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This Is Going To Be A Fight


This Is Going To Be A Fight

Trump's first cataclysmic "press conference" revealed the tawdry depths to which we've already sunk. It also sparked some pithy words of wisdom from a Russian journalist to his "doomed colleagues" on handling a tin-pot tyrant, and from an American warning us, "This is going to be a fight." A good time to start is a pathetic inauguration for which 200 buses have applied to park, compared to over 1,200 for the Women's March the next day. To remember: "You don’t kiss the ring of Donald Trump."


from the article...."welcome to the era of bullshit".....spot on, unreal that someone who only weeks ago had to pay a fine of millions of dollars for fraud in the trump university scam,brags that he can grab women by the genitalls, etc. etc.(the whole list of his disgusting character is to long to name here but you get the idea,... is about to take office, the highest in the land, while completly trashing all ethics in the process, and denigrating anyone and everyone who dares question his idealls or motives, you could not write a political thriller novell with this much garbage, filth, and deciet, and make it a believable story, it would be laffably unreallistic, except it is real, and nothing laffable about it, in a word that he likes to tweet often, it is just sad.

American democracy has been in decline for decades, he is about to bury it completlly.


A deadly serious fight.
Tavis Smiley made cogent point last night on tv (yes the dreaded MSM) about nothing changing as long Trump is viewed as the protagonist and the rest of us mostly normal people are antagonists. Not sure how to "shift the narrative," but I believe it can and must be done. And it is "we the people" that can do it.

Piss on Trump.


How many people who will read that Putin is a tin-pot tyrant, an authoritarian leader with a massive ego and a deep disdain for... everything you hold dear, will have actually experienced Putin first hand? All you need to do is search for "Putin" on You Tube and you can see and hear the man for himself at meetings, pressers, and speeches (including at the UN) unfiltered by a now out of control media screaming in your ear. You might be surprised. Abby, are you there?

P.S. Check out the YT video called "Putin's Rage". It's very short but oh so sweet. He is meeting a group of Russian businessmen who are SCARED SHITLESS. If the biggest CEOs in the US are ever terrified of the president, it would be a great day!


Note to Abby Martin: Even the NYTimes admits that Russia/Putin are the main players trying to bring peace to Syria. Oh, that terrible man!

"The agreement highlighted Russia’s status as the main international player in Syria. The United States, which has supported rebel factions, welcomed the truce but played no role in brokering it."



Piss on Putin too.

Aren't you homesick Arch?


I am absolutely amazed at the progressive love for an autocrat like Putin. What's next, praising our favorite North Korean leader for excellent collective actions?


Yes that well be next, but arch is no progressive.


Without his money and retinue of fawning sycophants (read KellyAnn et.al.) he would be just another repulsive old man people would ignore. That's what's so pathetic about this farce. He puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else, and yet he is being deified by some really, really low functioning slack-jawed drooling pathetic excuses for human beings. Okay you can see where I am going here. ARGH!!


Are you f*&^%$ kidding me??? Do you even begin to comprehend the meaning of a social contract and citizen rule? The president in our country is a citizen elected to lead and then go away to be replaced by another. Putin puts on a good show but he is NOT a leader of a democratic nation, and the videos you see might or might not be edited.


I guess if Trump starts punishing by having individuals executed by anti-aircraft guns , a la Kim Jong-un, we'll have reached the level one of this forum's commentators wants us to sink to, where CEOs are terrified of their leader. OMG.


Piss on Trump. Wait, I understand he like it!


A suggestion to any who go to this inauguration: Stand with your back to the parade and hold a large upside down US flag behind you. I'll be acting locally.


No I'm not kidding you. Trump wasn't elected any more than Bush was. Putin was elected and no one disputes this as far as I know. Is the US a democratic nation given the degree of official corruption and voter suppression? Not to mention the police lynching rampage of the last couple of years. Oh, and why don't you inform the Kennedy family about the social contract and citizen rule you're so proud of? Please feel free to show how the Putin videos on You Tube are edited.


No. You?


Whew, that's quite a sentence! First off, I'm the "commentator" you refer to. Second, I didn't say or imply anything about a) Kin Jong-un, or b) having individuals executed by anti-aircraft guns (????). Although plenty of individuals have been executed by drones, thank you B. Obama. And what's so bad about having the nations chief swindlers, conmen, grifters and fraudsters scared of a democratically elected (ho ho ho ) national leader who might hold them to account for the crimes they commit as a matter of course against the population?


yeah that Kelly Ann is something else allright, she dosent look like she has been sleeping well latelly, but what a mouth on her...I can see why trump picked her, shes like a pitbull with a baby....mindless atack mode


On the other hand, perhaps this will be the final wakeup slap in the face that the American People need. Wouldn't it be wonderful if We the People have finally had enough and we took our nation back?
* Someone once asked me a rhetorical question:
"If you were standing up to your neck in a cesspool and somebody threw a bucket of puke at you, would you duck?"
* This seems to be the same spot we are in now. Perhaps we should climb out, drain the cesspool, then fill it with the garbage that now infests our government for the most part, and cover it with good soil so we can plant a garden and tend it carefully. From that, perhaps we can grow a good, healthy government, "of the people, by the people and for the people!" We had one once, but we stopped paying attention and look what happened. Next time, hopefully, we will keep our eyes open.


You get exactly the kind of government that you demand and deserve. Freedom isn't free; you have to fight like hell for it every day. Wake up America, the wolf is at the door and the fox is in the hen house and the shopping mall will not save you from yourself.