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'This Is Historic': US Senate Passes War Powers Resolution to End Complicity in World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis

'This Is Historic': US Senate Passes War Powers Resolution to End Complicity in World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a major step toward ending U.S. complicity in the world's worst humanitarian crisis, the Senate on Wednesday passed a War Powers resolution to cut off American military support for the Saudi-led coalition's assault on Yemen.

"This Senate vote moves us one step closer to ending U.S. support for the catastrophic war in Yemen, a war that makes America complicit in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world."
—Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action

The final vote count was 54-46.


love and peace


Thank you Senate, and now, finish the job, House. Remember, that you, the House and Senate together have the power to declare war---- and this is not your war—so BE the Bringers of Peace to Yemen!


A bit late for many whose blood will be on the hands those in our government who failed to act until now.


Let’s hope those two thirds majority are forthcoming to veto a possible veto.


…for many whose blood is on the hands (the future tense expired long ago…)


what ? are you trying to say there is no future?
BTW did anyone read the reason behind the Saudi’s slaughter of Yemen People or do they just want to use the weapons they bought from us

Sorry for the confusion. I took PonyBoy’s comment to mean that there will be future blood on “our” hands for the situation in Yemen. I was merely pointing out that our hands are running red already, and have been for at least five years.


I was not serious as I do know what you meant and you even clarified the statement by using the grammatical term tense.

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The death and destruction must be high enough to now give an appearance of stopping the war. Mission Accomplished–again.


Wait a minute. The President can go to war, which is supposed to be done by Congress and then if the Congress passes a law under the war powers resolution to not allow it he can VETO it and just keep doing the war?

Something’s wrong here.

Does anyone think Trump won’t veto this?


The Roll Call


Next----how will the President, CIA, MIC, et al continue the war, and what can be done to impair their next options of attack?


According to the article, by vetoing this resolution.


Seems a few Republican Senators have discovered their testicles. If there’s an eventual Veto from the Idiot-in-Chief, it’s very possible many more Republican Senators will decide that the ship of fools they signed on to, is more than beginning to sink.


What’s so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

I would HOPE that a few Republican Senators have discovered some compassion, which, hopefully, doesn’t come from their balls. Just some hope.

How about leaving Venezuela alone, too? Its major problem is our sanctions and interference. Give those people a break!


This resolution looks good on paper but I have very little faith that it will stop our real life presence. Our ties to the malevolent prince of Saudi Arabia are too strong.


"The fact is that the United States, with little media attention, has been Saudi Arabia’s partner in this horrific war.

At least during the Viet Nam war it was “in the news”. The citizens of the United States rarely hear about this proxy evil war. Americans are so blissfully ignorant of the human toll of death they perpetuate in Yemen and other countries around the world and most actually think we are the moral leaders who are the “good guys”. The American media with its corporate roots is the biggest propaganda machine that ever existed and is working very well.