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'This Is Horrendous': US Military Confirms Bayonets Were Issued to Troops Responding to George Floyd Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/horrendous-us-military-confirms-bayonets-were-issued-troops-responding-george-floyd


“I would enjoy using a bayonet in a combat situation.” When I took the Armed Forces Services Test, that question jumped out at me. I always assumed it was meant to weed out the criminally insane. There should be a Presidential Service Test, I think.


And yet and still, the USA is considered the ‘savior’ for human rights here in HK by some who surely know nothing about history. The enemy of my enemy is way too frequently an even bigger enemy. Ask the indigenous peoples of North and South America about that, but wait, I guess you can’t, as to a large extent they ended up being exterminated after having fulfilled their role as ‘allies.’


The bonus army of WWI camped out on the commons about DC awaiting their bonus promised for their service in the war…the ones that survived the Spanish Flu. Instead of paying the promised bonus, that great American Hero Douglas MacArthur, attacked them with tanks and bayonets. Burned their tents and belongings after severely beating many to near death. Other words ‘Exceptional America’ has been here before. Exceptional meaning if you are in the 1% class.

As has been said ‘which you ain’t’.


Another question was “Do you consider yourself to be a snob or a slob?”

Looking for officer material.


Funny, that anybody in “our” complicit media or tag-team kleptocracy would be shocked by using bayonets to take our 1st Amendment rights (if “our” peaceful assembly now includes Black, Latinx, Native, Muslim or piss-poor White trash like me?) I’m amazed Massa hasn’t resorted to front-end loaders to scoop up what’s left after robot dogs and liscensed Antifa/ BLM safari adventure hippie hunts? Erik Prince has to be hurting, having to share this year’s crop with the Taliban? Sell 'em COVID caked MAGA™ Snuggies? This time, WE’RE the terrorists & this is the shithole country. Meanwhile, NYT suggests “Drums Along the Mohawk!”






The chickens may have taken a while to get here but here they are.


Another morning and another atrocity and expression of the domination of madness by “leaders” and their pawns.

Humanity itself and the Natural World, not only America, are facing an existential question of how the future will take shape; will it continue the path this insane violent expression represents, or take-firm hold of the corrupt malignant minds that create and maintain such depravity?

Our living planet -Gaia - and Her creatures, including humans, are in crisis in many different forms yet the forces in control of our directions ignore all but their own power and privilege - their play-house paper profits, bayonet wars and hideous waste, dominating all life on Earth. The contrasts between “good” and “evil” are stark - killing, enslaving and despoiling as a way of life or uplifting, caring, and stewardship.

The Common Good and Golden Rule have been lost - stolen - by vast mechanisms of corrupt domination, fed by monetary “wealth”, for a few and slavery for billions; an unsustainable equation that holds death and victimization on one path - “evil” - and a new old direction millions have held fast-to over generations, and others gained by changing themselves. What is passed-down makes the difference - what is taught, honored and revered as essential

“We” have crossed the line and unless a true sea-change of leadership, not deception, is demanded and achieved, we will have failed our charge utterly…

"We are the most dangerous species of life on the planet, and every other species, even the earth itself, has cause to fear our power to exterminate. But we are also the only species which, when it chooses to do so, will go to great effort to save what it might destroy"Wallace Stegner


We have met the enemy and it is USA.


The ‘thin veneer of civilization’ has long since worn through.
Little by little people are realizing they do not have to behave like civilized beings.
I don’t see any come to Jebus moment on the horizon where people realize what that will cost us all either.


Let me get this straight. They didn’t object to the troops, or the troops having guns, but they were upset that they had knives they could stick on the ends of their guns.


‘This Is Horrendous’: US Military Confirms Bayonets Were Issued to Troops Responding to George Floyd Protests

This is misdirection designed to get people to concede that it would be OK for the military to be deployed to “respond to” (i.e. crush) protesters, as long as they don’t have weapons whose use is as offensive to the eyes as bayonets.

It shouldn’t matter if the US military were issued tickle feathers to put down protests in Antarctica. The fact is, we can’t acquiesce to the notion that its OK for the military to be deployed to put down protests anywhere in the world.


Trump’s simply forcing taxpayers to pay half the precariate to kill the other half ('Murikan tradition since Gnadenhutten!) Anyone else surprised, some bad little kids weren’t beating the National Guard kids up, to steal them overpriced rifles?



I was going to ask if they were any worse than bullets.

I can only image that the question you cite is there because US military leaders want to take responsibility for being the ones to instill the joy in brutality among soldiers.

The core of US military training is dehumanization of “the enemy”. The US military doesn’t train soldiers that the people we are sent to fight are our brothers and sisters, whose lives are invaluable, and whose welfare should be protected to the greatest extent possible. The US military trains its soldiers that “the enemy” are inhuman and a threat to the soldiers themselves, their military buddies, their families at home, and everything of value. So, of course soldiers wind up taking enormous pleasure in killing other soldiers and any men, women, and/or children who happen to get in front of their guns.


The USA takes pride in free speech unless the free speech is disagreed with by those in power…then the bayonets (along with rubber bullets, real bullets, tear gas, water hoses,etc) come out to shred that free speech. Stabbing and torturing citizens for standing up for human rights-it really has reached the ranks of the lowest of the low.


During bayonet training the drill was:
"Whats the purpose of the bayonet?
And everyone would yell: “TO KILL”


I suppose it’s okay as long as the soldiers shout USA! USA! USA! USA! when they charge headlong into the crowds of protesters, thrusting and stabbing with their bayonets, gutting the citizenry mercilessly.


Exactly so !

It’s as simple as this;

The US military is the enemy of the US people.