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'This Is Criminal': Law Enforcement Seizes Thousands of Masks Sent to Help Protect Protesters From Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/criminal-law-enforcement-seizes-thousands-masks-sent-help-protect-protesters


Now you’re getting it.
Later this summer, when the second Wave of the virus hits, the PROTESTERS will be blamed for spreading Covid around and not the governors of conservative states that re opened too soon or never closed in the first place.
Sure, our society was segmented before Trump, but walls are currently being put up, both physical and metaphorical, because of course people that can’t get together can’t rise up.
Fascism 101 people. It may be time for a re read of “It can’t happen here” by Sinclair Lewis.


Brings that “killer cop” meme to an entirely new level, does it not?


The system, having generated its own demise, over and over and over again, must gin up/generate/provoke the increasingly clear false premises on which it repeatedly shoots itself (and all of us ) in foot and dead. It is hard, but absolutely necessary that PRECISELY WHAT THIS HOUSE OF CARDS is doing be accurately and succinctly stated, documented, analyzed and reported.

Support local farmers and networks; watch the ecological health in your region; become familiar with the principles of Public Banking and currency; simplify lifestyle and craft your diet to optimize balance; respect spiritual traditions; Add your own thoughts_________________ .


If US America is a rogue nation abroad it is because it has been a rouge and illegitimate entity at “home”–that is, built and maintained on the land and lives of the First Nations.

Defund Police. Stop Police Rioters!

From NBC:


Hours after George Floyd memorial, protesters call for justice in 10th night of demonstrations

Hundreds marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City in a massive show of mourning for Floyd, who died May 25 while in Minneapolis police custody.


This is what America now represents


Some etymology on"Police" :

police (n.) - 1530s, “the regulation and control of a community,” at first essentially the same word as policy (n.1); from Middle French police (late 15c.), from Latin politia “civil administration,” from Greek polis “city” (see polis).

polis (n.) - “ancient Greek city-state,” 1894, from Greek polis, ptolis “citadel, fort, city, one’s city; the state, community, citizens,” from PIE tpolh- “citadel; enclosed space, often on high ground, hilltop” (source also of Sanskrit pur, puram, genitive purah “city, citadel,” Lithuanian pilis “fortress”).

policy (n.1) - “way of management,” late 14c., policie, “study or practice of government; good government;” from Old French policie (14c.) “political organization, civil administration,” from Late Latin politia “the state, civil administration,” from Greek politeia “state, administration, government, citizenship,” from polites “citizen,” from polis “city, state” (see polis ). Meaning “plan of action, way of management” first recorded c. 1400.

policy (n.2) - “written insurance agreement,” 1560s, from Middle French police “contract, bill of lading” (late 14c.), from Italian polizza “written evidence of a transaction,” from Old Italian poliza, from Medieval Latin apodissa “receipt for money,” from Greek apodexis “proof, declaration,” from apo- “off” + deiknynai “to show,” cognate with Latin dicere “to say, speak” (from PIE root deik- “to show,” also “pronounce solemnly”).

From Etymology online


Time for the media to get in front of this issue by pointing out that infection rates have already been going up in states that loosened social distancing restrictions.

As for those masks, would anyone be surprised to learn that the police are storing them “temporarily” in Covid19 isolation units until they can be returned to protestors?


Looks like the gloves may be starting to come off for real.


Yep, Keep it all as Local as possible and prepare, big garden this year, learn how to can.


This, the terrible economic depression soon to be unable to be denied, a bizarre bible photo op, cops attacking peaceful protestors protesting police brutality to make said photo op happen, hundreds of troops bussed inTo DC on tour buses no less, the president posting white supremicist and fascist crap nonstop, the complicity of the entire federal government in it all and the police and military brutality towards our protesting citizenry whilst ignoring the looters and all the rest… .
finally … has me truly frightened we will be under Martial law and or total chaos in relatively short order and who knows from there.
I was disgusted and have been for decades about what goes on in this country but never actually personally and deeply frightened for our country’s survival as a functioning entity. Now, I actually am. We have been to several localish protests hereabouts but our son, daughter and son in law are headed to DC tomorrow( we are staying home with our grand baby as we are not up to teargassing having 3 retinal tears in the last two years between us) and I am out and out terrified for them.


I haven’t seen CNN’s body count screen since the day Floyd was murdered. Too many people around here are acting as if it’s over. Outta sight, outta mind


That’s cynical! Very cynical. And probably spot on.


Arizona had over 2,000 new cases over a 3-day period last weekend. They’re doing more testing, but the increase is continuing past even the expected numbers into setting new 1-day records since then, even topping 1,100 in a single day (see the 3-minute news segment linked below).

A conservative friend of mine there – his brother was hospitalized for 15 days with Covid19, the brother’s wife and son both caught it, too, though they recovered at home – said that Arizona had loosened restrictions too early. If 20-30 people start hitting the hospitals each day there needing isolation units, suddenly Arizona will be a place that tourists skip. Whatever:



So does anyone know whether and how this is being fought? Because it really is blatantly illegal.


Sounds like their attitude is “eh so?”
“I just wants make money”

If the AZ Reich thinks ‘herd immunity’ is the way to go, they need to have another look at Sweden. They’ve declared that experiment a failure

’The price you pay’: Sweden struggles with ‘herd immunity’ experiment

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And then this

COVID-19: Hazard Pay & Why Amazon and Others Are Ending It
While the risk to workers remains the same, the situation is now very different from employers’ perspective, writes Nicole Hallett.


Pretending its over


But their timing is obviously off, imho, forced by circumstance to unfold much too soon. That reality, in the back of many minds, might partially explain so many late-night demos turning into dance parties all over the Bay Area a couple of nights ago – after Ellison’s indictments.

His Pestilency is publicly reviled by military leadership, all living previous presidents, and even one or two inexplicable Republican senators. That kind of thing was inconceivable a couple of weeks ago. Pestilency becomes increasingly isolated. Every fresh atrocity from federal forces on the street decreases their cohesion, and His Pestilency lashes out in manifestly absurd – though cruel – ways which betray the terrible knowledge enraging him: He’s losing. He can keep pushing to make the rebellion even worse, and probably will, which only accelerates his own fall.

His Pestilency is certainly frightening in his current pathetic condition, but increasingly defanged. Probably a majority of Commons correspondents expected martial law sometime by October. But here’s what I see: He’s been forced to pull the trigger much too soon, out of sheet panic. This is a good thing.

If you please, go ahead and ruin my good mood by explaining what’s wrong with this reasoning.


108,000+ as of late yesterday.


The message is clear- isn’t it? Our government sees the First Amendment as an impediment to their seizure of power. But the real question is how they will obstruct the next election to solidify their power. It’s obvious isn’t it that like the Hitler Nazis before them- their mission of corporate driven domination and “America Great Again,” will stop at nothing.

But- instead of preparing for this battle- the Left squanders its energy infighting- scared to face the reality of what they bicker about.

Flash News…Unemployment is ONLY 13%. Trump’s ratings go up 5% (just a guess). That is the level of political attention and awareness among his rock solid 40%.