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'This Is His Top Priority': McConnell Advances Another Lifetime Trump Judge as Covid Relief Deal Remains Unfinished

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/19/his-top-priority-mcconnell-advances-another-lifetime-trump-judge-covid-relief-deal


$10 Trillion from the first 3 or 4 Corporate Bailouts, $900Billion for this one, $740Billion for the Weapons of Death makers, and on… tell me this, how long can this continue?..will it be hyper-inflation? the crash and resultant worthless dollars, a stock market and 401Ks worthless as well… all on Biddens watch will it be… this economy of consumption, a locust economy, we are all trapped within it, as they say we are all in this together…


So will the Democrats capitulate all along the line on these issues?


“Such partisan sabotage, intended to hurt struggling families, has no place in America,” said Merkley.

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It’s much, much more than partisan - it is un-American.

The GOP and its current Senate Majority leader are insurgents, destroying the Republic.


But it isn’t as though a lack of available negotiating time is holding up agreement on some sort of relief. I’m failing to understand what’s accomplished by framing things in silly ways like this. This is the challenge for journalists, with stories like the lack of a Covid relief bill (et cetera, ad nauseum, of course) dragging on and on: How do you frame the next headline?

McConnell spending time playing fetch with his beagle while Pelosi, Schumer await progress in continuing, everlasting Covid relief-bill negotiations

Why did millions of US Americans vote for a murderous moron to be permanent dictator, and for marble-mouth to keep ruling the Senate roost? What is the “top priority” of a death-cult like ours? Why do we chickens keep crossing the road, when there’s nothing over there on the other side but a Tyson poultry processing plant?

While we’re asking questions: Why isn’t there a CD story on vaccine-distribution sabotage? We see it arising now in several states: missed shipments, refusal to reschedule, blatant punishment of Democrat governors by the mad (supposedly “lame duck”) king. There’s an important story there, goddam it!


matt tiabbi urges us to think of contemporary political news as “a customized retail experience.” articles and especially headlines (breathless quote followed by descriptor) are designed to produce rage in the consumer. reading the news has become an experience similar to the “two minutes hate” in 1984


They are literally killing us. All of us.
If we are not willing to defend ourselves we honestly do not deserve to live.


With Taibbi and me, it seems absence makes the heart grow fonder. I once admired him. I no longer understand Matt Taibbi: What the hell does he want?

That’s an inarticulate way to voice the frustration which rises in me when I read Taibbi. Louis Proyect put his finger on it, in an essay from last July:

Once they got past the Evergreen business, Weinstein and Taibbi settled into a litany of how bad things have gotten in the U.S. because of uppity anti-racist students dragging the country down. They struck me as two middle-aged men ready to write a book titled “The Decline of the U.S.” after the fashion of Oswald Spengler. They probably could make good money writing such a book since there is always a market for screeds against political correctness, identity politics, and that sort of thing. Usually written by conservatives like Allan Bloom (“The Closing of the American Mind”), they also have their liberal counterparts like Todd Gitlin, who wrote “The Twilight of Common Dreams: Why America is Wracked by Culture Wars” in 1996.



for sure tiabbi has jumped the shark in many areas but his critique of partisan media matches my experience. the emotional component is so tweaked i find myself having trouble with critical thinking and actual, street-level political action



Is this a trick question?


We’re seeing it in America, we’ve been seeing it for at least 45 years. Seeing is believing!

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Well said


One of the best responses I’ve seen here in a long time. Touche`.


Cornel West on #ForceTheVote



Another seditious pos/DT enabler that we are obligated to take seriously.

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Yes, of course.

But that doesn’t make the statement any less true. Rather it tells us that there is a reason for believing the statement - so that we can get our bearings again, eventually, and change.

As long as the ‘idea’ of America is alive - there remains the possibility for reform.

Without a doubt, speaking as a science person - we will be changing.

The need is to change for the better.

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“Mitch McConnell is willing to let people starve.” “He’s willing to let people get evicted,”.
He’s not just ‘willing’. He is eager. Eager that people starve so that they will work for bare subsistence. Anxious that people become homeless so that they will do anything to get shelter.
McConnell is as American and capitalist as apple pie.


McConnell, if you check his long history, is paying the liberals ( his definition ) back for the way his buddy Bork was embarrassed and kicked around, back in the 1980s. He’s lost his perspective and sense of objectivity completely; in all actuality, he’s gone off the deep end even by The Swamp Standards. Along with Trumpster, they’re a blend of pure poison for the country. And, their pettiness-OMG!. It’s unmatched unless The Dixiecrats are thrown into the equation.
There are simply no Democratic counterparts to put up in comparison. None!


With this batch of republicans you have a 3 year old president, and the rest are spoiled, mean spirited 4 year olds.