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'This Is Barbaric': Sen. Murphy Slams US for Contributing to Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis


Sounds like Obama did, before …


Blockade food getting in … isn’t that what happened in Haiti during earthquake aftermath? It was for “security” reasons, directed by H. Clinton SoS, while Z. Brzenski on TV touted Haiti’s “human capital.”


so sorry to hear of your “sickness” mister. The senator is talking about 7 million people dying of cholera and the USA patroling
the seas to prevent medicine from getting to them. And 20 million people starving as the USA enforces a blockade to prevent food arriving. we do not ask for perfect. we ask for normal humanity for the people of Yemen.


Here! here!! We simply must have more political parties. Intellectual honesty requires that for so many obvious reasons!


Another comment, above, pointed out that Sen. Murphy may, in my words, be the equivalent of a wolf posing as a dove. People should know that he voted YAY in Early August for the 2019 Defense Authorization bill, the largest defense expenditure in history. We can be sure there will be more killings like the crime against humanity perpetrated in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its partner, the United States military (e.g. the recent bombing of a school bus filled with children). Murphy can crow all he wants about the injustice, as in this article, but his voting record clearly shows his support for a militaristic status quo. As his fellow colleague Senator Blumenfeld once told an audience in Wilton, CT, “we need more submarines” [produced by the workers at Electric Boat in CT]. Of course we can’t have universal healthcare, free or low tuition, and a first class infrastructure: the military needs our money and we must project power around the world…Now I think I’ll shout into the wind.