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'This Is How a Torturer Ended up Running the CIA': Biden Reportedly Hopes to Avoid Probes Into Trump Crimes

These articles are trigger bait, nothing more. Biden is not going to order his DOJ to investigate Trump, which would be highly controversial with Senate Republicans, who he will need votes from. It would also further erode the line between the DOJ and the presidency. There is also a strong chance Trump pardons himself and his family, which would nullify any federal prosecution anyway.

Biden wants prosecutors to act independently. Notably, independently includes sharing information with the NY AG if so requested. Such requests haven’t been facilitated by Barr, to say the least.

Finally, it would be stupid for Biden to say he’s going to order the DOJ to investigate Trump. He hasn’t taken office yet and there is a slap-dash public relations and legal gambit to make sure he never does. If he announces investigations, that might push Republican legislatures to act.

Thank you.

I don’t know what Trump is trying to do there but I guarantee his motivation has nothing to do with reducing any war crimes. If he had that motivation, he would have got us out of there in 2017.


OK, but what is the motivation of CNN MSNBC the Democrats,and McConnell in criticizing the reductions?

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Power, greed. Certainly nothing good. They are scum.


Do you actually BELIEVE what Billy Barr told us about Mueller’s findings? if so, you are worse than Trump. Russiagate, as you put it, has been VERIFIED by several of the Trump hated security agencies.

I don’t listen to Bill Barr on anything. Go to Youtube and watch a few segments by Aaron Mate at the Gray Zone (who won awards for his truth telling and research) and Jimmy Dore at his show on the topic of Russiagate and then get back to me. You might want to be a bit more skeptical about propaganda coming from the CIA and the democrat party.

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Ah-Yup.   But Biden et al absolutely Must NOT Interfere with investigations and prosecutions in the State of New York concerning crimes which pre-date Tweetle-Dumb’s presiduncy and which therefore cannot reasonably be labeled as “Political Prosecutions by the DimWit-Rats”.   (Not that the 'Poop-Lickans care an iota about what’s “reasonable”, but there’s no reason to aid their propaganda efforts.)

Ditto ‘Ukrainegate’.   One of the very first things that Biden should do, IMHO, is fully reinstate Alexander Vindman and his brother, Ambassador Yovanovitch, and many others fired by Tweetle-Dumb, to their original positions in the State Depart, DOJ, etc., and their pensions credited with time lost stolen from them by Tweetle and his henchmen.

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