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'This Is Fascism': Trump Riles Up Minnesota Supporters With Racist Attack on Somali Refugees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/01/fascism-trump-riles-minnesota-supporters-racist-attack-somali-refugees


Such a dangerous moron needs to be removed. The Frankenstein that was let loose…Racist, misogynistic mass murderer, tax cheat, lier…what more do we need? Prepare for the General Strikes and total, non cooperation if all else fails.

His campaign is also trying to get poll “watchers” at early voting sites:


Trump has falsely claimed that poll watchers are being thrown out, but they’re not allowed at early-voting sites, where voters can drop off mail-in ballots.


  1. Love Duluth, Minnesota. I see the ore boats arrive every day on youtube.
  2. Intelligent folks, wearing face masks and jackets.
  3. Upon arriving into Korean War with minus 45 degree temperature, the guys from Minnesota took off their jackets and said, ‘wow, a warm front’.
  4. We cannot handle 1,000,000 refugee children. We already have 4 million households of grandparents raising their own grandchildren per AARP. Usually without additional outside assistance. Groceries alone keep the piggy bank from rattling.

The magnet on my refrigerator once again says it all…
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”
I don’t worry about the racist and fascist ravings of a single old man tilting against windmills and shaking his fist towards the sky. I worry about the thousands of supports that stand there with their jaws slack and agape, and cheer him on.
The 2008 election revealed the real America. That year featured a horrible recession and a hapless political party that had run the nation into the ground. Yet, despite those facts, a presidential election that should have been won by the democratic candidate by 20-30 points, was a horse race until the end, with the gap being less than 5%. That was the year the vail was pulled away from the American face. An illegal war, hundreds of thousands of dead, and incredible financial malfeasance had led the US to its worst tribulation since the Great Depression. Yet, when given the chance to repudiate the leadership that led us down that rabbit hole, the US practically split down the middle in November of 2008. And all because of one glaring reason. A black man was running for President. The ugly racist face of America, one that had always been there, now no longer felt obligated to hide in the shadows.
The war that Whitey had been planning for since April of 1865 had finally come. Angry white people rose up, the Republican Party took over 34 state houses, the House of Representatives, the senate, and the entire federal court system. Whitey then made their fondest post civil war wishes come true.
They elected Jefferson Davis president of the United States. And Donald Trump, the embodiment of confederate norms, became the front man for their ethos. The final shot of the American civil war was finally fired. The South won.
Remember that when you go vote this November.


When describing Donald Trump I usually use the old Hebrew word Golem, as a Golem was an evil mindless creature created for the purpose of extracting revenge on those you felt had wronged you. Trump was created by the conservative forces of this nation as a punishment to those who dared to ever think a non-white majority should rule America.
And that brings us to the real goal of American conservatives like the Koch’s and the Mercer’s and the Waltons and the Bezos. They have stated, pretty concisely, that if they can’t continue to rule America, that they are willing to burn it down.
When one looks at a Trump rally one only sees a mob, with torches blazing, ready and willing to set the country on fire if they don’t get what they want.


Stop the refugee flow … stop the US wars of genocide.
Trump mentions the core of this genocide, Yemen, Syria and Somalia.

All three will have multiple deaths today due directly to the US warmongering. If you can’t handle 1,000,000 innocent refugee children, the place for people of Duluth to gather is in front of the White House not the airport.


You beat me to it. Oldie, like many Americans, doesn’t seem to understand why there are so many refugees.
But of course, all of that doesn’t matter now. The refugee ship has literally sailed. Only this next wave of refugees will dwarf the first, as the next one will be climate refugees, and there is no stopping that flow, unless of course oldie and people like him want to stand at the seaports and airports and shoot everyone that gets off a ship or a plane.
The 21st century warming world will feature enormous “herds” of human beings moving around the earth like locusts, and all because of horrific droughts, awful heat waves, and the subsequent wars that will come with nations trying to protect their remaining resources from these “hordes.” We can either attempt to handle this coming tribulation with empathy, or ammunition. I fear many, like oldie, will prefer the latter.


Chanting "lock her up":roll_eyes:

Something tells me you’d be singing a different tune if they were predominantly European 🤷 you people always find a way to “justify” your Eurocentrism. And like Smerl & BigB pointed out: many (most) of these people are refugees as a (in)direct result of your people’s Wars of Imperialism. :fu::fu::fu:


For any POC that might read this: Oldie’s comment that “we just can’t haaaaaandle all these refugees” is precisely what white people’s general response to the climate crisis will be as its effects worsen. You tell me what you think we should do…hint, hint: it ain’t what white people’s icon MLK would do.


The reason they are fleeing their home countries is because we have bombed them flat.


When you look at old newsreel and photographs of Hitler and Mussolini and their supporters at rallies, and then look at Trump rallies, you see the same violence, stupidity, morons, fools, cult members and dead-eyed goons. Only the language, geography and era has changed, and Trump’s American cultists are fatter and dumber than the Italians and Germans were all those years ago, but the overall ominous danger and underlying fascist lunacy are consistent across the decades from then to now.
Trump and his goons remind me of the movie Heavy Metal and its symbolic feature, the Loc-Nar, an orb that emanates pure evil and infects society like a virus.
Trump is the Loc-Nar.
We are in a Germany 1934 moment.
This isn’t the usual political battle between people with conservative versus “liberal” policy agendas.
This is good versus evil.
It’s up to all of us to make sure good wins.
If you’re not battling against Trump and his cult, you’ve chosen the evil side of the equation, and I pity you.


where are the Democrats hounding this man and his fascism, racism, and anti-American rhetoric–shouting this from the rooftops-on every public appearance–in every statement --oh yah they are busy being POLITE to the mobster and his mob—shame on them --now is the time for Patriotic Americans to step up to the task of confronting these creeps-the pathetic inaction by the Democrats makes the sacrifices of the “Greatest Generation” who fought the Nazis all for nothing and all we get from the Democrats are flapping lips and useless noises-

-why aren’t they asking every single Republican–every time they are speaking in public-on the floors of Congress -in every time they show their anti-American faces-"do you support the fascism and racism exposed by your leader or are you loyal patriotic Americans?

sadly I only expect more pandering from the Dems-- who instead of using this issue as a golden opportunity-a sharp tool to stop this crazy man,his political allies in government(the elected body of Republicans) and his even more crazy followers---- are finding ways to give cover to these creeps

wonder why our country is circling the drain?? because of the Democrats inaction and pandering to these pathetic excuses for human beings for the last 50 years --rolling over like whipped dogs in the face of the Republican criminality on issue after issue—from letting them stop the counting of votes— in a close election no less-- to the court stuffing-----the Democrats are NOT the Resistance–they are the Assistance

I will vote for Biden because the Republicans true colors are those of traitors and treasonous criminals to this country and will spend my efforts on helping organize a true opposition yo this garbage–the People’s Party—


Blaming Democrats is a covert pro-Trump meme and makes no sense here.
Obviously the corporate Dems like Pelosi, Chuckles, Mansion, Cloudybootyjar, Hoyer and others don’t fight hard enough or at all against Trump and the GOP. But I’m a Democrat, and I confront Trump’s goons, and I know plenty of other Dems who do the same thing.
It’s dangerous and distressing to do so. Trump’s people are armed and violent.
Progressive Democratic politicians such as AOC, Marc Pocan, etc. are directly challenging Trump and his cult.
Other Democrats, along with Antifa, ecologists and others, are fighting Trump’s cult and its police allies in the streets, hand to hand, and geting beaten, shot and even killed.
Blaming Democrats for Trump and his cult is like blaming Jews in Germany for not stopping Hitler.
I’m glad you’re voting for Biden, but slagging Democrats doesn’t help anything.
Come on out in the streets, forests, and elsewhere where we fight the Trump cult every day.
Read the books The Monkey Wrench Gang and Ecodefense and do direct action against the earth-destroyers.
That will help defeat Trump and his goons a lot more than blaming Democrats.


The MAGA signs are a bit confusing. Does that mean, over the last four years, Trump has not kept his promises from 2016 so AmeriKKKa still needs to be made great again?


I have been watching the Democrats do this same act my whole life while making sure that any progressive issue gets the tanked in favor of the criminal corporate classes --the ones who own the politicians-and are pushing the world destroying capitalist agenda for their profits --I am not slapping the Dems --I am calling out their abject failure to protect the people that has led to this point in time and am sick and tired of the apologists for the Democratic inaction–since they won’t or can’t act–we will have to

just to be clear -I participated in every attempt to reform the Democrats since 1972(and only found one Democratic candidate to vote for in that time-and the Dems let the TREASON of Reagan cost him re-election as they rolled over like the whipped dogs they appear to be)–and any political party that is as ineffectual as the Dems have been in that time period DO NOT deserve support–the truth–I feel the Democrats are just slightly better than the Republicans and BOTH parties are the tools used to oppress us-our aspirations, and are responsible for the decline of our environment-civil society,and our democracy–they exhibit no more shame than the Republicans as they pocket their bribes and screw us over at every step


Perhaps it would help if we were to specify between Grassroots Democrats (like yourself) and Corporate “Democrats” (like Pelosi/Schumer)?


Indeed. The capture of the D Party leadership by the same special corporate/Wall Street interests that long ago captured the R Party is the biggest political news story of the past fifty years.

Grass roots Democratic Party members ignore this story to their own detriment.


Awesome post, you hit the nail on the head with your powerful words, and, agree with ALL you had to say; Thank you for such an important piece!

Agreed 100%

At the same time, i feel like some of us more, ahem, hardline progressives might be ignoring the reality that Trump’s supporters really are literal neo-nazis when we say Biden’s just as bad a choice as Trump…like, yeah, Biden’s a Fascist, but his supporters are - by & large - not consciously pro-fascist. More than can be said for Trump & his supporters…


Thanks for that, Brian. I have studied Hebrew and have the deepest respect for the wisdom it embodies. Words are powerful and need to be used very carefully but the description of Golem seems to express his personality but we can all, and all too often, express the same vice.