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'This Is Called Union-Busting': As Teachers Union Approves Strike, Denver Superintendent Wants to Turn Furloughed Federal Workers Into Scabs

'This Is Called Union-Busting': As Teachers Union Approves Strike, Denver Superintendent Wants to Turn Furloughed Federal Workers Into Scabs

Julia Conley, staff writer

For seeking to exploit a situation in which hundreds of thousands of public employees nationwide are going without paychecks as the Trump shutdown enters its second month, the superintendent of Denver's public schools is under fire for floating the idea that those suffering workers could be used as replacements for city teachers who voted Tuesday to approve a district-wide strike.

Pitting worker against worker… Libertarian/Republican/Fascism 101. Ayn Rand would be so proud.


Being a teacher for the last 23 years, I’ve become convinced that school superintendents must take a class in being an asshole in their master’s and doctorate programs. They tearfully, publicly declare their love and concern for teachers and students at board meetings, but in turn, treat same like crap. They bemoan the inability to find and retain quality teachers, but work so hard to create hostile work environments, yet the superintendents and the boards cannot fathom why students are not “performing” well on standardized tests. This is not lost on students. They know they are being disrespected and so are their teachers. They know they’re being trained like circus animals to “perform” and please, which only serves to create distrust and contempt within them toward authority. It is really incumbent on parents to make sure they pick the right people for their school boards who will choose only the best people for superintendents; people who mean what they say.


Yes. I’m reminded of a similar ploy, which would have “solved” the country’s chronic homelessness problem by giving homeless people houses that had been foreclosed—and the former owners of those houses would, of course, become the new homeless.

Any resulting resentments or divisions would have been gravy for the 1%.

A long time ago, my ex-wife got her first teaching gig fresh out of college. She was re-hired for her second year, but not for her third, which would have qualified her for tenure and a raise in pay. It worked out fine for the school district and the administrators in keeping costs down, but at a great long-term expense to its teachers and students.

The screwed federal employees; screwing the screwed teachers!


Hopefully federal workers, many belonging to unions, will recognize the bigger picture here and NOT cross the picket line.


The LA superintendent was a hedge fund manager with no background in education. Who is the superintendent of Denver public schools?

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That’s what’s meant by “adding insult to injury.” See poiticscorner’s reply to Rimbaudsfist.

This is why we really do need the ONE Big Union.

Ms Cordova Please move to Hungary.

What makes you think that the superintendents care if they are qualified? All they want is a warm body that is able to fog a mirror. Once they become upper level administrators they are no longer educators but become PR people. In an effort to cover their asses they don’t realize the liability they are letting themselves open to.

This became clear to me after 40 years of teaching.