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This Is Blockadia

This Is Blockadia

Daria Rivin, Alice Owen

Regular People Blocking the Fossil Fuel Chain

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“The earliest of the Blockadia-style resistances documented on the map is the resistance in Nigeria against Shell in the 1990s. Following the destruction of the land of the Ogoni peoples through oil spills and gas flaring, there was a peaceful uprising of 300,000. This culminated in the killing of nine Ogoni leaders, which sparked international outrage against oil companies’ violations of environmental regulations and human rights.”

The rape of the Ogoni region and Niger Delta by Royal Dutch Shell cannot be mentioned without special focus on the murder/execution of The Ogoni Nine, including Ken Saro-Wiwa, internationally respected activist, murdered to silence him/them by the Nigerian military dictatorship on the orders of RDS.

New evidence and court case filings may finally bring justice for the murders/executions and serious sanctions for RDS!

"Oil giant Shell stands accused of complicity in the unlawful arrest, detention and execution of nine men who were hanged by Nigeria’s military government in the 1990s, Amnesty International can reveal today, following the launch of an explosive new case against the company in the Netherlands over four of the executions."

https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2017/06/shell-complicit-arbitrary-executions-ogoni-nine-writ-dutch-court/ This linked June 2017 article details the new case against RDS and their complicity in the murders and massive unconscionable pollution of Ogoni-Land - please read!

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The M$M rarely report on such matters. When they do, they paint these heroic indigenous peoples as radicals. Media’s complicity in the rape and pillage of Pacha Mama cannot be overstated. Boycott, divest, and sanction M$M as they have become grotesque accomplices in the debasement of life on earth.


There just has to be some way to halt the mad lemmings running over the cliff, well maybe not. IMO I think the Titanic has already hit the i’berg I’m just not sure how may lifeboats there are, if any.

There have certainly been environmental actions to protect and save our planet against corporate plunder before 1990 so I am not sure why the limited focus on fossil fuels alone. If there should ever be a need for a united front, it would seem to be here since the ultimate goal would seem to be the same.