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'This Is Disturbing': Trump DOJ Claims Armed Feds Are Allowed to Inspect State Vote-Counting Locations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/disturbing-trump-doj-claims-armed-feds-are-allowed-inspect-state-vote-counting

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Another day, another act of fascism.
I’ve said it before, but it may bare repeating. No matter what happened on election days I used to be comfortable in knowledge that, in the USA, good people still outnumbered the bad ones. However, after two elections that saw an unapologetic fascist stooge not only become president, but is also dangerously close to getting re elected, I have reconsidered.
It’s now a dead heat. And if the good people don’t wake from their slumber soon, the bad people will drag us into oblivion with them.


Trump continues to follow the Putin/Erdogan/Kim Jong Un/Bolsonaro/Duterte/MBS playbook.
He has weaponized government to serve his strongman goals while creating an armed zombie cult of civilians for the same purpose.
It appears that good Americans are the minority in this country, or else Trump and the GOP would have lost by a landslide.
This country is doomed.


Rational good people are the problem, therefore the need to weaponize government. If zombies march to the tune of the same drummer, for the fascist, it’s no problem.


When will Federal police officers be labeled as a hate group by SPLC?

I get that not all of them are, but those that are not need to SPEAK OUT.


After studying America’s actual history i stopped believing that the good ones ever really outnumbered the bad. I suppose that is why said history is still actively suppressed.
By now evil has been in control for so long that is simply “normal” and it has been that way for generations.
Greed is good, war is peace, empathy is weakness, your wealth determines your worth, sociopathy equates to essential leadership qualities and the army embodies the highest moral standard one can aspire to.
Evil won long ago.


GREEN PARTY: google:…" Election Night 2020: Howie Hawkins, Angela Walker and friends"…" The Republicans practice voter suppression and the Democrats practice party suppression"… Which ever Party wins, Red or Blue, This or That,…Dems or Repubs, Sneetch or Non-Sneetch… time to start working on the problems that both parties have not and will not address…Climate Change, Justice, Real Democracy, War, Fossil Fuels…and so forth…Time for a Change from both parties…


A dead heat according to the ones who “count” or control the vote…Who really knows what the real count is…


Unforgivable and dangerous stress to dump on the vote counters. Hats off to the counters!


If you follow only the Mass Media you would never know that The Green Party was running a Presidential Campaign…. Think about it. Who’s controlling you mind by limiting the information that you consume…


I fear as well that I may have been deluding myself. The one thing I do know, and final numbers have always proven me out, is that a large portion of the 35-45% of people that don’t vote do tend to be more liberal. And as anyone who has studied the American Political psyche could tell you, conservatives are rigid true believers, while progressives are flexible. And while that live and let live ethos is considered an attribute to any personality, it’s always proven to be a liability on Election Day. A voter needs to be motivated, and the Democratic Party just doesn’t seem to grasp that, as they march out milquetoast centrist candidates year after year.
As Jim Hightower used to say, there’s only two things you should find in the middle of the road, and that’s yellow lines and dead armadillos. For the last fifty years, the Democratic Party has been both.


No, good greatly outnumbers bad. We know that because the opposite condition causes complete social failure and dissolution. The US would have ceased to exist around 1825 if the evil had outnumbered the good.

What we’re learning now is how much a truly small minority of evil individuals can disrupt a healthy society if they are not prevented from accessing state or quasi-state power.

I hope we’re also learning, at a gut level, that we cannot remain personally passive and expect that other people will somehow do what we should be doing.


Of course. And I definitely believe there is more electoral malfeasance that will present itself before this sorry year of 2020 is over.


As “Mr Miyagi” taught us: “walk down left side of road, okay. Walk down right side okay. Walk down middle, get squished like bug!”


Razed – Yes – I’m sure many of us are wondering about how many ballots
mailed in didn’t make it – for one…

Americans have been voting on hackable computers for 50 years – a lot of mischief
made there immediately with very odd and unbelievable right wing “WINS.”

We have to get the Post Office back into safe territory – if Biden wins.
It’s the safest way to vote – which is why GOP fears it.

And if voters are smart they will want PAPER BALLOTS, PEN AND TRACKING NOS.


Reports that Trump is calling GOP Governors claiming election “fraud.”


It would be ironic if, after the votes are finally allowed to be counted in Pennsylvania, that it is discovered that Biden wins that state by 537 votes and which is the same number of votes which Bush [allegedly] received in Florida in 2000 and ended up propelling Bush into the White House. Had also read on a news site that all Biden needs to do is to win at least one of the four battleground states while Trump needs to sweep all of them. At this point that prospect seems for Biden, as the title of a song from the 1960s stated, easier said than done.

As the late Yogi Berra once observed, it ain’t over till it’s over or in this case the election is not over until all the votes are finally counted, a democratic belief, unfortunately, which is against the fascist principles of Donald Trump.


If they show up they should be immediately arrested. No ifs, ands or buts. They will be there to commit a crime of intimidation for their leader. Blatant treason.


As it is said, ‘Evil wins when good people do nothing.’ It is our responsibility to stand up to bullies of all kinds because their goal is to make everyone miserable no matter what. That goes for Donald and his ilk whose obvious goal is to take down the country. It amazes me the phenomenal luck Donald has had his whole life in that he causes damage, even widespread death, and is given a pass time after time. It’s time for his luck to run out. It’s time the entire nation join the enlightened people of the nation, to see that Donald has lost what little was left of his mind and is flailing hysterically causing chaos. Donald is a Cancer to the USA-Cut him out!


Not ready to slit my wrists yet.

Juan Gonzales from Democracy Now! covered the breakdown of groups of voters for Dump/Biden.

Latinx came out in the largest numbers well exceeding 2016. Over 20M. Only a slight increase in black Americans over 2016, and Dump had a slight increase in white women voting for him this time.

The point being is Juan pointed out is how Dump’s knee on the neck of other countries, and minorities is a very popular idea and appreciated by the chauvinistic, racist bully that is Dump. His followers, his cultists admired his sociopathic behavior. They may even hate the man (I had trouble typing the word “man” in reference) but they promote his crappy attitude towards the rest of the world.

MAGA !@?,%#&<???!


I agree. Unfortunately one cannot count upon the Democrats to do much against Trump when they failed to impeach him over his lethal mishandling of the coronavirus and when they nominate a middle of the road candidate who, despite what the polls said, has not won in a landslide against a very vulnerable Trump. Trump is probably thinking that the woeful Democrats are the gift that keeps on giving.