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'This Is Eco-Apartheid': Post-Dorian Refugees Fleeing Bahamas Ordered Off Ferry Bound for US

I am in AZ, pretty close to the edge and the equator, it might just be me and a whole bunch of others too.

The treatment of these people makes my blood boil! The effects of the global warming now occurring are affecting especially those who are NOT the cause. WE are the cause, and if we had any sense of decency, we would be helping these folks with open arms. Apparently the “S” in “USA” now means SHITHOLE!!


This last paragraph was powerful and an indication of the courage and integrity we all need to stand up to the inhumanity and hypocrisy:

As a German citizen, I have the privilege of risking arrest without fear of being deported to a dangerous place or being left to drown in the sea. But as a German I have another thought, too. Most of us wonder what we would have done in the 1930s, as racist rhetoric turned into racist policies and, eventually, genocide. My actions with Sea-Watch, I hope, tell me what I would have done had I been alive back then. The question I have for you is: what will you do now?

I am recalling a neighbor of mine Marta Rehberg who stood up to the Nazi monsters…


If anyone is going to be ordered off, it should be trump being ordered off of air force one.

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While it is in mid air.


The Ku Klux Klan - Grand Wizard - The Exalted Ruler of the Republican Party - The Bleach Blonde Bigot Living in the WHITE House, noticed on FOX NEWS that Black People coming from the ravaged Bahamas were disembarking from a Ferry in Palm Beach Florida.

Wow, the sight of Black People coming to America was just too much for our Racist leader of the Birther Movement, Donald Trump.

He immediately ordered Customs to no longer allow Bahamians to Come to America without a Visa.

Our Sadistic President exhaled a sigh of relief now that our Homeless battered Neighbors could no longer enter America to seek Shelter and Food.

The Evangelicals and his Base will be very proud of our fearless Christian Leader.


A taste of even worse things to come, I’m afraid, as climate is further destabilized to the state of outright chaos. Make no mistake about it, despite all the goodwill and altruism of many, when push comes to shove and people start feeling pressure on their “security”, very many will likely turn a blind eye, if not explicitly support a haves-vs-have-nots militarization to keep the have-nots from compromising their comforts.

And the power elites will continue to exploit such “threats” and divisions to build even more support for their security apparatus, surveillance and suppression of civil liberties and until-then broadly accepted principles of human rights.

I’m sure some will feel that once Trump is eliminated, all will be well. Yet if the corporate/neoliberal order is maintained - by keeping the “radical” progressives like Sanders from power, then this forecast will be just as true regardless of who sits in the White House and Congress.

Hi Sequoiabison:
Oh oh, because now I am wondering if American states will start refusing people based on race, or education, or livelihood…on the other hand , maybe the American Visa will become worthless in the Bahamas, and in other nations as they realize realize that the neo Hitler is operating here. : (


Stephen Miller has got to be the worst racist in the whole government, he needs to go.


What a disgrace he is!!! He lowers the standard for our country to a level unseen in over 100 years.

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Why is it normal for Bahamians to require a criminal-record print-out in order to enter the U.S?

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This isn’t Eco-Apartheid, it’s Trump and the GOP Apartheid.
Let’s tell it for what it is.
And I quote " President Donald Trump on Monday urged caution in admitting people into the U.S. from the Bahamas, claiming ― with no apparent basis in fact ― that “very bad people” could be hidden among the hordes of Hurricane Dorian survivors attempting to flee the devastated archipelago."
Where have we heard this before?


“Well, you don’t need a weatherman know which way the wind blows.”


Maybe there are not enough cages left to house them since they all have children being held in them here.


I think someone stepped on his head when he was a child.


Technically, you don’t need atmospheric science to determine the current direction and velocity of the wind at this moment, true. But you might need a well-qualified weatherman to know which way the wind is going to blow over the next 24-48 hours. (I’m only pretending to be humorless, you know. In real life, I’m a regular laugh riot.)

Now that Bolton is fired, Steve Miller could be more dangerous.

I am trying to understand the Visa thing. I have the feeling that most of those Visas are floating somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean. Honestly, who in a Killer Storm is going to remember to put their Visa in their pocket???

That’s a requirement for literally all other countries. Canada is probably the biggest one to apply this rule. They do background checks at the border all the time. If it comes back that you have a record…you are denied access. Not just the US. I’m mostly curious to know why a policy change occurred that was now requiring a visa. It would be nice to be provided an answer. I’m not to jump off the rails until I gather all the facts.

So, ol’ s**t-for-brains trumpty dumpty has triumphed again. He denies climate change as a hoax and then allows its victims to be treated like dirt. The sooner the American people show this ignorant fascist oaf the door, the better for both the US and the world at large and he can take bojo the bozo with him as his lapdog, they are suited to each other !