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'This Is Corruption': Trump and Barr Accused of Blatant Abuse of Power as DOJ Intervenes to Reduce Roger Stone Sentence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/corruption-trump-and-barr-accused-blatant-abuse-power-doj-intervenes-reduce-roger


This is exactly what plutocracy looks like.
I guess it would have been a little embarrassing to actually have to pardon this meathead.


If anyone deserves a life sentence in prison, it’s Roger Stone. This guy has been a political criminal since the days of Nixon.
The House should impeach Trump and Barr.
Trump is definitely emboldened by the sham impeachment trial and getting away with every criminal thing he’s done so far, and his cult is virulent, so he’s going for full-on Fuhrer status while he can.
We must stop him.


The number of Rump’s lies, is fast approaching 20,000.

Lord, deliver us from all those conspiring to suppress the truth.


In a twisted way this reminds me of an old “Sly and the Family Stone” song, " It’s a Family Affair" in this case it’s the criminal family, Nixon may have been a “crook”, but this whole damned administration is a criminal cabal, actually criminal, as in multiple felonies, how many unmarked graves in their history, how many concrete filled barrels with human remains in them? Not to mention one of their paper work deals, the "Non disclosure stuff, only people with something to hide would use them, like trump for instance! This trump nonsense is really chafing my ass, and, with a very clear conscience I truly wish only the absolute worse for him, and his kind.


Nixon, of course, was much more than a “crook” – complicit in JFK assassination
as LBJ was. Both backed by fascists and finally defeated themselves.
The cover story on Watergate continues to try to hide even what we know of criminal
and murderous adventures of Nixon. The death of Dorothy Hunt in a plane crash
being only one example of that.

Since 1943 and Hitler’s defeat at Stalingrad, Elites here and internationally who recruited
him were moving fascism into the US, most especially, but also to other parts of the world.

Repeating – for anyone interested –

See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being written in 1943, two years before the official end of WWII. An effort to put the CIA in control of our free press using “CIA journalists.” It was 1970’s before Carl Berstein wrote about CIA journalists in “CIA&MEDIA” for Rolling Stone/on internet; not sure that he mentioned Mockingbird. Phil Graham and his wife,
Kathryn were members of the Council on Foreign Relations - and Phil was recruited to
recruit other prominent media owners; though threats and violence may have been used
in the beginning. Phil Graham was a suicide or “suicide-d.”

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — at the minimum 64,000+ which included families but more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube. The ex-Nazis were used to
found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies – and to “hot” spots
around the world. JFK came to realize what was going on re Werhner Von Braun at NASA.
They had an altercation based on Von Braun’s plan to use nuclear fuel in space program.

See: Operation Gladio — US program to keep only right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the Mafia in order to ensure the plan would be carried out efficiently. Immediately, the CIA began running drugs and guns in Italy, laundering the money thru the Vatican and using the money to run “insurrections” in Italy to be blamed on the Italian government.



We are now openly FACE TO FACE WITH FASCISM.


So if Trump can cheat to win an election will he do it ??? we all know the answer to this question—this guy should have been the first president removed from office.


I hear only crickets from the republicans on this issue…

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Yes, Amerika has always been more or less covertly and surreptitiously fascist, but if anything good can be said about Trump he has made what Amerika has always been transparent and overt. It is not inverted totalitarianism anymore!


This a Mafia operation, and they love it. Please the Don and he will owe you a favor.
There is no governmental power left to hold trump and company accountable.
Including, and few in the streets protesting. Our mostly cushy lives are too comfy to jeopardize.

Yup, we are there. Are we going to do anything about it? It doesn’t appear so.

I must admit Trump has really made me reconsider my opposition to the death penalty. :slight_smile:

I think Stone certainly committed criminal acts, but to have it revealed that the jury foreman posted prior to voting to convict that she believed all Trump supporters were racists? The jury pool was clearly stacked by the judge with anti-Trump activists - is this what passes for a fair trial today? How can one expect the rule of law when such blatant politicization is acceptable. More like the worst excesses of the French Revolution which came to destroy any semblance of democracy.


We can keep informing ourselves – and the more you do the more
you realize that it is private investigators who are doing the investigating
and research –

not those you’d be expecting to do it.

Keep supporting Bernie Sanders – and try to voluneer to help further.

Also keep on pushing the press/anchors, whatever wherever we can contact them.

Looks like newspapers will soon be out of business -
Wealthier owners will likely be controlling internet –

– and very frightening that we haven’t had investigations of CIA violence, activities
in foreign countries maybe since Frank Church/Senate Hearings in '1970’s.

My mind at the moment is on “viruses” – Nazi like experimentation – China.