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'This Is Dangerous. Ignore Him': Doctors Warn Against Following Trump's Lead as President Claims He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine

I am going to disagree with the medical experts in this case because if i would agree with them i would call them murderers instead.
Hydroxychoroquin has been marketed and promoted by many scientists as a safe malaria drug for decades!! Almost every single person in East Africa has taken it at some point in their lives. If really this drug was as dangerous as it is claimed now then more people would have died from the side effects of the drug according to the data from these specific countries.
I happen to know two leading malaria experts, one from the london school of tropical medicine and another at a university In Washington.
I realize there is politics being played in this case because they recommend the drug under doctors supervision to close family members and friends but would not speak of it in public. WHY???
I suspect some people to secure their jobs would not contradict CDC publicly but they can share their medical opinion with loved ones to save their lives privately.
In almost ALL African countries now this is the first treatment option to those with Covid 19 and the success rate is very high. Having said that doctors monitor patients closely with known heart issues while on the drug so i would have to say from my non medical opinion it seems to be effective for many.
Now having said that it is a drug and therefore one has to be cautious with it but if hydroxychloroquin is so dangerous why have patients with malaria and lupus and arthritis not been dropping dead like flies? I am sure it has side effects but i do not believe it is that common.
Something does not make sense the way Fauci, FDA and CDC are speaking about the same drug they promote without warning to people traveling to malaria common areas as prophylactic measure!!
Let us not forget the crimes by Big Pharma and how they affect politics. I will not be quick to believe them on this one and will take their caution with a grain of salt.
Why are they all of a sudden against hydroxychloroquin?
Many of my friends in Africa are saying well now that it comes to their own citizens they speak about the dangers of the drug while they have been promoting it in Africa without the same warning. If my friends are right and indeed this drug is potentially very dangerous and the so called infectious disease experts have been promoting it in Africa without warning, and being offered by the Gates foundation in the fight against malaria in many poverty stricken parts of Africa, then these so called people are responsible for many deaths in Africa by Malaria!! That would make them murderous that they would promote it widely knowing it has very adverse side effects.
Is it possible that many people who we believe died of malaria actually died of cardiac complications caused by the drug??
If my friends are wrong which i suspect is most likely the case, then the benefits of hydroxychloroquin vs the side effect are being down played by Faucj and CDC and FDA because they want the big Pharma drug Remdesivir to be the leading treatment options! Profits for Big Pharma is behind their contradictory message in this case.
And if that is the reason then they are risking making Trump right and denying many of a treatment options that could save their lives!!
Read about covid in Senegal. The Senegal government has done so well by making their own test kits and testing Everybody with or without symptoms and treating those that are positive with Hydroxychloroquin and so far No problems!!
In my lifetime i have taken this drug maybe 100 times and i think most people who travel often to malaria areas have taken the drug as well so i find it very hard to believe it is as dangerous as they claim.
As for Trump taking it for prevention i think that is irresponsible unless he is being monitored by his doctor because of his age and weight and obvious lifestyle. If these side effects are common then he is taking a very dangerous risk but i do not care really if that is his choice. I just think people should research about the drug and covid 19 in Africa and you will be amazed.
I think this time Trump may actually be right and everyone should make that decision individually with their doctors.
It makes sense to me why it is effective towards coronavirus because the virus deprives the body of oxygen the same way malaria does.

You’re spouting propaganda from both MSM’s. Why don’t you educate yourself? You might try starting here, if you don’t want to bother reading the medical literature. He’ll take you through a few papers:

As for manufacturers, a hundred companies make chloroquine:

The biggest manufacturers are in India and China. The patent has long ago run out.

Trump is a pathological liar. He’s not taking hydroxychloroquine. Although I sincerely wish he was. I’d even offer to pay for them if he would take them. But there are two obvious results of his claiming to taking this drug:

  1. Many of his idiot followers will take it because they want to emulate their “great” leader. I encourage as many of his followers as possible to take the drug. Trump is such an idiot he is encouraging some of his voters to possibly kill themselves.

  2. Joe Biden is stupid enough to believe Trump and make an issue out of it. Joe is too fucking stupid to talk about real issues so he spends his time talking gossip, talking shit.

Who in the hell nominated the weakest possible jerk to run against Trump? The Dem Party is, essentially, dead. No leadership, no policies that represent real progressive ideas and on and on.

We are so screwed. I’m glad I’m the age that I am. I won’t have to be around to witness and live in the reeking hell hole that the US is inevitably going to become. We have the most stupid people I have ever seen in any country I’ve been in or heard about. How did that happen?

I forgot to mention the main reason i started being suspicious of Fauci and CDC and the mainstream media. when they started saying there is NO evidence that it is beneficial against Covid 19 because that would mean all the cases in many African countries of Covid Patients that tested positive and treated successfully would somehow not qualify as sufficient data. Why???
They are counting on many Americans not knowing anything about Africa and believing blindly. I do not dispute the side effects to the heart but my question is how common is that?
I have had mainstream media and so called medical experts speak of the dangers of medicare for All like it would just kill people!!
Some even falsely claiming that in countries where people have universal healthcare there is more deaths and poor quality of healthcare!!
The moment someone starts to lie about something it makes me second guess everything else that comes out of their mouth.
We have the political establishments owned by big money interests and we don’t suspect that there could be a medical establishment also owned by big money interests. why??
The problem is Trump is a known liar which makes it easy to claim that he is lying about everything because the guy is a compulsive liar!
If you take Trump out of this picture and research the benefits of the drug worldwide on covid 19 you will find that the side effects are not as common as portrayed and it has been highly effective in the fight against corona virus. Same as the message against Medicare for All and the propaganda against democratic socialism. If we did not know for sure how effective universal healthcare was in many countries we would most likely believe the lies on mainstream media and the so called experts against it.
This is life we are talking about and down playing anything that could save lives is just wrong!!
The same way i have experienced the great healthcare system in Sweden first hand i have also experienced this drug first hand against malaria and through family and friends and East African news. I hear so many stories about its therapeutic value against covid19 and i have to say ignoring all that and focusing on the potential Side effects is misleading especially if a person is already facing death!
The responsible thing would be to tell truth about the benefits while warning about the possible side effects.
When my daughter had chemo we were told that it is highly beneficial against cancer but some patients do die from the treatment itself!! That to me was responsible information i could handle and we took the risk because cancer is lethal anyways.
Covid19 is killing people especially African Americans and i hate when experts claim that there is no evidence of the benefits of hydroxychloroquin against the virus knowing very well that is a lie!! The data from many African countries should count for something.
Remember many of these countries do not even have a single ventilator in some hospitals so their death rates should be very high.
Americans are dying because everything has been hijacked by corporate interests!!!
I am very upset about this. I know i will get criticism here but i really cannot sit and listen to these lies anymore and read comments by very intelligent people on this forum who are just taking the info by FDA and CDC and Fauci and not doing their own research!!
An entire continent has adopted this drug in combination with other drugs as FIRST treatment option and have seen positive results and this cannot be ignored because there were some side effects in some patients.
I know i am repeating myself over and over but i am really upset.

What some of you are overlooking about this drug that Trump is supposedly taking is that it is not safe for everyone. Trump has certain conditions, or may have, that elevate the personal risk for him if he takes the drug. For example, does anyone doubt that Trump has high blood pressure. Or that he is grossly obese. Or that he most likely has clogged arteries. I mean look at his diet. This is not a healthy person: Not physically and certainly not mentally.

What we really need to be focusing on is how to get this son of bitch, this liar, thief, murdering criminal out of government and into an institution where he can’t do anymore harm. Let’s focus on what he doing now to break the law and destroy this county. OK?

I agree with you completely but Calling anyone ignorant makes one doubt the motive behind your message. Each one of us is ignorant about something and your message would be well received if you do not start off with condescending words. Calling people ‘beyond ignorant’ is a guarantee your message will be met with deaf ears.
You are absolutely right but you need to understand that Trump promoting the drug makes everything suspicious cos the dude is a liar and he has been gaslighting the nation for so long so even if he said something that was true people will have a hard time listening.
If i did not know you happen to be right from close sources and by following corona in Africa very closely and having taken the drug so many times myself i would have been one of those dismissing his claims. That is always the danger of lying.
I wish more people would research this issue with an open mind before they jump to conclusions. The problem is now Trumpsters will now use this to push the conspiracy theories of the deep state against him etc.

Hey Fool -
I’ll trust the FDA over you and your sources any day. Also, go to Google and type in “Dr. Chris Martenson quack” and read the truth about him. If you actually were one of thousands that are paid subscribers to his YouTube stuff then you are an eve bigger fool than I thought.

He’s got a PhD in pathology. I’ve got a couple of PhD’s myself. I think I’m competent to make my own evaluation. Maybe you’re not.

Well, patience is never in infinite supply. If someone can’t point out Italy on a map, then they are ignorant. If they don’t know that quinine has been used for hundreds of years (ever heard of “tonic water”?) and that chloroquine is a hundred year old derivative, then that is also ignorance.

Now, if he didn’t know that this virus is attaching not only to the ACE2 receptor, but also to CD147, which is present on red blood cells, and the same means by with the malaria parasite attacks our RBC’s, a process chloroquine interferes with, and which may be a reason that this drug is helping, then I wouldn’t have called him ignorant. I would have just attempted to educate.

Now this, I would call critical thinking.

It makes sense to me why it is effective towards coronavirus because the virus deprives the body of oxygen the same way malaria does.

Right on. That appears to be why it’s helping. At least, that’s the best hypothesis so far.

Read about covid in Senegal. The Senegal government has done so well by making their own test kits and testing Everybody with or without symptoms and treating those that are positive with Hydroxychloroquin and so far No problems!!

I’d very much like to see links, if you have them, though I’ll also duck-duck-go around.

You might be interested in what someone on twitter dug up:

“Fauci, now so sour on hydroxychloroquine (+/- azithro) for covid19, despite its clinical promise, gushed in 4/2013 when a coronavirus [MERS] antiviral combo [ribavirin /interferon-alpha)] tested “only in cells in lab dishes” prevented viral replication!”

You might also like to know that a number of countries are not instituting ivermectin as their medical policy recommendation. Another cheap to free drug. A good place to see daily updates on the best ideas we have for treatment, is the Eastern Virginia Medical School. They actually have the courage to list IV vitamin C, Vitamin D, melatonin, and zinc! See the top link on this page:

Ivermectin can be taken with chloroquine. See:
Patri et al - “Hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin: A synergistic combination for COVID-19 chemoprophylaxis & treatment” (2020)

You also find a very similar protocol, here:

Personally, I would also add in glandulars (thymus, adrenal cortex) and many antiviral herbs. If you’re interested in the latter, you can get free access to Buhner’s “Herbal Antivirals”, here:

I do not dispute the side effects to the heart but my question is how common is that?

You’ve already given them too much. The fact is, there was a massive WHO meta-analysis done just before covid, which concluded that there was no evidence that chloroquine has any detrimental effect on the heart. It does cause “Qt wave prolongation”, but that in itself has unclear relation to heart damage, so thus the study. I wasn’t able to dig that up quickly, but while looking, I found another large meta-analysis from 2018 that concluded that not only was there no damage, but that chloroquine was actually protective!

These people will let you go to your death before admitting that an IV with some vitamin C and magnesium in it may save your life. The whole system is about control. I’m going to quote here again Raoult, listed on ~http://expertscape.com as the highest rated infectious disease specialist in the world, and the researcher in the west who has done the most work on chloroquine as an antiviral and in relation to CV19. From the last 60 seconds here:

After being asked why there is so much controversy about chloroquine, Raoult talks about Gilead’s stock price. Then he adds (remember he’s a French speaker, so English is not his first language):

“The people [eg. NIH/CDC/Pharma complex] they don’t like that eventually the doctors decide by themselves. And this is what happened when you see you know that chloroquine, 50% of the people decide that they will treat themselves and their families this way, despite what Fauci will tell. That makes something, really, people [NIH/CDC/Pharma complex] say I have the right to decide what you should do. And people [MD’s, Individuals] say, well, I don’t care, I’m going to do what I think is better. And this is making a lot of turmoil. This is a kind of revolution. The way that people will decide, in spite of what you say.”

Remember many of these countries do not even have a single ventilator in some hospitals so their death rates should be very high.

Actually, it looks like the ventilators themselves have been killing people. The conventional wisdom is “ventilate early”, but that was a massive mistake. By ventilating early and cranking up the pressure, they were just causing more lung damage. What you want instead is oxygen, not pressure. So, a nasal canula, CPAP/BiPAP. If you’re starting to crash at that point, you are almost certainly going to die, so ventilation would be the hail mary pass. If you’re interested in all this, look up Gattinoni, one of the most recognized world specialists on ventilation. One early paper is “COVID-19 pneumonia: different respiratory treatment for different phenotypes?” They are beginning to figure this out, finally, but this medical system is extremely rigid and so you have to be on top of it if you don’t want them to kill you.

i really cannot sit and listen to these lies anymore and read comments by very intelligent people on this forum who are just taking the info by FDA and CDC and Fauci and not doing their own research!!

There is a lot of reflexivity. If my enemy says it, it’s wrong. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I don’t see much in the way of intelligence betrayed by these kinds of reactions.

… are now instituting ivermectin …

Here is the info on Senegal.
Thanks for the links. .

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Well i think if the man wants to be carried in a casket soon we should let him have his wish! Maybe he did not like that McCain got all the attention at his funeral and he wants Hannity to read some beautiful Eulogy of him!
Wink wink lol! Why should we waste time voting him out if he is going to end it all himself?
I think you are too kind worrying about him.
I agree this drug as many drugs is certainly not recommended for everyone or even worse for people to self medicate. For someone in his age category and as Pelosi put it ‘his weight group’ also makes him vulnerable so if he actually is taking it then he must be a brave Hero!! He wants to kill himself so we do not have to vote for Biden!! Very stable Genius!! If he died then Biden’s electability BS would be even harder to sell!!
But he is a very strong guy and he is big with big hands and very smart brain so he probably needs to take a higher dose!