures involved in government funding of basic needs. There are more and more abandoned areas, even small towns that could be repurposed to provide shelter. Learned helplessness has become institutionalized.


As long as the stock market remains in its little lala-land, the powers-that-be will assume all is well with the economy. If that thing goes south, they will be falling all over each other to get some stimulus out the door. I suspect it will be too late by then; this country will continue its decline into irrelevance no matter what, and Biden will be an unsuccessful one-term president.


I think its time people accept the U.S. is a Failed State. It is already collapsing and we are living during the time to see it in real time. Taking a quick glance at other countries relief efforts, many of the other developed nations cover 80-100% for small businesses etc. The U.S. is providing 0% relief, hence 4 hour food lines.


What they try and do here is obvious. They are starting from a position the Democrats can not possibly accept. They will then “compromise” asking the Democrats for things they want (including that Corporate immunity but hardly limited to that) in exchange for enhancing UI benefits. The Democrats will agree to a lower figure for those benefits for the working class along with a whole lot of stuff for the rich.

They will claim it as a great victory.


This exposes one of the chief truths in capitalist states- maybe all societal systems- relief to the masses is in nothing more than an effort to stabilize and perpetuate a system that supports the elites. Just enough to placate, but not enough to change the balance of power. In fact, if done “right” the relief may reinforce the basic inequality (Disaster capitalism).

The only way to possibly prevent this is to achieve “radical” democracy and strong participation of ordinary citizens at all levels of government, media, etc… But even that may not be enough in an age of massive social indoctrination where people are conditioned to turn on each other for personal gain.

A disempowered populace that cedes power to elites, occasionally provides correctives in election cycles and yet remains deeply cynical of its politicians and fellow citizens is a recipe for obvious failure.


The dems need to be really messaging this loud and clear especially in Georgia. It needs to go viral on twitter and facebook and all the other sites. It needs to be front and center on all local news and national news and cable.

Beat the drum like you’ve never done before. You’ve been part of the problem DNC, get it together and hire competent messengers.

I think before you rave on about trolls and shills, you need to try to understand what “progressive” actually means. It does NOT mean marching lockstep and dogmatically with the part of the duopoly playing good cop. It does NOT mean withholding criticism when criticism is, obviously, warranted.


Nothing will change with that kind of thinking, never has never will. We the people need to stand up and shout in Biden’s face. Pitch forks to DC and NYC Wall Street and media centers. Media is a huge part of the problem as they only report on things that continue status quo.

The lazy Americans

Yup, it’s called negotiating, Nancy and Chuckie are completely out of their element with it.