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'This Is Final Proof That He Has Gone Mad': Denmark Mocks Trump Reported Desire Buy Greenland

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/final-proof-he-has-gone-mad-denmark-mocks-trump-reported-desire-buy-greenland


Call it Sewer’s Folly. “Hey, the Danidh had the right idea, drawing in the suckers by calling it Greenland. Now I can do the same.”


He thinks he can do this…because…he thinks he can ALWAYS get what he wants…especially after being “elected” president.


Ok folks sit down while I expound. If anyone wants to know, why Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland then go to

https://danielpsheehan.com/ A series of lectures for credit.

Daniel (Danny) Sheehan, The People’s Advocate has the answer. I will make it short for you. The Arctic has billions if not trillions of tons of oil not yet extracted and as of now unreachable. Sheehan has better estimates.

If the ice melts due to global climate change…then it, the oil becomes more available. Therefore, those who have the interest and the power want more global warming, so the oil in the Arctic becomes more available faster and so full speed ahead in burning more fuels. This could make a very attractive case in some people’s eyes for Greenland to become a US colony. (By force? Who knows?)

I have poorly stated what Danny Sheehan has so eloquently and simply explained in his lectures and which makes sense of the most irrational behaviors of our runaway government officials. Daniel Sheehan is America’s most celebrated Public Interest Lawyer. His record speaks for its self.

They and most probably Russia want access to that trillions of dollars of oil under the Artic. If I recall correctly I never heard Sheehan mention Greenland. However, Greenland is in the Arctic Circle and its glaciers are fast melting.


The Danes are one European group I have admired for their strong resistance to Nazi fascism. May they stand strong against the coming assault. US history is full of this notion and actual fact of money being able to buy everything such as the Louisiana Purchase to “compensating” with money for lands when not able to completely eradicate Indigenous tribes.


I’m pretty sure there is some Doctor somewhere putting another mark on the wall and noting this in a well kept diary. Along with the notes on how he doesn’t pay his bills for those rally-round-the-flag events he has. Are you tried of winning so much or being embarrassed so much?


What is it you are trying to say? Who is winning? Or did you mean whining?

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As are Iceland’s:


Wow. I mistakenly thought tRump was speaking about personally purchasing real estate in Greenland. I wonder if that’s because the Corporate Media wanted that as the first impression. When the headlines scream real estate, and the pResident launders Russian child sex trafficking money through real estate, well that’s a story worthy of the words “real estate” appearing in the headline.

This story isn’t about real estate. This story is about whether the pResident has lost his mind, or is an ignorant fool. The man is directing aids to determine whether United States can purchase a land mass and it’s people like it’s colonial times.

What the fvck is up with the corporate media?

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On one level I’m sorry whenever anybody slips into dementia.

On the other hand the jokes are going to fly thick and fast on this one.


Brace yourselves - here it comes.

Now that Denmark has said no to Trump (how dare they!) you get to vote on how the Military Industrial Complex’s will create a reason to go to war and take Greenland:

  1. Move a battleship to the harbor in Nuuk Greenland then blow it up and blame it on Denmark.
  2. Claim that Greenland has weapons of mass destruction and needs to be invaded.
  3. Claim that Greenland gunboats shot at an American Destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin.
  4. Claim that there are students and missionaries in danger in Greenland.
  5. The US is reclaiming all land which touched its borders before Continental Drift.
  6. Redact Horace Greeley - what he really said was “Go East young man”.
  7. God told all the old, white, bald, rich, politicians in the US that he wants them own Greenland.

BTW, that’s our God - not yours. Your God doesn’t matter. And if you want to make an issue of that then we are also ready to go to war on that too.

Trump - what a perverted, idiotic, impaired, half wit, national embarrassment.


Here’s some data:

There have been about 7 thousand political appointees who have worked in the Federal Government since Trump took office – all bought and paid for – and essentially all of European descent.

Now there are a total of 56 thousand people living in Greenland including about 49 thousand native Intuits and about 7 thousand Europeans (essential all Greenland Danes).

This makes it clear what Trump is thinking. He just wants to gain power over resources by buying off about 7 thousand Europeans and ignoring the indigenous peoples. It seems to be his M.O.


From Democracynow!

The problem always was and continues to be theft of indigenous lands. There had to come a time when they were going to start expanding their greed across the globe. Many escaped black slaves made common cause (to their credit) with indigenous tribes. The Seminoles were the only tribe that told the US America to go to hell as they never, ever, turned over escaped slaves nor signed any treaty with such a diabolical nation.


Dumbfuck Trump’s reasoning; If it’s a “Green” land it must be tropical. I would like a Trump golf resort there. Thus, first I will offer to buy it. If they refuse, I can always just take it with my beautiful and best military.

Or, we could just sail to Greenland and “discover” it.


I love number 5. It touched our borders at some point in the Earth’s history, right? Pangea… Man, I chuckled - good stuff!

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I am for annexing Greenland.
We bring new states in two’s.
Puerto Rico comes in as democrats.
I had Cuba coming in as republicans
The darn Danes are way too happy and content.
We must do everything to make them miserable, like us !!
Therefore, scrap the cuba idea
And vote in Greenland as the 52nd state.

We already have our air force military there.
Simply expand the square miles we need for that
until we touch the waters edge - all around the mini continent

Trump is under the illusion that everyone outside of the U.S. is dying to become an American. Hollywood has had an impact on a large portion of the planet and it is true that many people desire to come to the U.S., but the majority of them who get the chance to arrive here, are disappointed to see the high levels of poverty and suffering across the country.
In Trump’s mind, Greenlanders would love to secede from Denmark and enter the fold of the U.S. In Trump’s mind, the purchase of Greenland would be the equivalent of the Alaska purchase by William Seward 150 years earlier. However, Trump would go ballistic if Puerto Rico, Guam or Hawaii asked to leave the Union. All of these reactions are in line with someone who has this warped impression about the inglorious past of the U.S. No one familiar with the way Trump thinks, should be surprised at his remarks. To immediately label Trump as a complete nut bar for suggesting to buy Greenland, ignores the millions of Americans who view Trump’s Greenland remarks as being ‘sensible’ and an excellent example of his ‘business acumen’. Too many Progressives fail to see the popularity of Trump’s off-the-wall remarks which at the very least reinforce his base supporters belief that Trump is ‘anti-establishment’ by proposing original (…though crazy!) concepts that the mainstream would have never considered… at least in a public forum.
To counter Trump, it is important for Progressives to think outside of the box as well. M4A, free college tuition and taxing the rich are all excellent examples of a Progressive agenda, but we could do so much more. Instead Progressives tread lightly as they have aligned themselves with the corporate driven democrats and are afraid of being discarded by the Party, thereby being eternally sentenced to the medialess vacuum that any would-be politician fears.
The progressives have momentum now and should abandon the Democratic party instead of hoping that the Party will come to its senses and nominate Sanders. The writing is on the Wall and everyone knows that the ‘establishment’ will never support a candidate like sanders. Therefore it is time to take to the streets and label both Parties as enemies of the 99% and express all progressive solutions to the corporate controlled status quo. The media would shun all progressives and ignore, demonize and misrepresent all of them, but enough of the public may realize that there is finally a chance to overthrow the corporate dominance of government and install the People’s Choice for the first time in U.S. history.

  1. He could do what Andrew Jackson did with Florida. He sent in pro-US rabble rousers to insight riots to demand that Florida become a US state, thereby “proving” there was strong interest in Florida becoming US. He then informed Pres. Monroe that he was going in to “protect” the pro-US demonstrators , and in effect forced the Spanish to surrender and give Florida to the US. Whether Monroe knew what Jackson was actually doing is debatable, but that’s neither here nor there. Florida was “saved” from Spain and became a state.

“identified the Arctic as an area of growing importance to U.S. national security interests”

Security interests? As the arctic thaws out, the rush is on for now-accessible resources.
Our designated nemesis also has a strong interest(sic) in the same thing.They already have a floating nuclear reactor to power the program.