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'This Is Dangerous. Ignore Him': Doctors Warn Against Following Trump's Lead as President Claims He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/dangerous-ignore-him-doctors-warn-against-following-trumps-lead-president-claims-hes

I think he is taking the drug and that his amygdala is firing on all cylinders once covid-19 was determined to be at arm’s length in the White House. Seems like genuine goofy behavior to me, perhaps the most genuine thing he’s done while in office–of course it only makes sense that it is for himself…

Is Trump following the regimen prescribed by his hero, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko?
The one that includes hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin and zinc sulfate?
Is anyone besides me entertained by Trump’s inability to pronounce multi-syllabic words?
Is anyone besides me concerned that his being a 7th-grade tweet bully endears him to his base?
Finally, is it pretty clear that Trump’s 2020 is about exciting his base and hoping that’s enough?

Asking for a friend…


To me, it seems like another of trumps lies, aimed at distraction and, hoping/trying to get a lot of mileage out of this, possible stunt of his. This is what this fascist monster is noted for, you need to take a huge amount of salt to believe the lying bastard.


He’s saying that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to con people that he was a genius to promote it despite the studies which now say it causes more deaths.

Trump is lying. If he’s taking any at all, it’s a tiny little piece of a tab to reduce his cognitive dissonance.

Remember – Trump can never be wrong. He’ll do an and say anything to justify any previous statements or actions.

Trump does, however, have lots of experience self-medicating with Aderall, sooo…


He is trying to cast doubts, create confusion and serve up more kool-ad for his tribe all at the same time,


If your assertion is correct, Trump’s doctor is also lying on official stationary.

Which would be at least the second time Trump’s personal physician lied. An earlier MD put Trump’s weight one pound under the recognized number for obesity after a check up.

Since then he’s gained four pounds to reach 243 (probably another BS number), and in a subsequent check up he officially joined the ranks of this country’s large (no pun intended) obese population. After that check up, he was also was prescribed an increased dosage of rosuvastatin, which is used to treat high cholesterol and prevent heart disease. I’m sure his prescription cocktail is no big deal.
He’s also on a


Adderall, combined with plaquenil does not sound very good for his heart disease. I cannot imagine even his toady docs would allow him to take the Plaquenil. I suppose they might have given him a sugar pilll to shut him up though…

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I noticed that the letter on the stationary did not say, "I" concluded that the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.

It said "we" concluded…

So Trump bullied the doc to giving him a prescription.

That doesn’t mean that Trump is actually taking the tablets in full. He’d be too afraid to do that!

His goal is to con people to think the hydroxy is legitimate, that he wasn’t wrong.


If he weighs 243 I will eat my hat… more like 290 or more…


Jake Johnson:

We can read about Trump’s inanities in the corporate press. Why are you and CD taking up valuable space here (and readers’ time) when you could be investigating important stories, such as the stock portfolios of the Democratic members of Congress, the REAL story behind Bernie Sanders’s odd political behavior, etc. We know that Trump is a con, a moron (idiot savant, really), but we need to know about the other guys, our “friends.”

Sugar pill. I bet you’re right. You can’t cheat an honest man. They could feed him placebos all day long and tell him he looks even more handsome and he’d say, “I know, And I feel so much better.”

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Here’s what nancy had to say:


Several things wrong with this:

  1. Who would believe what any of these chronic liars say at this point?
  2. COVID-19 is a D Party “hoax” according to them that will disappear after the “election,” assuming there is an “election.” Why supposedly take something for a “hoax” as “precautionary measure?”
  3. We’re told that the current white house occupant is in “excellent health” by his lying, enabling physician. No one should strive to be in “excellent health” if he is the picture of “excellent health.”
    These people have no credibility so why would one believe this? It was intended to make it all about him once again.
  4. I’m surprised he hasn’t tested out his “hunch” and “feeling” and had a glass or two of bleach to see how that works for him.
  5. From what I’ve read, his financial interests in this drug is minimal.
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From what I understand Trump has a financial stake in the sales of this bullshit drug. If true, that would explain why he is shamelessly pushing the use of this possibly dangerous medicine. The sheer evil of this reckless piece of garbage is breathtaking. He is such an egomaniac that he doesn’t really give a shit about anyone but himself. Meanwhile his regime continues to hollow out the agencies and regulations that have helped to protect us and the natural world. Putin must be smiling a lot these days as the idiot buffoon in the Oval Office does his work for him. I hated Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes but I truly loathe Trump. He is a monster. If this appalling, profoundly corrupt piece of trash is “re-elected” in November we are finished as a republic and a democracy. A fellow Republican said it succinctly - Trump is the anti-King Midas. Everything he touches turns to shit.


Loved the last sentences in your post, the "Anti King Midas(or Midol in trumps case), right on target.

Regardless of whether his financial interest in this drug is minimal the sheer recklessness of his pronouncements says a lot about his inhumanity. This drug is part of the Orange Pustule’s propaganda push to convince Americans that the pandemic is treatable and that things will be back to normal in time to re-elect him. As to his overall greed, remember that Trump, unlike previous presidents refused to put his assets in a blind trust. Rather, he said that his sons would deal with his financial interests and that he would have little contact with them about that! Anybody believe that horseshit? Trumpo the Traitor has already violated the Emoluments Clause of the 25th Amendment over and over and our hamstrung government hasn’t down squat to stop him.

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Following Trump’s comments, which reportedly “surprised many of his aides,” the White House released a memo from the president’s physician Dr. Sean Conley, who wrote that “after numerous discussions he and I had regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.”

IOW, I got sick of his constant whining, complaining, and finally his browbeating and threats that I caved in, and in spite of all the well known contraindications I committed malpractice and prescribed the dangerous drug. Now, I’ve got to monitor the SOB 24/7.

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Murka needs herd immunity to delusional thinking more than it needs herd immunity to COVID-19. Letting the chips fall where they may with respect to Murkins ingesting dangerous drugs or chlorine will hopefully expedite herd immunity to delusional thinking, although I admit Murka has a long way to go on that one…among both Dimncritter and GOP kool-aid drinkers.

Maybe Donnie will wash down the pills with a Big Mac and do us all a favor by hitting the Darwin Award.