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'This Is Censorship': Trump's War on Facts Continues With Muzzling of USGS Scientists


'This Is Censorship': Trump's War on Facts Continues With Muzzling of USGS Scientists

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump administration appears to be ramping up its war on science.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Interior Department, which overseas the U.S. Geological Survey, has told scientists there they must obtain approval from officials at the parent agency before responding to most media requests.


It was Hillary Clinton or fascism. The people chose fascism. Or more accurately, the electoral college chose fascism. Too bad there are no do-overs when if comes to electing a president…


No it was “not” only Hillary Clinton or Fascism.

If America had done it’s fucking homework, and voted for People, Planet, and Peace over Profit, we’d have Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka creating an America free of corrupt politicians, a world order that doesn’t require Empire building and Military intervention all over the globe.

The people of America had choices they failed to even consider.

Now, we’re all paying for their apathy and ignorance.


We must make these scientists and environmentalists obey the regime! Jawohl, mein Führer! Zeig heil!

Ver are your papers, scientist?

This fucking neo-nazi shite is way over the top! trump and his regime of malignant evil morons is a clear and present danger to all that America is claimed to be…against all we were taught to believe it supposedly stood for - no more! All now made a mockery by a stinking little tin-pot dictator, who hugs the flag, and his good little nazis, their sympathizers and sycophants, with the “opposition party” lap-dogs weak-kneed in craven collusion, complicity, and pathetic cowardice!

It is now the peope who challenge the “authority” - now the people who demand a moral compass - now the people who must fight this regime of low-life mental cases!l


I’m just wondering how a bunch of scientifically illiterate bunch of assholes can hijack the govt and use it to stifle, deny, and not allow information Americans paid for to be disseminated to the public. Who decides this? Bust II did the same thing with James Hanson’s NASA research on global warming. This is a threat to all humanity and they won’t allow publication without approval. This is not kindergarten! This affects us all! May they all rot in hell if it exists because they’re making it hell on Earth for sure.


censor = control = restrict = strike out = forbid = suppress = ban = withhold = enforce censorship = control the flow of news = inspect = abridge = cut = edit = examine = acquisitive = avaricious = irrational = covetous = greedy = grasping = mercenary = moneygrubbing = rapacious = superstitious = commercialistic = materialistic = philistine = desirous = itchy = miserly = piggish = pretentious = arrogant = egocentric = snob = neo-liberal = elitist = authoritarian = totalitarian = autocrat = extreme right- winger = authoritarian = dictators = Nazi = conservative


We don’t need no stinking facts! (sarcasm)


Trump and his corporate sponsors are earth-killers and science deniers, but let’s be honest:
the very sad thing about the amazing technoindustrial society humans have created worldwide is that it’s based on killing the biosphere and billions of innocent animals and there’s no other way to run it.
It’s bad to stomp on science and scientists, but even when scientists tell the truth, most people don’t hear it, or if they hear it, they don’t care.
We’re all slaves on the technoindustrial plantation now; there’s no way 7+ billion of us could live without the earth-destroying marvels of machines, electricity, computers, fossil fuels, etc. Most of us are physically and culturally too weak to live without the infernal combustion engines, air conditioners, and other assists that have existed for only a couple hundred years.
We’re wholly unnatural, evolved to an ecocidal dead end.
Our species has become the most godlike animal on earth, but as with the imaginary “Gods” we created, we are extremely powerful, but very evil, and we know no restraint.
We’ve already wiped out most wilderness (read the book The End of Nature) and are a mass extinction event.
The truth honest scientists can tell us is a forlorn message: there are too many humans, and our world grid is built by killing the only living planet we’re sure exists.



As Dr. Lucy Jones said, “the taxpayers paid for this science and it belongs to them.” Unfortunately, some of the newly upgraded taxpayers believe their money was wasted on things like science. And their boss, The Donald, knows nothing of science, and he doesn’t want any pesky scientists making trouble.


Listen to EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt and he has this nutty attitude that God gave man the earth to exploit and use up. He has basically said this.


When the average ignorant person finally realizes that the country is no longer a democracy but fascism, the common reaction will be “What the hell happened, I never saw it coming”.


You are so right, and it isn’t just the reich-wing nuts like Pruitt and the evangelical dominionists–
our entire species seems to think that the earth and all its creatures only exist to serve us.
It’s how global human society is organized.
All you have to do is look at the animal slaughter industry, the fishers and hunters, the bulldozer boys, the chainsaw massacre gangs, et al.
I feel so sad for all the innocent sentient beings.


RIP George, Tom, Roy!
Long live Jeff and Bobby.
Real music, incredible lyrics.
Handle with care!


The U.S. can’t be run by average, ignorant people, obviously. Trump’s Adm. is proving that on an hourly basis.
The MSM won’t let him go, though. Ratings mean higher advertising dollars, don’t ya’ know?
It’s always about the $$$.
" The only real god in America is money. "
Malcolm X


Jill Stein’s chances were about zero.

The choice was between a Democrat to the left of Obama, or

a dictator wannabe, to the right of Benito Mussolini.


A democrat left of Obama, hope this is satire.
Jill Stein had no chance because brainwashed voters believe they only have two choices. Now we are living the nightmare that brainwashing has produced.


No the choice was Hillary or Trump. Stein nor the others stood any chance of being elected. Few will ever vote 3rd party. It is why a 3rd party has never won. The best they ever do is take away votes from one party of the other.
It is fantasyland to keep saying a 3rd party can win. Americans do not and never have voted for any 3rd party for them to have a chance.The system is set up for 2 parties and that is all. 3rd parties can only be spoilers. 3rd parties have trouble just getting on the ballot in 50 states and territories. The rules are against them.
The belief that a 3rd party could win got Trump elected. And most likely will do the same in 2020. It will not elect a 3rd party candidate.
You can believe in your fantasy, but it just gets the Trumps of the world elected.
I have said this before, you can only change a party from within. It has been the only way parties go in a different direction from what they are. It is how every party in US history has been changed. The latest example is the Tea Party which changed the republicans.


How? They won the election and they hold both houses of congress. And as the conservatives I talk to, elections have consequences. And they are all over themselves in glee as this is being done. They love it. Trump and fascism is what they wanted. They got it.


The Founders actually worried about the so called unwashed uneducated masses taking control. They wanted the elite educated people running the country.
One problem with their way of thinking though was that city folk were the ones to not let rule, that only rural folk were wise enough. Which is why they set up the country’s political system the way they did to give more weight to the rural areas.
Unfortunately they were wrong that rural folk were wiser.