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'This Is How It's Done': Must-Watch TV as Jayapal Tears Into William Barr at Oversight Hearing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/how-its-done-must-watch-tv-jayapal-tears-william-barr-oversight-hearing


Failure to impeach and then possibly removing Barr (along with the rest of Trump’s criminal administration) is not how it is done. But it makes for great theater coming out of DC I guess. The USA is little but a reality TV show now. Keep on wagging your fingers in the meantime though.


Watching that racist, misogynistic pig get his comeuppance from Ms. Jayapal was quite the treat!


Ms. Jayapal needs to be the next speaker of th house


Just really MUST have more women in office. And since the DNC DIMS are ok with NOT legalizing pot or having decent healthcare, we are in for a fight.


It has been along time coming but we can be impressed with the UPPITY WOMEN of the world. Especially those who are in the uscongress. Whatever a person’s opinion of ‘the feminist movement’ try to remember that it took almost 100 years for suffrage in this country. France has a worse record, the women there did not achieve the vote until 1944, twenty four years after this country. And until the mid 60s married had to have permission to open a bank account and be employed. Birth control was legalized in 1966, abortion in 1975. Because of the feminist movement a law requiring 50% of persons on ballot for congress must be female was passed in 2000 enforced by a fine. A law that prohibited women from wearing trousers in Paris was overturned in 2013. And that is just in one country which we think of as being liberal.

It does take a long hard fight for change. Patriarchy still needs resistance. Balance looks impossible without powerful educated feminist.


So does this mean he isn’t head of DoJ anymore?

Honestly, I doubt he even feels a drop of shame.


Ooh, fiery talk! Fun! I love fiery talk! If only she’d torn a piece of paper after so we know how progressive she is!

But if you can’t follow up your fiery theater with using your actual power as an actual congressperson, just take it to a podcast.

Nick Brana being interviewed on fiery podcast The Jimmy Dore Show the other day:

“Protest The Establishment At Their Homes!”

The interview starts at 6:20, if you want to skip the introductory rant. The whole video is 37 minutes. At 14:00 Nick describes how fake progressive Pramila Jayapal said she wouldn’t challenge her party.


Yes, indeed. It’s obvious that having more women in government is what we need to turn things around. Just look at what those women in government have done for us so far, women like Joanie Ernst, Liz Cheney, Marsha Blackburn and Susan Collins.

Well, maybe not those particular women but, hey, at least we have the Squad. And just look at how Representatives Jayapal and those other progressive women in Congress have turned the Democratic Party around in our nation’s time of crisis. Why, the agenda soon to come out of the DNC will be so progressive, thanks to those progressive Democratic women, our heads will be spinning. The Dems will be fighting tooth and nail for decriminalizing marijuana use, Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, supercharging Social Security, a $15 minimum wage, all the things the country so desperately needs. Oh, happy days are here again! Thank you, ladies! We knew we could count on you.

All that, of course, is just a pipe dream. Truth is, money in politics corrupts, be the politician a man or a woman. All that progressive posturing by Jayapal and her “progressive” women colleagues has amounted to little, if anything, of consequence. Speaker Pelosi, I’m sad to say, is representative of what the American people can expect of and from women in the Congress. There’s zero reason to expect more from our politicians, just because they are women.


Love that fire in Jayapal’s belly and that take down of partisan and lier Barr.


my comment stands. nice takedown, dear. feel better?

Always so refreshing to hear from one obviously so intelligent he cannot hardly WAIT to tear into someone. Listen up, dearie, I will take ONE honest driven woman working for ME in Congress over the whole of males doing jack shit. And from what I have seen and heard most of my life is that women are SECONDARY to men. time for that to blow, along with mansplained target practice.


Come on, Boodee, it wasn’t a “takedown”. It’s just the plain truth. I think women should have every bit as much right to play the game as their male counterparts. But I also thing it’s quite clear that having more women in politics, in and of itself, does not mean we’re more likely to get things right.

And, no, I won’t be feeling better about so called progressive politicians like Representative Jayapal or her male counterparts until they genuinely commit to representing the best interests of the American people instead of the oligarchs and the big corporations. And that will never happen as long as they continue in their supporting, sheepdogging roles on behalf of the thoroughly and irrevocably corrupted Democratic Party. They gotta leave, start anew, and vigorously oppose both parties of the duopoly. At least then, they might do some real good.


Representative Jayapal stuck the apple in that pig’s mouth, skewered him, and put him over a bed of coals.

Damn I wish she’d have finished him off.


Hey, I’m with you one hundred percent on women having gotten the very short end of the stick forever, and I think they should have every bit as much right and access to politics as any man. I’m even prepared to assume that Rep. Jayapal is that “honest driven woman” hoping to work for you, even though she’s associated with a political party that’s been selling out the middle class and the even less fortunate for decades, right along with the Republicans.

The problem, of course, is that your honest driven woman is no more likely to be allowed to work meaningfully for you than has been any other genuine progressive associating with the Democratic Party. If you’ve been paying attention to politics over the past 50 years or, if too young to have done so, you’ve at least studied them carefully, you know full well that the Dems are not going to let that happen. They work for their big money masters and mistresses, not for you, not for me or the people I’m most concerned about.

Consider dropping the mansplaining bs. I suggest that it weakens your case. And judging by your commentary so far, it’s clear that you can do better.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this, Austintatious.

Corruption must never be rewarded. Never.

This kind of political theater is pathetic and will not make undecided voters vote for the Ds. It makes the Ds in Congress look like a bunch of caffeinated simpletons that can’t string a couple of thoughts together. This Jayapal nonsense is typical - they had their main Bad Guy right in front of them and all they can do is sputter on about “reclaiming my time”, fixing their hair/makeup and making childish threats.

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You should get out more and maybe the human contact will cause you to wonder more about your own humanity and less about dehumanizing others.

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You really like the dehumanizing insults. Why is that?

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Explain in detail his humanity as you see it.