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'This is History': Police Officer indicted on Federal Charges in Walter Scott Killing


'This is History': Police Officer indicted on Federal Charges in Walter Scott Killing

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal grand jury has indicted former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager for the fatal shooting of Walter Scott.

The April 4, 2015 shooting was captured on film by a bystander who later said, "I knew the cop didn't do the right thing."


What is "state bail?" Slager must be tried, convicted and locked away as his actions were captured for all to see. He abused his authority and murdered an unarmed man trying to save himself from what he knew was going to happen to him yet again by another white member of the police force...just because he was black.


Now let's have a federal indictment against all the other murdering cops - primarily those who murdered 12 yr. old Tamir Rice and in New York, Erik Garner.


And how did a cop manage to come up with $500,000?


One small blip on the road to a Militarized Police Force.
This is what it takes, an actual visual documentation of a coward shooting an unarmed, nonviolent fleeing Citizen in the back to result in an indictment a full 13 months after the fact.
The fact that another Citizen, Eric Garner, unarmed and nonviolent, was swarmed and murdered by heartless, official, mercenary Thugs in full view of the general public, through eyewitness and later by video documentation without any real repercussions to the perpetrators is still an abomination.
A complete rethinking and dismantlng of the "Warrior Class," which has no place in a Free Country is overdue.


This is far from historic. He has yet to be convicted (and most cops aren't even when charged,fired, fined, etc.) This is one case out of hundreds where excessive force was sued, where murder was committed, and the cops are still cops. Sorry. I'm hardly celebrating this so-called win. These cop shooting play out daily in L.A., San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, New York--pick a city or town, any, Google it, see what comes up. You will be stunned at how out of control all PDs are.


I'm reminded of the police murder of Kelly Thomas, where two cops beat a schizoid homeless man to death in full view of cameras. They got off.

It was the kind of case that reminds you police can murder citizens with impunity.



Takes a real POS cop to aim down on a man he doesn't know and has no legitimate reason too and just shoot him in the back 5 times in cold blood murder then try to doctor up the scene....Why would any normal human being want to do something like that......He deserves life in prison he is a cold blooded murderer......I am worried that some lame all white jury will let him go or have a mixed jury and they get hung........I cant see no justification for him doing what he did and he clearly was not afraid for his life.....He just had to kill a black man.