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'This is for our Families': Children of Striking Verizon Workers Plead for Fair Contract



We need to call capitalism by its true name, sociopathic economic exploitation of the masses by and for the few.


"...of the masses" and the planet...


Exactly, thanks for the contribution.


Good to see pre-school level civil disobedience training in action that should be included in the curriculum of every pre-school world wide.


The communications workers chased the secret profits to offshore islands, this time its an island complete with semi slave labor.

Does this mean we are ready to repatriate our phone bills and use the money to pay decent wages inside the country and upgrade communications systems to Asian standards?


You can sign any number of petitions to support the striking Verizon workers if you google "Petition to support Verizon workers."

I signed one of the petitions. Right now, as well, we're looking for new wireless phone service - purchasing phones, too - no contract service -which are assigned to one carrier only - and the best "deals" were with Verizon.

I can tell you this - we could really use the deals - but I will not cross the Verizon workers' picket line. Like Bernie says, we're all in this together. CWA endorsed Bernie; Bernie stood with the Verizon workers, and we're going to support them too.

These CEOs should not be making these obscene profits while families struggle so. They could help the workers AND keep their prices down, if they had good business judgment and humane policies. They have more than enough for themselves. They have so much they don't know what to do with it.

So .. they're losing a customer on phones and service since, apparently, we'll be making this decision before the management is smart enough to capitulate to their sensible demands.

Power to the People. Power the Verizon workers.


"Saturday was also the strike's 39th day, and as the strike drags on, families are struggling, as they are not only going without their Verizon salaries but the billion-dollar corporation went so far as to cut their health insurance on May 1."

Maybe they can't afford to pay for daycare while they picket!


Does your response mean you think I was joking?

I wasn't joking, I don't find anything about inequality and unfairly treated workers and their children amusing.


I did not intend to offend you.

I simply couldn't tell by your response whether you thought I was joking or not so I asked a question and clarified my initial response. I didn't want you or anyone reading to think I was making a joke.

To answer your question, Verizon makes billions of dollars and their profits continue to rise yet they want the workers to accept pay cuts and benefit reductions or face threats of losing their jobs. I think customers are also being manipulated and need to open their eyes. I would consider Verizon "tacky", putting it politely, cruel and unfair.

I have no desire to lecture you or anyone, a comment section is for comments, or so I thought, but right now I need to stop and work. I really hope you have a good day, it's nice outside.


Really?? The billion dollar corporation cut health benefits on May 1. That seems about two weeks too late. Didn't the workers walk away from their jobs around mid April? Why should Verizon continue to provide a BENEFIT to people who are no longer providing a service to the company? They should be thankful for what they have. Look around, join the real world where most, hard working people are not paid as well as Verizon workers, do not have pensions and have to contribute to their healthcare costs, as has been the case for years. Go back to work and be thankful for what you have, don't begrudge others for what they have. If you were Verizon's CEO, how much would you want to be paid to run a company of that size?........I thought so.


How about joining a local Verizon strike whether or not you work for them?


I never said the CEO was worth his pay, I just said do not begrudge somebody for what they make. If you are making a good wage, be happy and do your job.
How many people out there have pensions anymore? How many have a guaranteed job? How many people can abandon their jobs for forty days because they are unhappy and still be welcomed back? I know I can not.
Just curious though, if the strikers think they should get more pay and pay less for healthcare because the company is doing so well, will they take a pay cut and pay more towards their healthcare when the company does not do as well? I don't think so, they would take all they could get from the company. I do not know of anybody who can honestly say that the strikers are not being paid enough and that it is unfair to ask them to contribute more to their healthcare costs, just like the vast majority of American workers. If they are so unhappy and think it is so much better elsewhere and they are so qualified and skilled, than it should not be hard to get a job elsewhere. Or better yet, they can work even harder, prove their worth, take over the CEO position and change things. I bet if they became CEO, they would not think their pay was unfair, they would think it was well deserved.
I would also like to know the strikers logic in telling customers not use Verizon's services. For every so many customers lost, a job has to be lost as well. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. This seems counter-productive to me, they are only hurting themselves. And what do they tell the customers when they come back to work; we are back now, the company is great, sign a contract with us. I would leave and stay away from a company like that.


Yes, when unions were created, they certainly did raise the standard of living. However, some of the unions of today only seem to be concerned with making big companies pay their employees more and giving them more and better benefits. Their concerns are not working conditions, discrimination issues or safety concerns and that companies are meeting minimum obligations. If anybody feels Verizon is not meeting minimum obligations or other standards that unions were created for, they need to ask themselves, "what world do I live in?" Verizon provides ongoing safety training, their trucks and equipment and buildings always seem newer and in good condition, you should see what people in non union jobs have to work with, yet they are still safe. I am sure if you are a union member, you love them. I mean who would not love the pay and benefits they get for people, however, I also see where unions come in and force companies to use union labor and thereby raising project costs, sometimes to the brink of breaking a company or forcing them not to expand or improve their facilities, for the benefit of their employees. So they help their own and hinder others. Also what about the non Union labor force, when unions picket non Union worksites and shut down hardworking men and women, who are they hurting?....The hardworking men and women, non Union workers.


Yes, let's boycott Verizon, their stock will fall and they will lose money. That will certainly make them want to give their employees or should I say strikers, higher pay, more benefits and lower their healthcare costs. How does hurting the company's bottom line, better the employees? I am not against unions, but at some point enough is enough, a company can only give so much. It seems every time the Verizon contract is up for renewal, the unions want more without wanting to give more in return.
I know several people who work for Verizon and are part of the Union and they did not want this strike. They are happy to have what they have, however, the Union forces them to walk the picket line. The Union is supposed to be looking out for the employees, but when the employees are not getting paychecks for forty days and are having to dip into their savings to make ends meet, that does not sound like help. Not to mention the fear of getting hurt or sick since they do not have health insurance due to the Union making them walk away from their high paying jobs with great benefits.
Let's stop bashing companies because a Union decides to walk off the job and picket the company. I understand they have a job to do and they believe they are doing the right thing, but at some point they need to step back and evaluate things. Are Verizon employees really being treated unfairly? Are they underpaid? Are their benefits and pensions really that bad? I do not think so. To the strikers I say be thankful for what you have and are being offered. If you can not possibly live with the contract terms, leave, I know plenty of people who will gladly fight to take your place.


You're comment proves you have no idea what you're talking about. These strikers are NOT asking for more money. They're not asking to pay less for healthcare. They're asking that retirees, who live on a fixed income pay MORE for their healthcare after putting in 40 years with Verizon AND signing a contract Verizon wants to up their costs while they make 1.8 Billion in profit a month.

They also want to be able to send workers anywhere in the company footprint for 90 days at a time. Take a tech from Boston away from their family and send them to S Carolina for 90 days and the language of the contract doesn't say the workers will then go home, it just says they can't keep him there for more than 90 days. After those days are up they can send him somewhere else for 90 days.

How about closing call centers and sending American jobs to Mexico and the Phillipines? They make 1.8 Billion a month and they need to offshore to make MORE money?


What responsibility do unions have for NON-Union workers?

No union members want to go on strike but what good are great ages and a pension....if your job is shipped off to the Phillipines?
People seem to have forgotten these union members aren't begging for anything, they're DEMANDING what they deserve and guess what? If they don't get it that means they don't deserve it. The only way they get what they demand is if they're WORTH it.