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This is "Big": California Taking On ExxonMobil's Climate Cover-Up

This is "Big": California Taking On ExxonMobil's Climate Cover-Up

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

California's attorney general has joined New York state in investigating Exxon Mobil's decades-long climate change cover-up, probing what it knew about global warming, as well as what—and when—the oil giant disclosed to its shareholders and the public, according to the LA Times on Wednesday.


Fossil fuels came from the dinosaurs and they need to go the way of the dinosaurs. Ironic, that scientists theorize that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a climate devastation and now they may wipe us all out with the devastation of climate change!


They spent $50 BILLION on the campaign to lie to the public about Global Warming – and the need to stop burning fossil fuels.
It took the Royal Academy of Science to bring the first efforts to begin to hold ExxonMobil accountable for its destructive campaign of lies.
In turn, they were immediately attacked by ExxonMobil – but it was too late.
Maybe right now, it’s too little, too late. But in overturning this rock, we may find much more going on when daylight hits.
What role did they play in destroying California’s 2000 year mandate to put electric cars on their roads – or the destruction of thousands of leased electric cars?
What role do they play in keeping Congress from mandating higher MPH from automobile manufacturers selling cars in the US?
What role did the NY Times play in aiding and abetting this campaign of lies by ExxonMobil in permitting their running of their “Ad-Editorials” on the NY Times Op-Ed pages for decades?

Meanwhile, where are the electric cars on our roadways, where is Congress – and why are car manufacturers still producing gasoline-drive cars?

Scientists introduced the Global Warming model to US citizens in 1957 – and immediately the private interests who control our natural resources went to work to deny responsibility and to protect their control over our natural resources and their private profits. No private family, or corporation, should control our Natural Resources.
Oil should have been nationalized 100 years ago.
Actually, today, it is part of the “National Security State” – No oil/No war.

Our scientists recognized immediately the destructive effects the Industrial Revolution was having on Nature 125 years ago.

Costs a lot of money to keep the American public stupid – but we should also understand the still operating CIA “Operation Mockingbird” campaign to ensure that Americans had little chance of knowing exactly what they were doing and in protecting Elite/corporate power.

Some history of that operation . . .


I wish them luck in this political climate. The people of Alaska received a pittance after over twenty years of legal maneuvers by Exon

I remember that morning and watching Congress – Sen. Stevens, wasn’t it.

And, after that how blaze almost everyone became about oil spills –
BP spill in Gulf was shattering – pretty much forgotten.

And Exxon keeps coming up with deals made to cut their fines.
They should be in prison.
Working for Exxon seems like working for the Mafia.

Perfect place to remind us of Mockingbird, Greenwich, thanks. One is hopefull that the “house of cards” is about to topple.

Anyone who has foreknowledge about a Catastrophe, and seeks to deny and cover up this knowledge, or takes money to deny said Catastrophe, has committed a Crime Against Humanity. Those who made these decisions and then carried them out should be put in :Prison for a long time. Those who have taken money and signed pledges to deny Climate Change while in Congress should also be put in prison. a Private, for profit, prison.