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'This Is Barbaric': Sen. Murphy Slams US for Contributing to Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis


'This Is Barbaric': Sen. Murphy Slams US for Contributing to Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The bombing campaign that has caused the cholera outbreak could not happen without us."


As a resident of the deep blue state of connecticut. I would like to point out to readers of common dreams that Chris Murphy is my senator and he has been getting some good press here on COMMON DREAMS.

Thats all fine and good. Just want to point out he has very deep ties to wall street and may not be as “progressive” as it appears.

Not casting stones, he’s certainly good on “identity politics”. No problem there. I called his office 3 or more times to back Bernie’s medicare for all bill which he finally did do. That being said, he may be a corporate democrat in hiding. Just beware. It appears he’s another democrat being set up for a possible 2020 presidential run.

see this article:


Amerika: home of the free… to commit atrocities; home of brave that have been used to commit atrocities.


so true and utterly fucked up


Surely this is NOT what “National Defense” can look like because it will stoke further the hate against us. But yeah, I get it, war is profitable but needs a subterfuge of “defense” for a people claiming a Judeo-Christian ethos to make this possible/palatable. And all those corporate criminals in both wings of the corporate party just voted to expand the military budget…


No sir - if a corporation is not a person, and it surely isn’t - neither is a nation, and I would like to have statements like the one below by Senator Murphy done away with:

“We have a responsibility to make sure that the coalition, of which we are a part, is not using starvation as a weapon of war,” said Murphy. “This is a stain on the conscience of our nation if we continue to remain silent.”


A nation has no conscience - nor does a corporation.

But people do - real people.

Since the assassination of JFK - the United States leadership, i.e., people, with a few exceptions, have been increasing barbarous in their actions. It isn’t the nation doing harm - it is people - Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama, both Clintons, etc…

I note allen1 cautions us about his senator. This seems wise.

We don’t need new institutions and laws and such nearly as much as we need real genuine people of integrity and conscience - then all will be well.

Until then - we continue to spiral in - I can see that red line clearly - I think the airspeed indicator is over the line, right now.


I’ve not heard of Murphy before, but it is good news indeed to see at least one good man exists in the US Senate, one man willing to speak the truth regarding the criminal actions of the government he serves in.

Just speaking one truthful statement like this is a good thing. Whether his “esteemed colleagues” can muster courage to do the right thing remains to be seen.


Where are the cries of “foul” for the victims of the hurricane in PR who are now being objectified and victimized by disaster capitalism (the power that was restored by the 2 man company from Zinkeville lasted about a week and has failed…not surprised)? Up next in PR, cholera along with schistosomiasis (liver flukes) that lives in snails in ponds and streams in PR…humans are warned to NOT go into that water with signs everywhere; Zika virus, and plague (the rats in PR are the size of small dogs and love all the garbage in the aftermath). The crisis in Yemen will not subside until any one of the warring factions have control of the oil in North Yemen…regardless of the outcries.


I am almost as sick of our penchant for expecting perfection as I am of the utter lack of scruples and ethics, or any measured and consistent statesmanship, that Citizen’s United has wrought… it stinks. I’m tired of trying to breathe.


I’ve heard this senator speak and he is saying things NO ONE ELSE WILL SAY! Caps just for emphasis-I’m not yelling. He seems sincere. He speak in coherent and complete sentences. I don’t really care about Wall Street ties…almost all of the politicians are on the take for something. That can’t be stopped but really, doesn’t he look good for 2020?


Please - reconsider casting blanket enthusiasm for Murphy and your willingness to take anyone - regardless of their ties to Wall Street - who speaks (some) truth. Ties to Wall Street translates into privatization of schools, (the commons), compromised actions to protect the environment and curb climate global warming, probability of endless war, dilution of workplace safety standards-minimum wage- union organizing, comprised net neutrality and social safety nets (medicaid, medicare). Don’t you want someone whose heart strongly defies the existing status quo and is about creating means that serve the 99%?


yes exactly- what the usa/saudi “coalition” is doing to Yemen is the most monstrous war crime in history- there is famine so they blockade the country to prevent food from getting in. There is
a cholera epidemic so no medicine either. They are condemning
an entire country of 27 million people to slow death. Sen. Murphy speaks truth and people here complain about whatever else he did not do. channel your rage at the Washington murderers of innocents


actually i meant that for Ticki- Elenarose i emphatically reject


Yemen shows what the U.S. Empire is really about.


Hey Murph, have you checked with AIPAC ? Be careful in your next election Bibi’s boys will be coming for your seat.


just before the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition bombed the airport in the nation’s capitol of Sanaa, further blocking aid from getting to Yemeni civilians.

'This is Barbaric" … and why are we surprised considering the real history of this government?

Actually, I wanted very much JUST simply to comment on Sen. Murphy’s
comments which are more than justified …

HOWEVER, I think we have to be careful in watching the Dem Party and not taking for granted
that Murphy, or Sanders is speaking for the party or its other members in Congress.

Also note Allen 1’s comments on Murphy which are very interesting.

As an example, consider John Kerry where we see a long history of pretense as a liberal.
Decades of it. And there are many other examples of fine actors in Congress.


Thank you for the info –

and above in my comments I also tried to point out that occasional
comments such as this one which can be very moving and offer hope
cannot necessarily be seen as having the blessing of the party or its
other members of Congress. Same for Sanders.


“Katrina” stands as the most glaring example and warning to the people
that the American government has changed its once usual policy and
will NOT respond to “disasters” suffered by states.

Though those who were mostly harmed and displaced in “Katrina” were
people of color in a state expected to go “Blue” at the time –
and Puerto Rico seems prior to the disaster to have been betrayed to
Bankers and by “austerity” forced on its citizens …

presumably, we can’t consider these occurrences as anything but coincidence.


Beyond Citizens United, I find it galling that so many otherwise cognizant politicians–Bernie Sanders come to mind, here–are so beholden to a self-limiting system like 2-party politics.

I’m not against coalitions, nor am I against a big tent. What I am against is being taken for granted in an either/or paradigm. And I’m against having my leftist views subsumed under a centrist mantle.

I don’t owe my vote, time, or energy to any party. They have to earn it. If that makes me purist, so be it.

Clearly, the Ds have chosen to follow the Rs rightward for three decades. Establishment Dems will claim they have to sync themselves with the zeitgeist. I’d counter that they buy into and profit from corporatism. No thanks.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.