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'This Is Crazy': Scientists Alarmed as Lightning Near North Pole Seen as Latest Sign of Climate Breakdown

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/13/crazy-scientists-alarmed-lightning-near-north-pole-seen-latest-sign-climate


The Thunders, the most powerful beings in the world, are warning us as best they can. All the rest of All Our Relations have been trying to get the attention of homo sap, from the loss of insects and arable land to heat waves and drought. So far, nothing has worked. Now they have turned to The Thunders. If this warning is ignored, All Our Relations will have no choice but to eliminate us, as we have lost respect for them and for Gaia. Note-I am a Thunder Dreamer, have been one since I was a child. And I have been struck by lightning while asleep in a bed. Modern people who worship science and ignore the Spirit World laugh at such things as being superstition. But the E/R doctor was amazed that I was alive and only suffered severe burns to my feet. This baptism gave me the ability to sense Gaia and her ways. Hoka Hay!


All talk of “we have only 11 years to respond or else” is becoming irrelevant and, frankly, pretty vapid, doncha think? By my reckoning, we have minus-20 years to respond–we locked it all in decades ago.


" SCIENTISTS ALARMED" ? One has to wonder how bad it will have to get before the oil oligarchs are alarmed! I have seen first hand, as an Alaskan resident, the devastation of climate change here in Alaska because we are the canary in the fossil fuel mine.


By alarm, I assume they mean positive feedback loops, which have started in earnest
Things are starting to change pretty rapidly now. Maybe that is a good thing, as our dumb society needs a Hollywood type event to awaken to the challenge ahead of us. A hurricane with 250 mph winds. Or a few of them. A tornado fifty miles wide that cuts a swath of destruction for a couple hundred miles. A major city first destroyed by one of those storms, and then abandoned, the survivors becoming a permanent sub-class of domestic refugees. Massive inland flooding at nearly every high tide. A “dust bowl” that ushers in a famine.
All of those things, and more, have already happened or are a couple of years away. And yet, as Miami is abandoned, or Oklahoma City is annihilated, many Americans will still sit up in bed the next morning and grumble to themselves “how did this happen?”


We are screwed.


We are so far beyond screwed, you can’t even see screwed from here. We’ve been snookered by predators into allowing them to do this. Now it’s done. If 2019’s Arctic sea-ice doesn’t set a new low, it’s priming the Pole for a very weak refreezing season. Blue Ocean Event teed up for 2020. After that, it’s reasonable to expect that all hell will break loose with the climate, because nobody knows exactly what will happen to a spinning top after it falls down. This summer’s wobble is devastating.


Hi EdsNote,

That’s why my heart sank as I read Chris Hedges’ first column in quite awhile.* He’s still saying we’ve got to act now, before it’s too late. Sorry, Reverend Chris, that’s not entirely honest, that dog won’t hunt anymore. We’ve got to act now, even though it’s too late, even because it’s too late!


I used to collect photographs of faces in the clouds and rocks and bushes and people laughed at me until they too saw them. There are rivers that we cannot see. It was once called Mother Nature for a very good reason. How easy it was for some to forget. Robbie Robertson has a song about rock medicine. One can only hope you never loose your gift of sight sekhmetsdaughter.


Last week we were “treated” to a lightning storm over the Everglades that lasted for hours. Never seen that happen here. The entire East Coast was inundated with Sargassum. Tractors were raking it off the beach, crushing turtle nests in the process. Never seen so many turtle nests either. I guess it is because the turtles eat sargasso and their babies live under its mats in the sea. (Sylvia Earle call it, “the Golden Rainforest”).

Strange things are happening in nature. Toxic Blue Green Algae, Red Tides, flesh eating bacteria, brain eating amoebas are more common. Warnings to dog owners to keep them away from bodies of water after dog deaths. Nature bites back.


There’s a sharp irony to sting you in the haunting beauty at the scene of destruction. This is the end of a large body of open water called the Laptev Bite, at 82N, today (from Worldview).

I learned a local channel is incredibly toxic after my dog perished of a very fast, weird cancer. Worst mistake of my recent life: letting him swim in that muck.

Strange things indeed, but unfortunately all too predictable now. We were told years ago that, as the tropics expanded north we would begin to experience longer summers, shorter winters, and almost no “killing frosts” that used to rid us of all manner of harmful larvae and dangerous microbes. Now, our ocean and lake waters are much warmer than normal (the great lakes almost never freeze over anymore) and have become breeding grounds for these old/new microbes. And of course, our overuse of fertilizers and pesticides are as we speak being washed to the seas and lakes by the now flooding rains that we seem to get weekly, causing all manner of toxic algae blooms.
I think it’s funny when people think we will eventually bake ourselves or starve to death, when the most likely cause of our extinction may be an old fashioned pestilence, a fungus or virus growing out of control in our greenhouse earth, that will kill us all.

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And just think, in many poorer areas on this earth, that is what passes for drinking water.


The Arctic Ocean is mainly melting away this year. Chunks of multi-year ice are floating between wide leads of pancake ice and no ice at all.

So, when the record heat came north, the uppermost layer of ocean heated up above freezing and so the local air became suddenly more humid.

The other Arctic Ocean problem is that the summer sun has been pouring into the upper and lower levels of ocean, heating the ocean rather permanently. As a consequence the continental shelves are most likely bubbling like they never did before. Methane and CO2 should bring greenhouse gas levels up from the current 410 ppm to about 1100 ppm in about a century.

I call for some university (yours?!) to hold an annual engineering contest to build the best Arctic Ocean ice restoration device. Let’s get the technology down cold (um,) and by that time we’ll be motivated to have our slightly more aware world spend $1B to $10B per year to save the planet.

I read the same piece and it put a pall on my a.m. Even though I’m no stranger to the goings on of failed leadership.

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Sorry AN about your dog.

I read a piece yesterday about a woman losing dogs to some weird thing her dogs picked up while taking a nice little swim. Dogs are the best of company.


NB, here in rural MO, our evening bat display ended about 10 years ago. Gone. Herps including our wonderful snake brothers are rarely seen. Coyotes rare. Insects down to a minimum at least the helpful ones. My husband and I share sightings now as if they were Xmas gifts.

We are all mourning, those of us who love the natural world and doing what we can.


I’ll always be like the guy in that song. Johann Sebastian Bark was one flamboyant Keeshond…

The dog up and died, it up and died.
After 40 years, he still grieves.