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'This Is Evil': Immigrant Rights Advocates Blast Trump's Decision to End DACA


'This Is Evil': Immigrant Rights Advocates Blast Trump's Decision to End DACA

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates, legal experts, politicians, and others quickly denounced the Tuesday announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an Obama-era program for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as youth to delay deportation and apply for work permits, is being rescinded.


This is one of the most senseless, and evil domestic acts by any US President since Harry Truman sent Japanese Americans to interment camps in the 1940’s.

This cannot be allowed to happen! Otherwise, who will be next?


Living in the US today is like living in a body with cancer. There are some good people (good cells) but there are a lot of bad cells (cancer) and they seem to be in control. We know what happens in a cancerous body as the bad cells take over and metastasize. It seems like that is what is happening with this country. Too many people are brainwashed and compliant. The mechanisms of this country - the executive, judiciary and legislative seem to be in the wrong hands and are compromised by money, lobbyists, etc, etc. I applaud those who are standing up but it is a daunting task and, as I said, the cancer is very entrenched. How do we get it out of our system?


Hey Sessions, compassion and morality always override some made up law. You have no compassion despite what you try to claim. And you know it.


FDR oversaw the round up of and usurpation of property from Japanese who were sent to the internment camps in 1942 and the number of people victimized was 127,000, far less than those by the recent diabolical despot’s sentencing of over 800,000 young men and women PLUS their families to DEPORTATION. At least the Japanese interned remained in the US and when freed, could go back to their communities. And, albeit much later, were given reparations (meager as they were considering their pain and anguish). This president has virtually cast more than a million people into hell on earth. There is no rest for the wicked and I cannot think of any more wicked, evil, worthless, cruel humans than DJT and his flying monkey, Sessions.

The AG in my state is filing suit to keep the DACA men and women in our state safe from deportation along with maintaining our sanctuary status. We can hope and pray that ALL states take like action (16 others so far have said they will seek the same legal action).


Oops! Thanks for the correction, should of said FDR instead of Truman.


But Truman killed hundreds of thousands along with causing the horrible human disfigurement of many more thousands for scores of years in the aftermath of the fallout as the result of his orders to drop “Little Boy” over Hiroshima and “Fat Man” over Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. Will the US never learn?

If left up to Sessions, he would round up and deport back to any number of countries on the African continent (Liberia more than others as that is where many slaves were taken from) all the descendants of “illegal” runaway slaves during and after the Civil War, which in his demented mind is still being fought and the South is winning.


I want to thank the Democratic Party for causing this when they knocked millions off voter roles rigged the primary with unelected superdelegates and installed Hillary Clinton who to this day still is more depraved with her corporate whoredom and MIC wardom than our current fascist and chief. Thanks Demparty! Expect more of this while people vote the lesser evil. I voted Stein - my hands are clean.


Yes, Mr. Truman was a war criminal and serial killer. Both he and Hirohito should have paid the price for what they did to the Japanese people and for what Japan did to China and to southeast Asia. I was discussing this just yesterday with a friend. Did Truman make this decision and/or who was behind it? Supposedly Eisenhower, Nimitz and McArthur did not support dropping the bombs. I think people like Curtis Lemay and others in the deep state background pushed on this. I think they did this just to see what it would do to a population - not as a way to end the war although they used that excuse. The Japanese and Germans would have used the bomb as well, I believe. Human beings and their so called leaders have a lot to answer for and make one wonder if the human race actually has any humanity.


Excuse me? No, it’s not. It’s bad but we have American Kill Lists and police black sites where they hold people without trial and torture and kill them. These facilities are in major cities. Democracy Now did do a nice segment on them last year before Amy Goodman started supporting the Russia Hacked the election narrative.


Yep. We finally exposed the fact that the vile Clinton machine, with its tentacles everywhere, controled 50 Secretary of States offices, hundreds of county registrars, and numerous election boards, even in hard right Republican dominated states. That Bernie racked up his wins in party-controlled caucuses only demonstrated the duplicity of the vile Clinton machine. It’s all their fault that we chose to vote in a way that would maximize the likelihood of a neoconfederate AG running the DOJ and Scalia’s spot on the Supreme Court would be filled by new hard right justice. We can wash our hands of any responsibility and appreciate the results of our empty moral sanctimony and phony rectitude. And at least Ms. Serandon will get a nice new shiny tax break! Awesome for us!


Are you being facetious? There are far more refuges who had to flee because of the Clinton backed sacking of Honduran President Zelaya (corrected) and her role in the drug take over with the families she supported in Columbia which completely destabilized South America. Ms. Clinton herself doesn’t support refuges. How about all those kids she fought to be deported who died when the media checked up on them when they got back to Colombia. These dreamers are going to be sent back to the deadly drug infected and corrupt South American that Clinton had a huge hand in causing. Since they are teens, their parents likely fled her handy work to begin with. (correction2) no the Honduran coup was 2009 when she was Secretary of State.


Illegal aliens are good for business, they keep USA wages down. (Duh)


Please quit lumping us all in with the sociopaths.


You must be so happy with what Trump is doing. Did you vote for him?


Amen. That’s why it’s good that we helped maximize the potential of an openly racist, clearly anti-immigrant, anti-labor candidate to gain the White House. We made the right choice and I for one am not some wish-washy squish who has to wash my hands of anything. Neil Gorusch is a way better Court appointment than neoliberal “moderate” Garland. I mean, Garland might have ruled in favor of laws like the VRA or ruled in favor of unions, but we know Gorusch won’t. Had I voted in a way that would have swung the Court a moderate left direction, we would have had to deal with a bunch of centrist sellout rulings. Plus, as you mention, Hillary hasn’t always made the best choices, just like lots of other candidates, but it’s best to ascribe more responsibility to her than others with equal or greater decision making powers. I am proud of my vote and my contribution to the present, why aren’t you?


Some people wanted scorched earth. Clinton had a lot of luggage but I know she had the possibility of being much, much better than what we ended up with. She would have caused some damage but it would have been limited. In many ways, she would have given us better people in the judiciary and the cabinet. She really shined in the debates. In so many ways I wish she was president today. I didn’t vote for her because I was in California where she had it made but if California had been in play - I think I would have checked her box. She is the much, much lesser of two evils and sometime she actually did and does some good things. People like RainyinSeattle prefer to live under a constant cloud.


In this case it has a LOT to do with skin color. No doubt. But I would ask people to look at the larger pattern the GOP has engaged in, starting with Reagan. Many don’t know, but he commissioned a full scale ripping off the Social Security Disability Rolls starting back in 1981. All types of disabled people found themselves overnight declared fine, by crooked examiners who made phone calls and then cut the people off. There were suicides, much of this population was mentally ill. A ton of legal cases and case law put a stop to it, but not after tens of thousands had their meager lives shred apart., many never recovered.
My point is this is what the GOP became with Reagan-a force to tear people apart. In this case it’s hard working young people, families, plans, etc. In the case of Standing Rock, we all know the costs incurred by Native Americans. And by the way, they are at it with other sites in the American West as well right now.
Try to think about any way possible you can help. We will in time have attorneys who can argue against this fascistic tactic. Just know it’s not the first time the modern GOP tears like a bloodhound at the social fabric of the country. May Sessions die an early, sad death. Truly evil people.


Citizens and legal immigrants have rights.
Illegal aliens not so much.
foolish humans are paving the road to their extinction … and they’ll never ever grow wiser …
and just where is your concern for those still waiting to enter the USA legally ?? !!!


Thank you for a sane, substantive comment that is true to history! :trophy: