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'This Is How a Torturer Ended up Running the CIA': Biden Reportedly Hopes to Avoid Probes Into Trump Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/how-torturer-ended-running-cia-biden-reportedly-hopes-avoid-probes-trump-crimes


New York–we are looking at you now.

We cannot have one law for elites-yes, I know, we already do–and one for everyone else.


Different day…Same shit…


We hoped beyond hope that Biden would be somebody different than who he has always been, a damned betrayer.


“Nothing will fundamentally change”
Remember those articles, in the past couple of weeks, about Biden finding his inner FDR ?

Joe Biden Is Freezing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Out of His Cabinet
Joe Biden is signaling he has no intention of offering cabinet slots to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Despite spin to the contrary, it’s the latest sign that the Biden team is planning to govern from the extreme center — and that we’ll have to push him to win any progressive gains.

Biden’s transition team is filled with war profiteers, Beltway chickenhawks, and corporate consultants
A glance at the Biden-Harris agency review teams should provide a rude awakening to anyone who believed a Biden administration could be “pushed to the left.”


Biden Will Have The Most Diverse, Intersectional Cabinet Of Mass Murderers Ever Assembled


Welcome to the dark world of the “Lesser” evil…

Blue No Matter Who
you tortured,
you killed,
you imprisoned,
you sentenced,
you raped,
you bailed out,
you threw out,
you droned,
and bombed.

They are loved and worshipped by people who consider themselves “Liberals”

The Murderous Ruling Elite Capitalist Class thanks you!


Yes, the only class conscious class is the ruling class. LBJ knew Nixon had sabotaged the 1968 peace accords by promising, thru a cut out(Claire Chenault), the president of S. Vietnam, that he would get a better outcome with Nixon as POTUS. He didn’t want to undermine public confidence-is that logical ?- by exposing him, or even better prosecuting Nixon under the Espionage Act.

Here we go again, the elites look out after their own. Maybe they all know once that tradition is broken they all are exposed as fair game.

Mobsters have more integrity. They have no qualms about whacking those who get out of line by violating the code. .

That leaves Cyrus Vance Jr. of NY and his tax evasion case as well as the scores of civil suits that will rain down the Orange Cockroach. Trump has committed so many crimes prior to 2016; that he could keep grand juries busy for months.


The things Bush allowed happened from a Federal level----torture of POW’s. This is different-----Biden should stay out of it------but the House should follow up against Trump and the AG in NY should go forward if they don’t then the whole thing was political. Same with Rudy who is desperate to overturn the election.

And the Justice dept should investigate not only what Trump did in office also Barr.

But then if we set up a scam school or lied to the FBI I think we would be in jail—Not Trump???


I’m reminded of the story of the Scorpion and the Frog…


Mirroring Obama’s choice to “look forward” not back, one critic said this a “preview of an epic failure” by the President-elect

No, not a failure from Biden’s perspective, because like Obama Biden knows he will be the next war criminal ! .


Is there irony there. Obama said “look forward”; but what we had to look forward to was Trump. I think there is lesson there.


Biden will protect Trump just like Mueller protected Trump and Obama protected Bush and Cheney. Meet the the new boss, the lesser of two evils but still evil.


True, but Biden knows he has no other choice.

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I don’t what to say, except I told you so.


The lesson is Trump is the inevitable result of Amerikan war criminals having never been held accountable for their war crimes.


Criminals understand that an investigative climate is bad for them as well as their rivals in crime. Besides, sleeping sheep are easier to fleece.


Since Trump wanted to reduce a war crime and Democrats and McConnell resist, the lesser evil argument is unsubstantiated.

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If Biden wants to move on it won’t be long before he does. Maybe he should go back in time and join the cast of Lost? He is falling down the obama path without even a thought for what is right or just. Didn’t Harris do the same with Mnuchin in CA?


It appears we’re going down as a representative democracy or going to a third Party (or maybe more)…this is “going into the wilderness” as Chris Hedges said, and probably our best choice right now.

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Our politicians seem to have trouble with learning history. Those of them that do pay attention must think that they are too smart to get caught in history’s traps. This has proven to be a wrong assumption. Obama and Biden are being held hostage by the republican criminals and they don’t want to hold these criminals accountable for their crimes in hopes of ending the political stalemate.

The big news is that the republicans, in their warped way of thinking, look at reconciliation as weakness. Because of their criminal mentality, if they aren’t held accountable for crimes they are found guilty of, they will look for bigger crimes to get away with in the future. It is important that they are held accountable before Biden can get on with our business.