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'This Is Big': House Democrats Praised for Requesting Kavanaugh's Concealed Bush Admin Records

Is this some kind of staged form of investigation…after confirmation? If this is a genuine inquiry into the lies and omissions from Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing with an eye to impeachment, then bravo! If not, you can safely assume this is faux outrage from dems.

Why are you here troll? Begone…

Great News. This should be the wave of the future for all of the judiciary appointed by Trump, Bush, Reagan. In fact why not create a standing committee of the House to investigate the judiciary and bring impeachment proceedings when and where necessary. This may be the only way to crack the hold the neo-liberals have put on our judiciary. Please proceed.

BK was sworn in to the SC Oct 2018. The 2018 elections were the following month. House Dems would not have been able to move forward with requests for these documents until they were in the majority this year. I’m glad they are doing it. We should Primary the Dem Senators who voted to confirm BK.

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Well, if it wasn’t enough to prevent a confirmation when Patrick Leahy pointed out that he very obviously lied under oath, I don’t know what this investigation is expected to do.

They were denied the documents during the Hearings –

GOP led the Hearings and refused to obtain the documents.

Now – the HOUSE can do it and Nadler is doing it –


Thank you for that. It seems unlikely that Kavanawww will be removed, but hope springs…

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I was referring to Dem “leadership” because we cannot begin to fix any of this until we get our own house in order, but, I’m with you on primaring Moscow Mitch and impeaching Kavanaugh and others on SCOTUS and, probably several hundred rightwing appointed judges


If things were happening in reverse – you know the right wing would
be hollering their heads off – and running campaigns to remove liberal judges.
Like imagine a Ralph Nader on the SC -
Or heading up the FCC –

Susan Sarandon heading up the EPA –


Imo, that picture of Kavanaugh – which many of us saw live on TV – sums up
what he has always been about . . . hatred – and backed up by the ferocity of
religious zealotry.

Also think he’s been an alcoholic since a very early age – just like his friend who
assisted him in the attempted rape of Christine Blasey Ford

We should make it a point to remember her name – just as we remember Rosa Parks
and Prof. Anita Hill. And I say that because I find the name difficult to recall and I’ve had
to look it up a few times. The press isn’t going to remind us of her.

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Forget the lost records, Impeach the Bastard for Sexual Assault against: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

We cannot allow this Frat Boy to get away with an abusive crime against a Woman.

This is the type of trash we allowed on the Supreme Court, someone who laughs while trying to Rape a woman whose character is beyond reproach and whose testimony was extremely credible.

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