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'This Is Depraved': Tyson Food Managers Accused of Betting on How Many of Their Workers Would Get Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/depraved-tyson-food-managers-accused-betting-how-many-their-workers-would-get-covid


More evidence that a vegan or a vegetarian diet is healthy. These chickens are full of antibiotics and other poisons.


As I said recently, the ethos of the USA’s population would seem to be that No Lives Matter


An organic foods diet only, is the only way to go. Grow your own foods organically, save your life and the ones you love. Peace


#OnlyRichLivesMatter #FuckThePoor #CorporateGreed #ProfitsOverPeople


All employees who participated in the depraved game and betting need to be fired now. They need to be directed to find a moral compass somewhere, and it won’t be in many of the upper echelon offices of the place where they work.


“[B]reathtaking callousness” of corporate managers who put profits over people.

Does this not go beyond callous and into the realm of deliberate attempted manslaughter? If they can mistreat these workers in such a manner, imagine the mistreatment of all those animals before and after they were slaughtered and ran through conveyor belts to enrich these capitalists.


Well, not so breathtaking for employers. They regularly bet on the various difficulties of their employees, who are perceived as toys, or worse.


Those workers probably all have really sharp knives. Just saying.


Back in the late '70’s, I was offered a job at a slaughterhouse/meat packing plant. This is back when the minimum wage was $4.25 an hour, and the starting pay for this job was $15 per hour. Have to tell you, I really considered taking the job. The entire time I wandered about asking employees questions, I had Pink Floyd “Sheep” from their album Animals raging psychically in my head.

Industrial death factories, and I’m talking assembly line death machinery, should never exist.

It wasn’t discovering that that football size and shaped neck tumor was USDA quality hot dog meat, nor was it the flatbed truck slowly filling with offal (to be taken to a dog food factory after filling) falling from a conveyor belt that turned me away.

It was discovering that, albeit unenforced, the “kill man” is considered sub-human under US law. They’re not supposed to ever serve on a jury, nor even vote - that was what made me walk away from that very seductive wage. Made me all but give up meat eating, too. I think the only other job to create legal “sub-humans” is professional executioners.

What we’ve seen under Covid is that these workers have been deemed essential, not because that food is necessary to US consumers, but rather because quarterly profits require that meat being shipped to foreign markets.

The story here about managers betting on virus infections? After KBR and Halliburton, I’d bet whatever money I still have in our checking account that the higher ups took out life insurance policies on these employees, and the beneficiaries are not the workers’ families. At this point, reading between the lines isn’t very difficult.


Disgusting, but hardly surprising.  An expected result of “Looking Forward, Not Back” when crimes by higher-ups are ignored by “The System”.   “Equal Justice Under Law”? – forget it . . .


Welcome back! You’ve been missed.


Absolutely shocking. Immoral elitist acting like immoral elitists. These were just stupid enough to get caught at it.


which has nothing to do with the depraved indifference of these managers.

I want livestock to be treated ethically, and I also want workers treated ethically.


I’ll never get accustomed to ghoulish “logic” such as this. Some folks talk as if they’ve never had supporting a family to worry about. Your own disgusting karma bounces right back on you when, here in the Commons, you shamelessly despise poor workers – literally worked to death. I thank God I don’t have your kind of moralistic, anti-human karma to screw up my own life.


When I’d posted the link this morning; several elderly co-workers (working in API pipe mills in Portland, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, Panama City & Harrisburg) all said, they’d heard rumors of similar occurances, joked about on social networking; believing it to be pretty ubiqutous (especially, at nearby e-vendor warehouse & break-bulks?) Almost, the same phraseology & sneering attitude (1099 temps & W4 union shops). Curious, to see if it was JUST management?

Our employers had “dead peasant” policies on those of us, most expensive to replace? Fundementally, back to normal!





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Sooo, the Managers are MAGA’s…obviously this is one the most disgusting behaviors from people I have ever heard… this behavior is obviously condoned by Tyson … UGH

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…well getting your antibiotics from eating chicken is cheaper than buying them at the drugstore /s

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Then do not eat meat.

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Or eat meat that is raised ethically and naturally, and locally. I had been a vegan for over 40 years but felt weak from lack of iron and now eat meat on occasion. Those who eschew meat should not feel empowered to dictate to others what they can eat. It makes them look like Fascists.