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This Is How Bad the Wage Gap Is for Black Women


This Is How Bad the Wage Gap Is for Black Women

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Monday marks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which shows how many days into 2017 a black woman needs to work to make as much as a white man did in 2016, assuming they both started Jan. 1, 2016.

The day comes nearly four months after Equal Pay Day, which marked how far women had to work into 2017 to earn the same as their male counterparts.


I would imagine that for A Black Woman or Man it would be A struggle and challenge just to find A decent job, let alone the pay-
Look at how long it took for Women to even get the vote, let alone the hurdles Blacks have to go through to get to the polls…
Equality sure has A long road to hoe here in America…


It would also be interesting to explore what industries black women experience the greatest pay inequalities. Wherein does the devil make its bed? I’m sure the inequalities are not across the board. I work in public health and a number of my coworkers are black women and they outnumber me. I’d be surprised if their pay was significantly different from mine but we are a gov’t entity not private industry and I’m the minority here in our workplace not them.


I suspect that black man’s average pay is even lower. Go to a typical starkly racially divided midwestern US city like Cleveland. Detroit or Miwaulkee and often it seems that the only black USAns that can find a job at all are black women.